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Renekton Build Guide by Naryl

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Naryl

Renekton solo top - early game harass

Naryl Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide for a solo top Renekton, better suited for early game harass, with strong presence in mid and late game if you are able to pick up a few kills in early game.

This guide is based on 1 fact about Renekton: if he has 50+ rage his skills scale A LOT.

So let's talk about pros and cons about Renekton:


    - Very mobile.
    - Tanky.
    - His ult is quite good to bait and punish.
    - He has a stun.
    - Very good sustain.
    - W is a 2(3) hit skill that triggers on-hit effects, let's abuse that.
    - Good jungle invasion potential.
    - No mana issues.
    - CCs own you pretty hard (mercs are almost a must).
    - He doesn't scale that good to late game cause he needs to be tanky to survive.
    - He needs something to charge to so he is able to charge twice.
    - His stun is pretty short unless you have 50 rage.
    - NEEDS farms, let me express this better, YOU NEED TO TOTALY OWN IN FARM ALMOST EVERYONE IN THE GAME. He's a good farmer, but if they harass you and deny you of farm you will be useless in mid and late.

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The runes are quite simple: you wand AD in early.

- Renekton doesn't need attack speed, he spams skills.
- ArP IS important but you are aiming to early game dominance, and with his skills scaling so much when enraged AD > ArP. Also you have some ArP from Masteries so you are fine.
- You are tanky, and need to be tanky, armor seals are a must in top and the Mdef blues will give you some good defense against those nasty AP carry that love to focus you when you jump next to them to stun.
- The armor seals + tank mastery makes it WORTH it to get minion aggro, you return damage to them and they hardly do any damage to you, also a enraged Cull the Meek on a good group of minions + the poor guy in top will give you a lot of sustain. (remember that Cull the Meek gets x4 heal from champion damage, up to a cap).

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The 9 points in Attack are quite standard: you are tanky but you need to do damage. You will get ignite so the improved one is worth it (compared to the other stuff you could get).

Defense tree gives you a lot of survival power, but it also gives you something VERY valuable to Renekton: CC reduction and +24 gold on kills and assist. As I said before CCs destroy Renekton, you need to get in there and stick to them to do damage, if they CC you and run away you are useless. Also you need a lot of farm, and you have a stun, so if the jungler comes to gank you can give him a very nice suport with your stun, geting a kill or assist and extra money for it.

The other defense tree masteries are meant to reduce the minion damage on you, as you will harass in melee range and will pull minion aggro a lot. Also a CD reduction on a champion who has no mana is always nice.

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The items are based arround early game harass:

- You start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, you need to be fast to harass the other top guy with your Cull the Meek, specially at the start when you don't have your Slice and Dice yet.

- Your 1st focus should be building Wriggle's Lantern, starting with the Cloth Armor and trying to get the Vampiric Scepter as soon as possible. Let me explain why: Ruthless Predator procs on hit effects as well as life steal, so get the Vampiric Scepter, ram the other guy with a Ruthless Predator and recover HP. That with a maxed Cull the Meek gives back a TON of HP when doing the normal harass combo ( Slice and Dice -> Ruthless Predator -> Cull the Meek(enraged if possible) -> Slice and Dice). With Wriggle's Lantern you can destroy the other guy and it gives you a high jungle potential (to steal theirs, not your jungler ones ಠ_ಠ), and help in dragon/nashor. Your Ruthless Predator can proc the extra dmg on creeps so spaming it when jungling is always a nice idea.

- Wit's End is a must have with this build: it gives you some attack speed (not needed but always nice to have some to stack rage and farm (and destroy ppl when everything is on CD), Mdef (those evil AP carry will pay) and +42 damage on each hit (it's magic dmg and you have no magic pen so it will be a bit less), that means + 126 dmg on a enraged Ruthless Predator and a nice harass damage on those armor stacked tops you will encounter sometimes.

- Phage -> Frozen Mallet: get the Phage first and don't update it until you have Atma's Impaler. More health, more damage and a slow. Ruthless Predator will hit them 2(3) times to improves the chance to land a slow, don't worry.

- Guardian Angel: this is the one you want to build when the other team has trouble killing you. Most ppl will just stop focusing you if you have this item, so you can go and rape their carry w/o much trouble. But in most cases you'd want to build a defensive item to counter their main source of damage: Force of Nature is a nice choice for Mdef, but if they have a ton of CCs a Banshee's Veil is a better choice even if you don't use mana, also extra HP means more damage with Atma's Impaler. If they are full AD (hardly ever), or their AP carry plainly sucks just get a Sunfire Cape: more HP -> more dmg with Atma's Impaler, more armor, and the damage aura arround you will stack nicely with your ult.

