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Rammus Build Guide by Dohvakiin Lord

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dohvakiin Lord

Rammus Support (Ramming Speed)

Dohvakiin Lord Last updated on July 31, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Rammus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jinx If you hit Jinx she is very easy to take down, since the only thing she has to stop you is her (W) [which usually doesn't activate in time before you're taunting her].
Nami Ive found all games against Nami to be very easy. The only thing which she can really stop you with is her ultimate. Yes, she has her (Q) bubble, but inless she has some insane accuracy you are going to ram right into the enemy front line.
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Introduction: RAMMING SPEED!

So this is my first time every doing a MOBA guide, but I feel that this is a legitimate and fun way to play a champion which rarely gets picked. I'm hoping that for those of you who use this guide will be able to see the true potential of Rammus when combined with ultimate speed.

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How to Play With Rammmmmmmmmmmmus

So first off, when laning or playing with Rammus you need to put it in your head that you are going to not be aggressive in your lane. Rammus is one of the worst early game champions in the game, merely because of his lack of CC and damage. Additionally, he doesn't have any type of poke or instant engage which allows him to start a fight with the enemy. He only has a movement speed buff which increases over time and rams enemies if you hit them and a taunt. The shield is good and all, but most good enemy champions ignore Rammus and go straight for the ADC so the damage being dealt is mainly from his taunt and ram.

Early Game: So how should you play him then? Easy answer, ADC FARM. Rammus's engage once he reaches level 6 allows for some serious fighting potential in lane. Additionally, he can build up his items which allow him to ram enemies faster and taunt them before they even know what's happening. Once you reach tier 3 with (E) then that is usually the right time to begin engaging since it allows for a 1.75 second opening for your ADC. If your lane keeps farming you can keep getting your movement speed items and begin seeing the potential openings for a team fight.

Mid Game: Start to coordinate attacks with your team while having the all bundled around you. Since you will have both Talismen of Ascension and Righteous Glory your team can also bask in the brief movement speed bonus and begin engaging teams with (what is potentially) a mini Sivir ult. You ram the enemy then begin targeting the carries of the team with your taunt while having your (W) and (R) activated. Then watch as the health of the enemy team slowly, but surely begins to dwindle.

Late Game: In the late game you are playing exactly the same as the mid game, but with the tanky items in your inventory you can begin to become a demolisher for your team. Either by split pushing or using your speed items to backdoor, you can begin to take down enemy structures by using your (R) and passive basic attacks. When the enemy tries to stop your engage then you merely use your (Q) and items [if not on cooldown] and begin rolling away (but trying to avoid ramming enemy minions or champions). Even if you don't destroy a structure fully, you can easily wait for your low cooldown (R) to come back then repeat the steps over and over again until it is destroyed.

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How to Play Against Rammmmmmmmmmmmus

Play as a champion who has a knockback or good early game. Since Rammus has such a bad early game, you are usually able to poke him down then either kill him or force him to back. In the midgame you have to have a very fast reaction time, because Rammus will be able to constantly keep charging towards you. So make sure that if you see Rammus coming you either knock him back, jump away, or hide behind a minion or monster. I would recommend [inless you have last whisperer] to not engage him one-on-one since he is purely built to take down physical daamge oriented champions. If you are a spellcaster I would still avoid him, since he is usually capable of keeping you in fights for a long duration leaving enough time for his allies to gank you.

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I hope you guys enjoy the build. If you have any questions, recommendations, or comments please leave them below (I wanna bring Rammus back with style!).