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Rammus Build Guide by PrestoWILLIAM

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrestoWILLIAM

Rammus: The ARMORERERdillo

PrestoWILLIAM Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I want to start off by saying that I started playing this game when Rammus was free to the public, and I instantly fell in love with playing him. For some reason or another, he just seems to me to be a really chill dude, and the fact that he doesn't say anything but "OK" when you ask him to do something dangerous just goes to show how chill he actually is. Needless to say, I bought him that very week and haven't regretted it since.

If you aren't going to respect Rammus for what he is, and make other people respect Rammus as he should be, then I suggest you find a different guide. I have a great love for the character and demand that all people at least acknowledge that he is a threat to be reckoned with in every game. Respect and intimidation is what keeps that over-fed Nocturne from coming close to your team's turret when a mighty Rammi like yourself stands between him and the 'GG'.

Note: I have a very aggressive play style, and that's what my guide reflects. However, as aggressive as I tend to be, I never die more than 5 times in any given game, and that's what really matters. Isn't it?

Also Note: This is a build for a heavy AD game! Don't downvote this build if you go into an AP-loaded game and build Rammus in this manner. I'm telling you now that you'll be destroyed.

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The item build I use is actually quite humorous, if you think about it. There's hardly a point in the game where you'll see someone playing this build without a chain vest, as it makes way into your bigger armor items. There have been a few times where the enemy team has literally typed "omg..what now Rammus?" as the game progressed further. Remember, it's not your fault for stacking armor. It's their fault for picking all AD champions. :)

So, in the beginning of the game, I always grab a Cloth Armor and 4-5 Health Potions. This gives you the opportunity to stay in your lane for an extended amount of time, as I've often seen that I reach level 6 before I get a chance to go back and buy sometimes - it really just depends on your lanemate. At this point, you're more than ready to head back and grab your next two items.

I always try to grab my Giant's Belt and Boots of Speed at the same time, just to save myself a trip back to the shop. Some of you might be wondering why I chose the Giant's Belt over the Heart of Gold, and the answer is an easy one. I'd much rather have twice as much health to take down my enemies and earn five times as much gold for that. Sure, the build is expensive, but I've never found myself in dire need of money to buy the next item at any time. Anyway, after grabbing those two items, spend any extra coin on 2 Health Potions at the most, and head on back to your lane.

As soon as you can afford your Ionian Boots of Lucidity, make sure you go and buy them! The reduction in ability cooldown time is important to keep spamming your Defensive Ball Curl, preventing damage done to you and causing additional damage to your enemies - which works well with the Sunfire Cape that comes later in the build.

The items are pretty self-explanatory from that point on. Go back every time you can afford them, and keep on buying those Chain Mail as they give you extra armor in the mean time.

Note: The reason I added Force of Nature was for its dual purpose. Not only does it regenerate your health at an expedient rate, but it also boosts the level of your Magic Protection a great deal. This prevents things like Ignite from doing too much damage to you when you find that your health has disappeared.

Also Note: With Rammus' Defensive Ball Curl ability completely maxed out, you are given an extra 150 Armor and Magic Resistance for 6 seconds. Add that on top of what this build suggests, and you have quite the impenetrable barrier against all enemies ranking in at a whopping 551 Armor and 327 Magic Resist.

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Skill Sequence

I absolutely adore leveling Puncturing Taunt to its max first as it provides 3 seconds to your burst damage counterpart to absolutely rip an enemy champion to shreds without the risk of being hit back. This comes in handy when you have a lane partner that is exceptionally squishy and can't take a substantial amount of sustained damage over time.

Powerball though powerful, doesn't build your speed any higher from level 1 to level 18. You'll be able to hit max speed after your first point in Powerball, so there is really no reason in adding points into it at until you're a higher level.

The reason why Defensive Ball Curl is not maxed first is simple. Because, honestly, it's absolutely nothing without Puncturing Taunt activated. The longer your enemies are stuck swinging at something they can't damage, the more time your lane partner has to wreak havoc upon them, and that's what you're there for.

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Playing Rammus

O-kay, here comes the tough part.

Playing Rammus is just about the same as playing any other character except that you have a ton more armor. Here are a few things to know to get you on your way:

  • Powerball is a great initiator for anything from ganks to team fights. However, I do not suggest it. Because of the speed granted to you by this ability, it's possible you end up outrunning your own team and get stuck taking a great amount of flak for no reason. Instead, wait until the fight has been initiated, roll in deep, and get to work. The slow helps your team get in a few extra hits without penalty that way as well.

  • As soon as you add that first point into Tremors you are one lean, mean ganking machine. There are few champions who can take the beating that is a Powerball> Defensive Ball Curl> Tremors> Puncturing Taunt>Auto-attack> Ignite combo.

  • Puncturing Taunt is a really great way to lure your enemies into the firing radius of your turret...just saying.

  • Do NOT ever solo a lane. I mean EVER! Holding it while your teammate is gone/buying is fine, but do not run up mid and pretend like you're going to be of any use there. Rammus does less than one attack every second starting out, which makes him absolutely terrible at cutting down a great deal of minions - without Tremors. It is important to match yourself up with a laning partner that can put out a great deal of burst damage. That way, when an enemy champion is overextending without his partner, you can either Puncturing Taunt> Powerball> Defensive Ball Curl or Powerball> Puncturing Taunt> Defensive Ball Curl and pretty much secure a kill either for yourself or your teammate.

  • Powerball is great for chasing down enemy champions with low health, initiating team fights or ganks, protecting friendly champions - because everyone is afraid of a giant spinning ball of death, and getting places quickly - I believe, after you've completed your boots, top movement speed is at 650+.

  • Just because you have a ton of armor does not mean that you can take on a team 1v5! Or even 2v5! There was a point when I used to sacrifice myself to save just one of my the end, though, there's no point. Rather keep your full bar of health for the defensive or the next 3v2 gank than die saving just another squishy that over-extended. It's his fault for doing his own thing anyway and that's just being honest.

  • On that note, there is nothing that says you can't Powerball in and either separate him from the tailing enemy by running into them - immediately flashing out and running yourself - or using Powerball to act like you're going to initiate and watch as they back off in fear of being hit. Puncturing Taunt and Defensive Ball Curl can be used while running - though Puncturing Taunt makes you turn around - so if your ally is still being chased, you can easily taunt the enemy champion and have him follow you instead. Chances are, if you do this, he'll run away the second he gets...simply because nobody likes feeling like they can't control their character.

That's all I can think of right now! I'll update if I come up with something else.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ignite and Flash because of the aggressive type of player I am. I hate watching enemies with no health left escape the battle. Both of these summoner spells are great for ensuring that kill.

Flash works really, really, really well with Powerball. This ability continues to work through the Flash, so starting it early and dropping in on a Champion is a great way to scare the **** out of him. Naturally, you can also use Flash to hop over minions instead of trying to roll around them, hop over walls to start an unexpected gank, and give yourself a sizable distance head start before powerball's speed truly kicks in.

Ignite just deals extra damage and I likes it.

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Hall of Fame!

So far, I'm the only one that has tried out my guide! Hopefully this gets larger as we go!

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In summary, Rammus is a very playable character to all that enjoy him as much as I do. He's not hard to learn, but it does take some time to get down the little tricks that could turn a losing battle into a winning one.

Please, please, please post/send me your stats after using this build or feel free to give me feedback! No need to be negative when I'm just trying my best to bring up a fresh Rammus guide to the masses!

10/15 - New items tested and added
10/16 - AD+AP, AP+AD, and Full AP builds added - opposing team makeup.