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Renekton Build Guide by GreasyDrMeat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GreasyDrMeat

Renekton- A Guide to Winning Top and Carrying Games

GreasyDrMeat Last updated on August 20, 2012
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Standard/Heavy AD/Pure Tank

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Hi guys, I'm GreasyDrMeat and this is a top lane Renekton guide. This is my first guide so I would appreciate any feedback on the build, outline, and any mistakes that should be corrected.

Renekton is a very strong early game champ that has fantastic lane control and farm potential, I created this guide because I felt that the other guides on Mobafire did not accurately portray Renekton's strengths and his play style. This guide will aim to inform new and experienced players on how to dominate your lane early game and then proceed to carry team fights mid/late game.

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Helpful Info:Take advantage of Renekton's early game. Last hit creeps to raise your rage meter and then use your Slice and Dice, Ruthless Predator, Cull the Meek combo to chunk away at your opponent. This should be used mainly for zoning, so the enemy champion cannot farm your minion wave. Be careful though, Renekton is a very aggressive pusher, do not over-extend without ward coverage.
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+ Amazing early game
+ Versatile item builds
+ Strong lane control
+ Great farmer
+ Crocigator
- Damage falls off mid/late game
- Escape mechanism isn't always reliable
- Falls behind easily
- Prone to ganks
- Long Cooldowns

I have made three different builds for Renekton in this guide, while I prefer the standard mastery setup for Renekton feel free to try out the other two mastery setups or mix and match.

Standard: The standard mastery set-up focuses on maximizing Renekton's early game damage, reducing his cooldowns, and giving him increased tankiness so he can last longer in the lane.

Doctor's Note:I will not be including the masteries,runes,or item purchases for the other builds I included. It would simply take to much time and space. I feel the other builds are viable and I will mention them but the main focus of this guide is the standard build.

Runes are an extra game mechanic that can give you the upper hand early game and can give you a small boost in stats late game. For the standard build I run 9x Greater Mark of Desolation, 9x Greater Seal of Armor, 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, and 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.

Greater Mark of Desolation are my preferred marks because early game armor penetration ensures that Renekton can deal as much damage as possible.
Greater Mark of Desolation will give you flat armor which will negate some of the damage that typical AD bruisers deal.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resistis mainly used for late game, they will give you some magic resist early game that will help against hybrids, but these glyphs are mainly used to give you some defense against AP carries in team fights.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage will give you the slight buff in damage that will come in quite handy during early game combat.


There aren't too many alternate runes that are viable on Renekton. Use the runes listed on the Tank build to give you extra health for tanking in team fights. Other viable selections are Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, Greater Quintessence of Life Steal, Greater Mark of Attack Damage, and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells
  • Flash A stupid good summoner spell. You should always be running this spell, unless you feel confident of your lane and the enemy team lacks CC. Use it to catch up to someone, blink out of turret range, jump over a wall, close a small distance, etc...
  • Ignite Oh baby do I love ignite! This spell puts a DoT on an enemy that reduces healing by 50%. Use this bad boy on punks like Swain, Olaf, Dr.Mundo, and Sion to reduce their healing. This spell is also great for adding the finishing touch to kills, it's immensely satisfying to see someone successfully escape and then die to Ignite.
  • Ghost This spell has good synergy with Renekton's Slice and Dice. You should be able to catch up to anyone and stun them with Ruthless Predator and proceed to smack their face in. This is also a great spell for escapes, due to Slice and Dice's unreliability.
  • Exhaust Slows people down so you can outrun them. Also has the added benefit of reducing their damage output. I prefer Ignite over this spell because of the DoT and healing reduction.
  • Teleport A pretty awesome spell, it has so many different uses that compliment Renekton's playstyle that it is a suitable replacement for Ignite. Use this spell as an escape from an impending gank, use it to get back to your lane after dying or buying items, allows you to port to any friendly tower in need of aid, and can even be used to port onto friendly wards and minions for surprise ganks.
  • Heal Not a big fan of this spell, it is very useful for baits and as a way to save yourself or teammates from death, but it simply isn't as useful as the other summoner spells listed.

Non-Viable Summoner Spells

  • Surge A big no-no, you don't need bonus Ability power nor do you need the bonus attack speed.
  • Revive Huge Cooldown with little benefit, you shouldn't be dying in the first place and there is almost never a time when the game can be won because you came back to life early, save this for Dominion.
  • Clairvoyance Only for supports
  • Smite You ain't the Crocodile Hunter, save this for the jungle.
  • Promote Damn dude you made a big minion, Congrats!