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Skill Sequence

Dominus > Cull the Meek > Ruthless Predator > Slice and Dice.

Cull the Meek:

I know Ruthless Predator scales cool, deals quite a lot of damage, etc etc. Cull the Meek gives you SUSTAIN, HARASS from a longer range than your melee (125 wtf, he's a freaking giant crocodile), and FARM potential.

If the other top is pushing you a lot to try to make you lose farm under the tower you can still destroy minion waves with your Cull the Meek, if you are somewhat in the middle of the lane, use it only to last hit a creep you would lose otherwise (2 creeps about to die, stuff like that) or to harass the other guy out of his farm, but don't do it a lot unless you want to push your lane to his tower.

When you see the other team's jungler on the map far from you it's the time to push like mad, pin the other guy to his tower and make him lose farm. When he's there you can invade the other team jungle and get some extra farm and buffs (red!). To do this is pretty recommended to ward the entrances of the jungle area you want to invade. Also please take note that if the other team has the jungle entrances warded you can enter their jungle from dragon or nashor with your Slice and Dice.

Something VERY important with Renekton is: RAGE (it's actually called fury.. but rage is fine right? :p). You won't be able to use all skills enraged, you will have to manage your rage pool, specially in early game. You are maxing Cull the Meek so you should NEVAH use a non-enraged Cull the Meek if you are harassing the other guy, it's fine to use it to last-hit, but if you can always last hit with melee attacks to build up rage. When you have Ruthless Predator maxed as well, Cull the Meek is pretty nice to build up rage (the more targets you hit the more rage it builds up).

Ruthless Predator:

This is your only CC, and it deals quite a bit of damage. It's a 2 hit skill (3 if enraged) and it triggers onhit effects on each hit. You will also life steal with it. Your item build is made around this skill, but it doesn't need to be maxed right away, Cull the Meek is more important for a solo top.

In early game you will use this just to stop the other guy enough to land a auto-attack, a Cull the Meek and go away. Later it's very usefull to jungle invade (procs Wriggle's Lantern), and to destroy enemies (3 hit skill with high damage and +126 dmg from Wit's End is nice and makes you start with some Mdef stacks).

Slice and Dice:

One of the best movement skills in the game. If you charge through something (minion or enemy champion) you can charge again. The enraged version shouldn't be used until mid/late game, since it lowers the target's armor, and in early game our rage will be best used with Cull the Meek or Ruthless Predator.

You can use it to invade the enemy jungle from Nashor or dragon, avoiding wards, very useful. Just try not to use it on top if it isn't a must: if they gank you this is your only way to escape.


Such a nice ultimate... where to start...

It will give you HP back (a lot), make you do magic damage arround you and boost your rage gain A LOT. This translates to: I just got healed, will rape your entire team if they don't run or kill me fast and will use almost all my skills in enraged version.

Use it to bait, it's specially nice when they try to towerdive you: pop it, stun, damage with Cull the Meek and move away with Slice and Dice if you can (dancing around the tower), normaly the tower will do the rest. Just remember something: Ignite will cut in half the heal of your ultimate, be careful not to use it when you are at 10% hp, don't wait so much. If the enemy has tons of Ignite on their team, consider getting a Quicksilver Sash to remove it before using Dominus.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty standard solo top spells:

Ignite to finish off enemies or stop the healing of sustain ones ( Warwick, Irelia, Swain, etc).

Flash gives you a second (or third) charge, it's very useful when your Slice and Dice is on CD and your prey manages to jump away. It's also cool to run away when chased (jungle invading has its problems...) or to move away from some nasty CCs or Ultimates.

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I know many Renekton start with a Doran's Blade, and with this build focusing on early game AD it sounds reasonable... WRONG!, the life steal of Doran's Blade is a bit too low, it gives AD and HP but 3 Health Potion will give you much more sustain in lane to farm. Also Boots of Speed... let's see you need to catch them to do damage, and you need to run away from the ganks, boots are a must. Renekton relies on his mobility to outdo the other guy in top, so we need movement speed right away.

Early game you should just focus on farming, you can't harass without your 3 skills. The basic harass combo is charge in with Slice and Dice, land Ruthless Predator, hit him once or twice with autos, hit Cull the Meek and go back with Slice and Dice to a safe place. This will do a lot of damage while giving you sustain. If the other guy is smart he will try to come after you to hit back while your skills are on CD, stay back and if he gets between your minions fight back, it will be worth it and your CDs are low.

