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Rammus Build Guide by ludacolo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ludacolo

rammus let your enemies kill them self

ludacolo Last updated on September 5, 2011
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hi this is my first guide and im going to show you how to play rammus.
this is my first champion i have played and i stuck with him and found this build out and i would like to share it to other people.rammus is a tank that is ment to take damage and make enemies kill them selves by attacking you. he can be a great turret tank or destroyer with his ultimate and also be a great farmer

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Pros / Cons

he gives him self damage from his armor

he has great surviveability

he makes enemies kill them self by attacking you

his defencive ball curl makes his armor and magic res incresingly high and makes enemies damage them self further.

early game he may be focused.

he is very slow

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, i get three of these just so you can stay in lane longer and help your partner out.

, a good starting item for rammus and his passive it gives him the damage he needs to start farming and the defence.

, a must have on rammus and his defensive ball curl.

, if your running along creeps and they attack you it will give that extra speed buff to make it to the enemy.

, the massive health you get from this makes your surviveability good for him

, great health recovery and magic defence just what rammus could use.

, for the armor and the ap your power ball is a 1:1 ap ratio you get a 100 more damage on your power ball.

, kinda just therew this in because i was running our of mana and needed that sheild

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Summoner Spells

, i get this so that you and pass creep waves without loseign powerball or jumping over walls and taunt them.

, incase your powerball isnt enough to get you outa there ghost will give that good boost to.

other good choices

, i use to use this its great so that you can weaken their champ and help others but remember rammus is a tank not a damage

exaust, great to slow the champ or get away but i perfer flash/ghost instead

, if your going jungle this is a must have rammus is a great jungler and can get to level 6 fast this way.

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Skill Sequence

, probly the best tank passive in the game it makes it so that the tankier you are the more you hurt.

, you will need this for running or catching up to the enemey and slowing them it works well as a farmer too but mostly cc.

, this is what makes rammus into what he is known as a turret tank it increases your armour alot so you can tank it more.

puncturing taunt, this is what people fear about rammus at level 9 get them into a turret and a 3 second taunt and turret damage is on the way.

, you will be crushing creeps,enemies and turrets with this it is an aoe that follows you and damages anything but the nexus around him

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as for laning you want to be with a squishy or a carry so you can taunt those guys for your ally or protect them. If your with another tank you wont have enough damage and you wont make enough money for the rest of your build. You can solo lane just dont overexstend your self to the point where you think youl get the kill as most time you probly cant just stay near the turret and hope that they attack it so you can taunt them.
i usually find these people laneing with me are good , , and , they deal alot of damage and can be kill quickly early game if your not careful.
the people i find the wost to lane with are , , and , they arnt the greatest lane with a tank but i have done some with them and gotten kill or gave them kill they can be good if they are gonna play aggresively.

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Team Work

haveing rammus in a teamfight could mean death for 2-3 of the enemy champions as he could taunt them and then that champion focused or just deal that massive aoe damage with tremors he has the potential to get the kill team fights and remember if your being focused but have tremors use your , that will make it so you can finish tremors and help your them then just use your flash to get out of there if its still going.
Another thing you can find useful is tanking/backdoor turrets you have the armour to and the damage you why not grab a carry and tank it me and a xin went from the turret to the inhib in a real game before they realised that the ihibitor was being destroyed and we were winning.