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League of Legends Build Guide Author FiniteParadox

Ranged DPS Guide. Ez and Ashe.

FiniteParadox Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Currently being revamped as I find the best way to max out the damage done by Ashe and Ezreal. (Future champs as I play more ranged DPS will be coming)

Ashe's Build: Best set of items, guide just needs to be rewritten.

Ez's Build: What I believe would be the best set of items for a Hybrid Ezreal, ORDER IS NOT FINISHED.

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So, I've got a few builds up mostly for myself. But...may as well put a 'guide' up too, so others can profit from it.

Basically, a ranged dps guide using those I have and do well with. Eventually others may be added.

Note: These builds are based off of being mid.

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I gave Ashe Armor Penetration Runes and AD Runes for pure ability to take out others regardless of how much armor they have.

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Went with the common 21/0/9 build for ranged DPS, nothing else much to say about that.

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Completely revamped her build as I came to realize that the build wasn't too great, as my Elo Score grew. (As I won many games due to playing as Sona who I'm brilliant with) whenever I played with Ashe I did terrible most of the game. The only exceptions were when I was against people who weren't that great...but that kinda speaks for itself. Onto the build~
You may notice that the build looks almost like a clone of others...just with a few tiny differences that I think make it more worthwhile.
Doran's Blade is a great first item for Ashe as it gives her a little health to counteract her squishiness, some damage to make her harass a little better, and some lifesteal to allow her to stay in lane a bit longer. Next, I have her take Boots of Swiftness so that she can chase or flee quickly to counteract her really slow move speed. Rushing a B.F. Sword next is very important so that she can dish out much more damage efficiently. Then I have her grab Zeal for a few good reasons.

    The attack speed bonus will allow her to shoot quickly and dish out damage better.
    The move speed bonus will allow her to chase or flee much more quickly.
    The critical chance bonus will give her a bit of an edge in fights.
Next I grab Emblem of Valor as I feel that Ashe needs a bit more life steal and this has an aura that will also help your allies. Make an Infinite Edge next as it's the best item for dps characters. Finish off Phantom Dancer to emphasize more on the bonuses Zeal gives.
Work up to The Black Cleaver for some added armor penetration. Get Zeke's Harbinger to finish of the Emblem and to give more bonuses in the aura. Finally, grab yourself a Banshee's Veil as it's the best defence item.
I start him off with Vampiric Scepter so he can stay in lane long enough by feeding off of the minions. After grabbing boots of speed to counteract his incredible slowness, I grab Bilgewater Cutlass for some Attack Damage, extra lifesteal, and a decent active. Ionanin Boots of Lucidity is my choice for 'tier 2' boots because they decrease his cooldown times which just makes the ult available that much quicker due to better ability to spam Mystic Shot.
At this point you grab a Ruby Crystal for some health and then get your Hextech Gunblade. Why the gunblade when pure AD or pure AP is better than the Hybrid (As many claim)? Increased lifesteal, the active does more damage and has a longer range. Spellvamp AND lifesteal BOTH activate on Mystic Shot. Next grab Giant's Belt to give Ezreal some more protection against squishiness. Build another Bilgewater Cutlass for more lifesteal and damage. Then finish off the Warmog's Armor to give Ezreal some good anti-squishiness. Get Hextech for more lifesteal/spellvamp, then a Banshee's Veil as it gives magic resist and is one of the best defence items since it blocks a negative spell every 45 seconds. Then just get more Hextech's for increased Attack damage, Lifesteal, and Spellvamp. The AP boosts from the Hextech's is nice, too. As it increases the strength of all your spells.

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Skill Sequence

Ashe: Volley early on to harass, Frost Shot for great Crowd Control, a single point in Hawkshot for scouting and being able to see in the bushes. Enchanted Crystal Arrow whenever possible as it stuns, does decent damage, ignores minions, and can go across the entire map.

Ezreal: Mystic Shot needs to be focused early on for an increase in Cooldown reduction and harassing if you can get around the minions for a shot. A single point in Essence Flux until later on since this isn't an AP build and it won't ever be too strong. Maxing out Arcane Shift early on before Essence Flux is to give Ezreal some more escapability as you can spam Arcane Shift fairly well. Of course, the Trueshot Barrage should be upgraded as much as possible as to give him as much sniping potential as possible.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ghost and Flash for her because she needs to be able to escape ganks in an instant since she's so squishy.

I chose Clarity and Teleport as Ezreal uses mana a lot and I don't grab Masamune or Archangel's Staff to increase his mana pool, or really any item for that matter. Generally you want to use it whenever you're able to use it, not about to go to base, and have 25% of your total mana. It will almost never fill up his mana pool. I grab Teleport so he can quickly get back into the fight after he dies/recalls. Ghost and Flash are fairly commonly seen on Ezreal, but I feel that with his spammable Arcane Shift he has enough escapability as is. Heal is a viable option, but others suit him better.


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