Doctor's Note: Cleanse This spell almost made it onto the viable list, it is very good for champions that are very susceptible to CC. Cleanse will allow you to ignore enemy stuns and cc and let you get right back to the fight, but the other summoner options are simply more preferable. Renekton isn't particularly susceptible to CC due to Dominus and Slice and Dice and his innate tankiness. Ignite is a stronger choice.

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Skills to pay 'dem Bills

Reign of Anger[Passive]

Pretty nifty passive, instead of mana you generate rage with auto-attacks and ability usage. When under 50% health that generation is increased by that same amount.

You should be making sure that you keep your rage bar at or about 50, when over 50 all of your abilities get an extra bonus which is pretty snazzy.

Cull the Meek[Q]

Cull the Meek besides sounding metal as hell is Renekton]'s most used ability. This skill does AoE damage, heals [[Renekton for a percentage of damage(that is sadly capped), and has great AD scaling! With 50 fury this ability will hit like a truck and will chunk away a huge portion of the enemy champion's health early game. Level this up first.

Ruthless Predator[W]

OP STUN GG RAGE QUIT RIOT NERF!!!!!!!!! This awesome skill is why Renekton wins lanes early game, no one can solo you when you have this up. You not only get a stun but you also get two extra attacks that apply on-hit effects as well. With 50 fury the stun time is doubled and you hit the unlucky SOB with three extra attacks. Level this up second.

Slice and Dice[E]

Renekton's utility, mobility, agility ability. A pretty unique skill that gives Renekton very strong lane control. It even deals a decent amount of damage, and with 50 fury shreds through armor! This skill does have a drawback, if you don't hit an enemy with the initial "Slice" then you don't get the second "Dice". Regardless, this ability has a large number of uses. Level this up last.
  • Use this ability to disengage after a tower dive, just slice through the minions and dice out of range.
  • can be used to engage or disengage
  • OR BOTH!!!! Slice through enemy minions and smack enemy champion with Ruthless Predator and follow up with Cull the Meek, then use the dice to dash through the minions again and end up back where you were!

Doctor's Note: Slice and Dice has a small range that will allow you to dash through small walls(dragon pit, baron pit, etc.) keep this in mind when chasing or being chased.


What is there not to love about Dominus. It gives you health, AoE damage, and fury generation. Once you get this ult you should be uncontested in lane. You can tower dive, win 2v1's, bait, survive Ignite's, Requiem, Spear Shot. This ult is just too good, level this up whenever you get the chance.

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Items: I hold the third weapon in my jaws

Items will make or break Renekton, if you start building the wrong items or don't build the right items quick enough, you will begin to fall behind fast.
Core Items
Item Sequence

Frozen Mallet

Randuin's Omen
This is in my opinion Renekton's core item set. You should have these three items built and completed by the end of mid game(~30). This set may seem controversial due to the lack of attack damage present, but if you follow the guide you should have either a couple Doran's Blade's, a The Brutalizer, and maybe a B. F. Sword.

Starting Items

fillllller I almost always start off with Boots of Speed and 3x health potions. Starting with boots has quite a few benefits
  • You can invade enemy jungler much faster
  • More mobility allows you to dodge skill shots and outrun other champions without boots
  • You can focus on building damage items for the rest of early game
The health potions will also give you extra sustain in lane, when you are low pop a potion and get back in the brawl.

fillllller This is a more conservative and defensive start to the game, Cloth Armor will give you enough armor to endure any frequent AD harass. The extra health potions will also give more sustain in lane. Take this item set if you are against heavy harass champions( Pantheon, Gangplank, Yorick) or against strong ad laners( Lee Sin, Udyr, Tryndamere).

fillllller Doran's Shield is the third option that I would recommend. It gives you armor, health, and health regeneration. This can be built if you are worried about taking AD damage but aren't too worried about being harassed. I recommend taking this against strong ad laners that lack frequent harass( Riven, Darius, Fiora) and you are worried that you may lose the lane.

Early Game Items
Item Sequence

Doran's Blade

Doran's Blade

The Brutalizer

These are the items you should be striving to have bought by the 10 minute mark(I will discuss phases and times later in the guide). Two Doran's Blade will give you some extra health,life steal, and damage while The Brutalizer will give you that sweet sweet armor penetration and cooldown reduction.

fillllller Doran's Blade is a really *****in' item for Renekton especially early game. So why don't I include it in the starting item list? It's because Renekton really doesn't benefit from the stats provided by Doran's Blade until after he hits around level 4. You need to level up his abilities first before he can become a big threat in lane. A pair of these should be the first think you should buy when you come back from your lane. With the added health and lifesteal you will be able to sustain yourself as long as you buy a couple Health Potions as well.