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Renekton Build Guide by xRosco19x

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xRosco19x

Renekton, Butcher of Top Lane Tank/Bruiser

xRosco19x Last updated on December 24, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So who is Renekton? Just a top lane bruiser like the rest right? WRONG. Renekton has a skill set like no other, and his presence in a team fight just makes the carries drop to their knees and accept the fact that this croc takes no names, just heads. During season 3, he has become a much more played champion (which can be bad for some), and was used lots of times in worlds. This brought some attention to him as well as others like Corki, Ahri, and Riven. Though who cares about them when you can be Renekton! So this guide will talk about masteries, runes, spells, farming, lane match-ups, adding pressure using Teleport, team fights, items, and more! So please read through it and if you find an issue message me and I will fix them.

(just a pic I found on google...made me lol)

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Pros and Cons

  • Can snowball very hard early game
  • Is very fun to play
  • Can escape without using Flash using Slice and Dice
  • Awesome Harass
  • Very great late game
  • Very tanky from Dominus
  • Very item and farm dependant
  • does have a few counters, so do not first pick him
  • Takes a bit of skill to play
  • Is he an alligator or a crocodile?
  • Slice and Dice has a short range, cant go over too many walls

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Take these marks so you can increase the damage on all of your skills except Dominus, easier last hits, and overall greatness of Renekton.
This helps a lot against champions like Riven who just go full AD and win. Once they get The Brutalizer it will counteract these, but you should be pretty tanky by that time with Chain Vest or Giant's Belt.
Take these for the late game mages that burst people own like, Brand , LeBlanc, etc. They will help a bit more than you think
greater quintessence of armor penetration This is a standard set for most AD champs, take it mainly for early game when champions have little armor, and if they start with Cloth Armor then it is even better. greater quintessence of armor penetration

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Renektons passive, he generates fury on auto attacks and abilities. At 50 fury, the ability he uses has an extra effect. When he is below 50% hp, fury generates twice as fast.

Preferably maxed first, Renekton spins, damaging all around him, and healing for a percent of how many enemies he hit, and how much damage it did. So use it on the most enemies you can to max its effectiveness.

Renekton's next basic attack will stun the enemy and deal damage equal to double as much AD he has. At 50 fury, this changes to triple his AD. So if he has 200 AD, it will deal 400 damage, and when boosted, 600 damage. Max this ability second.

Renekton dashes to the a short distance dealing damage as he goes across, if he hits an enemy, he can dash a second time before the ability goes on cooldown. At 50 Fury, the second dash ignores some of the enemies armor and deal a little bit more damage. To use this effectively, use it to get across the whole enemy team to the carry, or use it to protect your own. It can go over walls too, but be careful not to mess it up when trying to, it has a very long cooldown.

Renektons ultimate ability. Its name is deserved. It gives him a huge amount of HP on cast, makes him bigger so his abilities can reach farther. Also does damage to enemies around him per second. Like a Nasus but less gay and stupid.

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Core Items and Full Builds

After many tries of different boots, these are my favorite. I mean, tenacity is so rare, only 3 items have it. Zephyr... you don't need attack speed. Spirit of the Ancient Golem, you can get this if you want different boots, but you aren't a jungler and there are better items for tank.

Renektons should always get this item first after boots. Good amount of armor, hp, and a passive that deals 40 damage per second to nearby enemies! Along with your ulti that is 140 damage per second, through the whole duration of Dominus, which is 15 seconds, you are dealing 2,100 damage to enemies if you are near them the whole time.That should be more hp than the carry has, or about the same... yea, that just happened.Of course that situation is a little unrealistic, it is still so cool to think about.

Take this for... all of the stats really. Magic resist, hp, cooldown reduction, and an awesome passive that works great with Renekton. The passive increases healing that goes to the user. Cull the Meek while in the middle of the enemy team will heal you like a Soraka can... so it's like you are your own carry and support at the same time!

The only damage item you should get. Gives 55 AD, an armor shredding passive, and of course more HP, along with more cooldown reduction. Once you get this you should be set with your damage.

Optional Items
1,000 hp. That is a lot if you didn't know. This takes right from tank, to the enemy raging at your very presence. This doesn't effect your armor and magic resist at all so if they have a Blade of the Ruined King on their Vayne you will die easier than you look like you will.

This is another major awesome item that gives 500 hp, a lot of armor, makes attacking enemies be slowed, and has an aoe slow passive. Take this if no one else has it.

This item wrecks enemies. Take it if they manage to get you down. But be wary that your team won't run from you when they see you go down, in that case you will spawn and die again. If the game is at vital moment where the next fight will decide the game, and the passive is down and won't be up for the next fight, sell it and buy something else.

If you get another form of Tenacity other than Mercury's Treads then these boots are the next best thing, giving a good amount of cool-down reduction. Which can always help a lot

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Spells, and Proxy Croc!!!!

I tank 2 summoner spells which have made their way into many pro games, and make a very big difference in how a lane/game will turn out. Flash, standardly, and Teleport. That is the huge playmaker. Lets explain now how it makes a difference.

On the top lane, you will be using a major strategy. You will be shoving the lane pretty hard, then running behind their tower and killing the minion waves that are approaching. What this does is a bunch of things.

  • Brings attention to top
  • Gives you a TON of free farm
  • Makes the enemy miss a ton of cs due to the tower

Brings Attention:This will add a lot of attention to top. The jungler will see you up there doing that so overextended, surrounded by enemy towers, in their territory. So what is the jungler gonna do? Gank top. You want this to happen. With 2 of the enemies across the map, your team could use their 4 to push a tower, take drag, anything. Of course you want to get their attention as long as possible, so a lot of running and juking will be used to have the jungle and top laner, and maybe the mid laner chasing you while your team is getting objectives. Try not to die, but you might. No big deal. This is where Teleport comes in. All game long you should be top lane, pushing it and keeping the enemy top lane with you, and if they aren't take their towers, maybe inhibitor. You stay at top and when a fight happens you can Teleport back and help. Then go back top and continue to farm. If the enemy does not have Teleport it is better because they will stay top with you and try not to have you take all their towers, then you can Teleport in a fight and make it 5v4.

Gives Farm: You have no minions with you. No tower. Only you. ALl those minions will go to you and you only. You will get all that farm to your self, which means gold, which means more items, which means more kills, which means more objectives, which means more objectives, which means more gold... you get the drift.

Denies enemy farm: They are in this situation. They have no minions with them, and they have a ton of your minions at their tower. Those minions are being hit by the tower so he will miss some. Those minions are also going to take that tower eventually. Now, if he ignores all that and tries to attack you, he may kill you but he missed about 3 waves while doing so. You will still be stronger.

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Team Fights

Time for the most important part of the game, and what Renekton really shines at. Start of the fight you want to Slice and Dice to the enemy carry. Even if you don't kill them, you zoned them and made your team have an advantage. Once the carry dies, go on the mid laner. Same thing try and zone them out or kill, or both. Then go for the jungler or top, whoever does more damage. The complete thing about it is you want to zone the major damage dealers of the enemy team. There are those games when they are so fed you can't do anything, but try your best to get them out of the picture.

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Final Thoughts

So that's my Renekton guide, I hope you found it useful for whatever reason and if you have any suggestions i am all ears. Though people don't play him very much he is still very strong either way. Please check out my other guides if you like this one!

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