When you have the other guy pushed, or when their jungler is camping you 24/7 (if you do a good job this will happen a lot) you can just go mid to help with a gank, land your stun and if your mid lane teammate isn't braindead it should be an easy kill. If the enemy jungler is around it's not recommended to invade their jungle: if they have a ward there it will be a 3 vs 1 in enemy territory.

Mid and lategame teamfights will start, if your team goes for dragon/nashor YOU HAVE TO BE THERE, you have a Wriggle's Lantern and a nice multi hit skill to help kill those monsters faster. If a teamfight start you can charge through them to focus their carry. Midgame you will have quite a lot of Mdef so focusing their AP carry isn't a bad idea. After Atma's Impaler is complete destroying their AD carry should take priority.

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Let's explain a little further how you should behave in a teamfight(5 vs 5):

Unless you are the only tanky dude or initiator on your team YOU SHOULD NEVER START THE TEAMFIGHT, try to jump between 5 ppl alone (your teammates don't have a double charge) and you will eat all their CCs and die with a stupid face, leaving your team 4 vs 5.

You are better suited to follow a initiation from a teammate ( Ashe arrow for example), when the main initiation skill lands (hopefully on a enemy carry) rush in and land your Ruthless Predator right away to prolong the CC on that carry and give more time to your team to destroy it.

Even if the carry didn't die your main mission it's the same: destroy, harass, wreak chaos in the enemy team. With Dominus your best position is between the enemy team, dealing constant damage with the passive aura and with Cull the Meek, landing Ruthless Predator on CD on the dangerous enemies to prevent them to do anything. If the enemy try to focus one of your carries disrupt them with your stun and rush to their backline to chase them away and try to divide the enemy team. If you succeed it will be a 4 vs 2-3 in favour of your team while you chase away a carry and a support, who shouldn't be much problem to handle, and even if you die the teamfight will be provably won by the rest of your team.

If you have a Guardian Angel you can be a little more reckless just don't die in a pointless situation. If you rush in -> die -> rebirth -> Dominus -> Cull the Meek you can get a nice portion of health back, if your team was still fighting you can keep on disrupting and trying to get as much sustain as possible to be able to participate on the teamfight (if you are at 10% hp you are basically a free kill).

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ArP x AD

Armor pen is VERY important in this game: stacking armor is easy and in most cases beneficial since they stack armor along with other useful stats for their champion, like frozen heard for example.

Now you'll say: "But you don't have any!", well let's try to explain a little better why.


Cull the Meek: +0.8 bonus attack damage, +1.2 bonus attack damage when enraged.
Ruthless Predator: +0.75 attack damage twice, +0.75 attack damage 3 times when enraged .
Slice and Dice: +0.9 bonus attack damage on both slice and dice, +0.9 bonus attack damage on slice and +1.35 on dice plus armor reduction on enemies hit with dice when enraged.

Most solo tops start with aprox 35% physical damage reduction from armor.
You will start with 71 damage (+3.1 per level up) -> 16 bonus attack damage.
You have 10% armor pen from masteries.

As you can see, the enraged version of any of our 3 damaging skills scale really good, you are maxing Cull the Meek first so let's consider a fight at lvl 4 versus a top guy with 35% damage reduction due to his high armor.

Skills should be:
- Cull the Meek lvl 2: 90(135) base damage, plus 13(19) damage for bonus attack damage, with a hard cap healing of 75(225). You heal 10% of the damage dealt (x4 if the target is a champion).

- Ruthless Predator lvl 1: (5+60)*2(3)=130(195) damage.

- Slice and Dice lvl 1: Slice -> 30+14 damage / Dice -> 30+14 (45+22) damage.

Let's be realistic though, you won't hit him with Slice or Dice, you will just land Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek (enraged version). the damage should be:

- 35% reduction it's ~60 armor IIRC so let's take 10% of that -> 54 armor, that means ~ 30% damage reduction.

- 130 * 0.7 + 154 * 0.7 = 199 damage to the enemy champion and 44 health gain.

If we had Armor Pen reds and quints the numbers would be:

65 - 25 armor = 40 armor -> -10% reduction -> 36 armor -> ~22% damage reduction.

- 106 * 0.78 + 135 * 0.78 = 188 damage to the enemy champion and 40 health gain.


My numbers may not be exact but you get the idea, those +16 bonus attack damage MATTER A LOT with that enraged Cull the Meek. Also please notice something VERY important, minions has very low armor, so that Cull the Meek will damage them more with AD runes and you will get much more health back.