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Rammus Build Guide by Waldron

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Waldron

Rammus: Powerb-lol

Waldron Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Defense: 22

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Utility: 4

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Hi there,
This is a personal build that has seen me pretty much becoming a nigh-unstoppable tank in unranked games. I haven't tested this in ranked because a) Rammus usually gets banned when I'm there, and b) I am a poor jungler and that is where he really shines in ranked, it would appear.

Anyway, please take a look at the complete guide before you make your final decision, rating-wise. This is not set-in-stone, just a guideline and a bit of personal feedback for anyone wanting to get into Rammus as a tank.

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Pros / Cons

Good early, mid and late game
One of the best initiators in my opinion
Overpowered as hell if played correctly
Great at babysitting carries.

A bit slower than other champs
Mana inefficient early game (but who isn't, really!)
No /taunt!

These are actually the only cons I can think of. And even then, Powerball/items fix the first two. The only other thing would be that I'm not playing him as a jungler, which isn't common in ranked play.

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Greater Mark of Shielding

I use this more as a placeholder, but any extra magic resistance is always welcome in my books. I prefer to take the scaling version as opposed to static, but both are more than acceptable.

Greater Seal of Defense

Greater Seal of Defense

This is where I fall down as a jungler. As stated, I prefer taking scaling runes, since I believe that Rammus has no real issues with armour/MRes early on in the game (or later, for that matter). If you wish to become a good jungler, static is the way to go. However, scaling will add to your Spiked Shell passive that I will elaborate on a little later.

Greater Glyph of Shielding

Again, some MRes goes a long way, adding to the defence during and protecting you more against those pesky mages.

Greater Quintessence of Defense

Greater Quintessence of Defense

I prefer taking some more stacking armour as Rammus, although health is still important, armour just contributes to his/my playstyle. Static or Scaling, again, is the choice of the player.

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I use a slightly abnormal 4/22/4 build. Although it probably shouldn't work, it seems to (rather well!). I don't believe Rammus has any cooldown issues, and so I usually dip into the utility tree rather than moving further up the Offense one.

Some people may think it a good idea to go for the increased dodge, but other than I try to avoid dodge and effects that slow down attack speed, so that and can take it's toll during a Puncturing Taunt.

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The item build, like most decent builds, varies on the situation. For example, why take Thornmail if there are no real physical damage dealers? It's all relevant!

It is common to see a lot of tanks start with this over , and I am no different. It is like a constantly active health potion for the first four or five levels, and at level six you can take the blue pill home (recall) and convert it to Philosopher's Stone instead of the dead-end Doran's.

Philosopher's Stone
A major problem I had when I first started with Rammus was that I was overzealous with him. Which isn't too bad, because he's a character that can get away with that. However, he is very mana inefficient early on, so upgrading to the Philosopher's Stone makes it so that I can scare off the lane with a to stop them from gaining a bit of CS while my laning partner has a much easier time.

Again, personally, I prefer taking the Ninja Tabi, simply to increase the armour of Rammus. However, like in most situations, if you're up against a lot of CC (Crowd Control) or a very heavy magic-based team, then Mercury's Treads are the favoured choice.

If the team is mixed, in the sense that there are magic and physical damage dealers, then Thornmail is a must for me: For being so cheap, and giving you 100 armour, it really is a steal that Rammus should not take for granted. Again, though, if it's a very heavy magic team, then you can always pic up a Banshee's Veil instead.

You may notice there's no 'OR' here. That is because Guardian Angel is perfect for Rammus! Armour and MRes? Yes please! Not to mention the resurrection. Not that you'll need it much on Rammus, it's always nice to have.

Sunfire Cape is also a nice piece of equipment for Rammus. Although the armour is not the best, by this time you'll most-likely be past the 300 mark, so dipping into health will overall increase your survivability more than any armour will. The passive on this will add to the meaty combo of Puncturing Taunt, and . Watch as a Vayne runs at you, only to instantly own herself on your spikes of death, before you even lose a bar of health. Do this with a Tremor cooldown and you're pretty much guaranteed to (over)kill any weak-healthed melee AS/AD champ.

You'll probably not get this far in the build, unless it's one of those hourly games. Your general goal is to act more support-y, letting your laner get most of the kills where possible, and a lot more CS. Warmog's will give you that extra health you might need by the time it gets to late game, however, if you feel you're doing alright then a Banshee's Vail may instead give you greater benefits.

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Passive: Spiked Shell

Spiked Shell is what makes Rammus the Armourdillo! With , his armour at late game can hit a staggering 500, and this contributes to the magic damage his ball curl returns. It's all synergy!

Q: Powerball

Powerball is what you use to a)scare the **** out of your enemy/team mates, and b) use to get in for that sweet initiation that makes you the best tank ever! Making you move around 600-700 speed without any speed increases other than your boots, there's no escape from a rolling Rammus! Great for getting in, and out, of a fight in a hurry.

W: Defensive Ball Curl

Defensive Ball Curl is what makes Rammus such a nasty tank. When he's in it (which can be most of the time), his armour and MRes skyrocket to silly amounts, which then adds to his damage output with which then increases his damage output while in Defensive Ball Curl! This works too well, which would explain why Rammus is banned so much in ranked play.

Puncturing Taunt

E: Puncturing Taunt

Puncturing Taunt, again, has way too much synergy with everything else Rammus has. Forcing someone to attack you (especially someone like Warwick who has went for 2.5 AS) with your and while in a Defensive Ball Curl and with Tremors up, will nearly kill them 1v1, nevermind with your team at your back.

R: Tremors

Tremors is a fantastic ultimate, in the fact that it makes Rammus peachy for turret dives. Especially turrets with low health, as the ultimate actually does damage to enemy buildings too! While in a Defensive Ball Curl late game, and with Tremors up, Rammus usually has no problem face-tanking a turret, even with enemies nearby.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is basic, and easy-to-remember: Take your first point in to stop them from getting CS. Powerball is the equivelant to Kennen's Lightning Surge, in that for some reason, enemies seem to **** themself when they see it coming, even at low level when it's pretty useless.
I then level up and Puncturing Taunt equally, levelling up the former just before the latter. I always prioritize when it is available. Reducing the CD on it where possible makes it much stronger and more viable to use at turrets/whenever you get a good bit of CS up.

Skill sequence: Q,E,W,R

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells for Rammus are negotiable. I personally take the following:

I take because during they tend to try and run, obviously, so it's good to keep them in it. That and I feel so very slow during .

: Some people may question this one, which is a fair point. However, it is amazing at getting Rammus in/out of fights where essential: It stacks with Powerball! Use this while speeding towards your enemy, the summoner says "Pfft, it's cool, there are minions in the way." Oh wait! Flash through, grab him with your taunt and watch as he is destroyed by your team mates! Or, you've become a bit overzealous and are at that enemy turret with the tiniest of health, with some calls of SS. Oh no, they're behind you! It's cool, Powerball at them then Flash away to freedom, with a turret less on their side. It really is amazing for Rammus, in my opinion.

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To conclude this (probably nonsensical rant of a) guide, Rammus is a very powerful champion in the right hands. Get a lane partner that needs a good bit of CS and carry them on to victory, while reaping the spoils in assists, and you'll become a god amongst armadillos!