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Rammus Build Guide by Gott der 7 Meere

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere

Rammus goes Top

Gott der 7 Meere Last updated on February 1, 2014
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Welcome to my Rammus Toplane Guide,

if you survive the early levels, Rammus turns into a toplane terror with freefarm, global presence, potent crowd control and split push potential. However, because Rammus is not a typical toplaner, this requires a very special build and playstyle. And while he doesn't care much about the matchup - beeing generally weak early and not giving a **** about any champion later - strong enemy junglers and feeble teammates make him a weak pick.

Gott der 7 Meere

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The special build...

... revolves around the -Homeguard- Powerball-combo and a very short cooldown ultimate, Tremors, allowing him to ult every creepwave and recall for a simple recharge and the opportunity to appear in other lanes - basically any spot on the map - without giving a free tower away. Unlike other sololaners who have to waste a high-cooldown ultimate or summoner spell, for Rammus its just a simple recall and Q.

This simple and effective playstyle won't work unless you get the following asap:

40% CDR + Enchantment: Homeguard + Tire 2 Boots

This explains the unusual runes, masteries and items we pick up.

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For Marks I take Armor - his passive Spiked Shell makes them more effective than AD and also because your weak early game thrives on any defense stat you can get. If you can't lasthit with his weird auto-attack-animation, feel free to mix in some AS.

For Seals I take Armor - they are simply the best available Seals - especially on Rammus. However, as I want 10% CDR with runes and I don't want to give up too many Quintessences for that, I take 3 flat CDR Seals.

For Glyphs I take flat Cooldown Reduction. This is core to my build. As a side-effect, the up-time of Defensive Ball Curl increases drastically and gives far more MR than you could ever achieve here.

For Quintessences I take Movement Speed. Combat-movement is crucial on Rammus, in many aspects of his kit, he is similar to Singed where these Runes are just invaluable. However, one slot goes for another flat Cooldown Reduction Quint to get that 10% CDR.

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For a tank champion like Rammus, defense is the best way to go. Apart from flat defense stats, we also take up 5% CDR from Sorcery and get the 5 points from utility that are just amazing for him: Movement, quicker recall and increased consumable-duration. Overall, just immagince the CDR mastery to be in the utility tree and you get 9 points utility. Make sure you get one point into Tenacious to spot nearby enemy presence, and Perseverance for sustain: 4/21/5.

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The one real counter to rammus is without any doubt Ignite and any other form of true damage that bypasses his phenomenal resistances. Barrier helps mitigate this kind of burst. Apart from that, the effective shield you gain from it towards any other form of damage is very solid with all your resistances. Together with Ghost you are ready to ignore annyoing minion blocks and are quick enough to manouver in any teamfight and dive.

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Ok, so you got the runes and masteries, now purchase your starting med-kit and head to top lane with:

This allows for sustain and save farming. Avoid pushing your lane at all costs! If possible, freeze it just between your tower and mid-lane. Don't initiate trades, activate Defensive Ball Curl and pots to mitigate damage. Your time has not yet come!
If you succeed in not giving first blood and several towers until you turn 6 and you manage to farm enough for Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Enchantment: Homeguard you are save. Now you can start feeling more confident. Wither out all-ins with Tremors+ Barrier and simply recall if you ever get low. Your Puncturing Taunt- Powerball-combo helps should your jungler come. Don't be afraid to dive if your Barrier and Defensive Ball Curl are up. Try to cap your CDR with a Kindlegem and build more HP with a Giant's Belt and Catalyst the Protector. I take this last item because Rammus has a very small mana pool and even with his Flask he can barely manage it. Running oom in a gank is terrible for you as without your skills you are nothing. Whith his frequent recalls Mana is also a far better stat than Mana Regeneration.

Catalyst the Protector

These few items don't require that much farm, and you can easily get them to have an impact on the game. But you are still a very young armordillo. You really want some resistances and real items next. Very high on the list: Thornmail + Banshee's Veil. The returned damage makes you a terrifying anti-AD champion. Armor is also the first thing you should take up as it generally constitutes the major part of damage - especially if you are a frequent diver. If magic damage is giving you trouble, take a Banshee's Veil first (the regeneration really helps in lane). If you are happily farming, buy Rod of Ages first. Pleace notice that no matter when you get this item, for Rammus its cost-efficient without stacks to be worth buying.

Now you are tank enough to go and do wherever you want. You can already survive some crazy sh*t. But we wont stop here, now your evolution comes to the point of invincibility where its gg. Take up Randuin's Omen and Banshee's Veil and upgrade your Kindlegem to another CDR item, it doesn't really matter which one. Spirit of the Ancient Golem is ok if you clear your golems from time to time and need the Tenacity, but after the regeneration changes I m not sure about it any more.

I dare anyone and anything to 1v1 you. Split push if you like, but you are made to win teamfights.

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Skill Sequence

Very easy and straight forward: Defensive Ball Curl first to survive. Get Powerball for the speed and knockback/slow at level 2. Max Puncturing Taunt second to hold enemies in place long enough to kill them. Obviously get your ultimate Tremors whenever you can, it provides a lot of damage and works on structures too. Lastly your Powerball gets good damage and more slow for late game.

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What you should know about them to use them well enough:

  • Focus on armor as you profit from it with increased offensive stats.
  • Never ever break Defensive Ball Curl early. Its your biggest weakness! Try to gap the downtimes with a Powerball-knockback.
  • Try to chain the Powerball-knockback with your Puncturing taunt for continous CC.
  • Use your ult whenever you want, its downtime is ridiculously short.
  • Roam a lot, especially if your team is loosing. Your map presence even without kills is enough to ease your team's lanes if you get towers, dragons or kills for your team...
  • If you struggle, let your first tower fall, but never loose your second tower. Push it out to roam again, this close to your base you should not have trouble.

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Thank you for reading my guide. I appreciate feedback.