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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Rakan Build Guide by ConzyTheSloth

ADC Rakan S7 APTankSupport & Other Builds - How to be Cancer

ADC Rakan S7 APTankSupport & Other Builds - How to be Cancer

Updated on July 7, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ConzyTheSloth Build Guide By ConzyTheSloth 60,605 Views 2 Comments
60,605 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ConzyTheSloth Rakan Build Guide By ConzyTheSloth Updated on July 7, 2017
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  • LoL Champion: Rakan

Introduction - Hi, its me, Satan.

First things first kids, this is my first build. So don't come at me like a Draven who just brought B. F. Sword if you don't like it. Also PLEASE COMMENT! I'd love some feedback on my style for both writing and play.

Secondly, I like my puns and profanities so there may be a few of them.

Finally, a bit about me. I'm a harassing Mage Support Mage who usually plays off meta champs in either Support or Jungle. For example, Malzahar, Teemo, Taliyah, Zilean, Cho'Gath and my newest cancerous troll Rakan. I'm also Silver V, nothing to brag about I know but I'm still fairly new to League and I honestly only play ranked with friends.

I pride myself on being an absolute, '****y **** of an ***holian ****head' in game. So this build is focused on tilting opponents to the max with annoyance whilst trying to get that juicy Penta-Assist.

So without further ado lets begin.

By the way, in the time it has taken me to write this guide I've gotten Rakan to Level 7. Do with that information what you will.
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Masteries - Before you dance give this a glance.

Okay you kids ready!?

Not like you can answer me so lets begin.

First things first you're gonna wanna get Wanderer because that **** is lit when it comes to running your *** back to your ADC (Usually the Bae Xayah) and it lets you spring yo Chicken *** towards teamfights mid & late game with those Mobility Boots to pick up that sweet sweet sweeeeeet Penta-Assist!

Secondly you want that Secret Stash because for one the other options are ****ing **** and two it never hurts to have more lane sustain so you can be cancer while your Bae (Whoever it may be) farms and does things.

Thirdly Meditation because Mana = Good.

Fourth you pick up Bandit because this and the Ancient Coin is your only line to the Gold mine for most of laning phase.

Fifth is Intelligence becuz u gotz 2 haz smartz ennitz! Kidding, Rakan has fat as all hell Cooldown times so you need those reductions.

Sixth Windspeaker's Blessing because this combined with your Battle Dance and Gleaming Quill basically mean your Bae will never die.
SIDE-NOTE: If you're feeling ballsy I think Thunderlord's Decree could be a good choice but I haven't personally tried it yet.

EDIT: I've recently tried AP Rakan and Thunderlord's Decree works wonders makes you a **** ton squishier but it's worth it if you can slip away. P.S Thunderlord's Decree is insane with Lich Bane if you can use it right]].

Seventhly? Is that a word? Anyway next you get Recovery because you're a Tank and a Tank gotta have health.

Number eight is Tough Skin because, you, are, a, tank.

Nine is your time to shine with Runic Armor making you a life saver.

AND FINALLY! Number ten is Perseverance because tank stuff.
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Items - Because it's all about presentation.

Ahh, I've been looking about and it seems everyone is building Rakan full Support. With all those cute little activator Support items. *cough* *cough* Redemption...

Truth is those items bore me, I like to jump in, do my stuff and watch my assist meter rakaning up. See what I did there?
Which is why we sell Ancient Coin and don't finish it, whilst also having only one activator item Knight's Vow but it's optional and I'll explain all of that in a minute.

So to start you're gonna want to build Ancient Coin (Don't get attached) and your Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation along with some Stealth Ward.

Immediately rush Rod of Ages! On your first back your should have Catalyst of Aeons and Boots.

Once you have Rod of Ages or before if you had the spare gold finish your boots. Mobility Boots allow you to run to lane and team fights faster, whilst making lifesaving plays (For yourself and your team). Whilst Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives you lower cooldowns and generally lets you be more of a ****.

Me being me I usually go Ionian Boots of Lucidity but both work well.

And yes I do realize every profanity is being censored and most of this guide is little star symbols.

The reason you rush Rod of Ages is simple. You get tank. You get damage. You get mana for cancer plays. Can't stress enough how important it is.

Oh god we're only through two items...

Sell the Ancient Coin the second it provides enough gold to buy part of a core item. DO NOT UPGRADE IT. It's never really helped me and I'm getting an A with almost every game I play as this guy.

Now a classic. For your third and forth item go the wombo combo of Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Torment. Why you ask my lovely reader? Because you'll want the slow and tank whilst making a Grand Entrance and the Mask just gives more damage and kills off stragglers. I usually build Rylai's Crystal Scepter first for tank but you can pick whatever order.

Oh Satan. (Oh wait that's me) Anyway, here are the tanky items. You can choose them to suit your preference and I usually switch between them. But there is one in particular I would recommend and it's Thornmail. This is because, in team fights a good idea is to, jump into all five of them with Grand Entrance and using The Quickness if you have it up. Then you use your tankyness, slows and Battle Dance to make a quick escape. Because the whole enemy team will have most likely hit (or been hit by) you. The Thornmail will mean any of them that die will give you an assist. And that my friends is how you get him to level 7 and fast.

Anyway here are the other tank items you can choose:

Sunfire Aegis! Same reason as Thornmail your choice.
Spirit Visage Cooldown and more health.
Guardian Angel Less deaths and resist on both sides.
Knight's Vow The only activator item I'll allow, simply because - if you have a friendly Xayah and you stick this on her you two are gonna **** **** up.
Dead Man's Plate Movement speed and tankyness.

And finally your final items!

You have two choices.

Rabadon's Deathcap if you want to deal more damage and sneak some kills.
Or Warmog's Armor for the ultimate tank plays.

And that's it for items - Jesus Christ I spent more time on that then I ever have in both sex and any work I'e ever done for college.
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Items - How I changed as a human being.

So, I recently got Rakan to level 7 and I did so by buying some new items and getting even more assists. Now I still stand by my original build but some optional items that work really well for supporting are. Now a days, my Rakan goes less Tanky and more support, so 2 Support Items ( Knights Vow and Ardent Censer), your boots and the rest of your items go tanky.

Knight's Vow - Amazing, if you have an Xayah RUSH THIS. If your ADC is not an Xayah go Rod of Ages first

Ardent Censer - Is an insane item especially with Windspeaker's Blessing
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Skill Sequence - WIP

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Spells - WIP

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Team Work - WIP

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Unique Skills - WIP

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Laning Phase - WIP

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Mid Game - WIP

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Late Game - WIP

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Farming - WIP

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Pros / Cons -WIP

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Summary -WIP

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