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Renekton Build Guide by Amethonys

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amethonys

Renekton The Top Lane Slaughterhouse

Amethonys Last updated on June 23, 2012
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Amethonys here and this is my first build where I will give my input on Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands. Renekton is a very underplayed champion where if built right can net kills and soak tons of damage or an unstoppable wall to protect your carry while still being a threat to the enemy team.

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    Great farmer
    exceptional off-tank
    can go full tank if necessary
    one of the best harassments in lane for a melee
    preforms as a wonderful anti-carry


    very item reliant
    CAN get harassed out of lane (<^>-( © . © )> Kennen)
    only really shines in top lane (jungle is viable but simply not as good)

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Summary of the Builds

Build 1

For build one you focus primarily on acquiring some bulk while getting damage later on to be an Anti-Carry and melt that 10/2 Ashe in the back of their team.

Build 2

Almost identical to build one however only go this route if you have already gotten kills early and plan to snowball into an unstoppable killing machine.

Build 3

This build is used if your team lacks a real tank and your primary concern now, while still shutting down their carry with your W, is to be taking as much of their damage as possible while your team gets kills.

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Marks and Quints

For marks I would recommend either 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage and 3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation or 9x Greater Mark of Desolationand 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage. This is in order for you to still deal damage to your lane opponent since most top laners tend to have a lot of armor to pierce through.


For Glyphs I run 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist in order to not get bursted down by that Annie that got kills mid. Also the reasoning for the scaling MR is because you are a top laner the chances of you having to deal with her before level 9 or so when the flat MR glyphs are better is slim to none.


For Seals I use 9x Greater Seals of Resilience so you can take harassment from your opponent since in the current meta MOST top laners deal physical damage (with the exception of Morde, Kennen, Gragas, etc.)and they still prove their worth late game when you go in to kill their AD carry but more into that later.

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Builds 1 and 3


Builds one and three go with the 9/21/0 setup in order for you to soak up as much damage as possible while still being a threat with 10% ArP and 8% CDR.

Build 2


Build two on the other hand is 21/9/0 so you are able to deal enough damage to net yourself easy early kills.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells

- Teleport is a very nice spell to have when in a solo lane so it enables you to quickly get back to lane before you lose your tower or even after you kill your opponent, teleport bot lane that is pushed in order to assist them.

- As an anti-carry exhuast helps you kill your target without them putting up a fight, or in order to slow someone down for your team to pick off, or slow someone in order to escape, the possibilities are endless.

- Considering Renekton already has a built in flash with Slice and Dice and you need that extra mobility then Ghost is the way to go. That extra Movement Speed will let you catch up to your opponent and Slice and Dice into a Ruthless Predator or simply escape that 5 man gank top that no one called out mias for. Another very versitle spell.

Other Possible Choices

- considering you already have a built in Heal in your Ultimate there is no reason to carry this around, however if no one else on your team is using it your might as well.

- generally taken by your AP carry but is usable on you considering you lack any form of range to stop that Amumu from getting away with 40 health it is okay to use this spell. Although if you are playing Draft pick and you see you will be laning against a Mundo or Swain then go ahead and take this spell 100%.

- Considering you already have a built in flash in Slice and Dice there is no reason to use this spell but if you find it an absolute necessity then go ahead.

Not Reccommended

just not a very good spell in general, it may help in pushing a lane once in awhile but its useless in a teamfight.

you shouldn't plan on dying in the first place why would you want this?

you are not jungling...don't even thing about it.

both stats are pretty much wasted since Renekton benefits more from his spells than from his auto attacks and AP is just...bad.

you will live through a 2 second stun and if you have problems with CC just go with Mercury Treads over Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

do I even have to say it?

you are not the support you have much better options out there.

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- Renekton's passive is a very useful because since we will be in the heat of the battle the chances of us being below 50% health is rather high and having more fury is never a bad thing.

- Renekton's bread and butter spell which deals a fair amount of damage to surrounding units and heals for each unit hit to a cap. Plus if you are over 50 Fury it does more damage and heals for more so make sure when clearing minion waves to be over 50 to have the best effect. Max it first for sustain and damage.

- Renekton's only form of CC happens to be a 0.75 second stun that deals ALOT of single target damage on a short cooldown. However if you are over 50 Fury the stun is doubled and the damage is further increased. Obviously this is your #1 priority to use 50 fury on instead of Q or E. Level it second for damage increase.

- Renekton's form of a gap closer has a decent cooldown and can be used twice if you hit a unit with the first hit. Having over 50 fury when you use it shreds armor of the units hit on Dice (the second activation) and should not be used as a dump. Level it last since the other two spells take priority.

- Renekton's ultimate increases his health dramatically and passively inflicts AoE damage to nearby enemies for 15 seconds. Not only that but you also gain Fury PASSIVELY during this time period at a rate of 5 per second which will practically double the amount you normally get just from autoattacking. Very nice spell level it up at 6/11/16.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill sequence is rather straight forward, put a point into E at level 1 so if necessary you can leash blue without taking too much damage OR as an escape spell if your team is ambushed at blue (I cannot tell you how many times this has helped). However if you are the ones counterjungling them I would go with W first for the added stun to make escape impossible for that poor Amumu on the other team. At level 2 you will put a point in whichever spell you did not choose at level 1 so you can start harassing your lane opponent with E->W->E back to where you were safe and sound. From here on out you will proceed to level Q first for the farm and health return on it (and obviously picking up your R at 6/11/16) then followed by W and E for the maximum damage output. (Mainly for playstyle preference you can choose to go W first if that is your thing keep in mind you will have both in 6 creeps anyway so it really does not matter in my opinion. I just prefer E before W because the chances of you hitting your lane opponent with your W is slim to none at level 1)

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Starting Items

My general starting items would be Boots of Speed and Health Potionx3 for the ability to get close to your opponent and escape ganks easier although you can go Doran's Shield against tough AD opponents or Regrowth Pendant if you plan on going the gp10 route.


Between Merc Treads/ Ninja Tabi if you plan on going tanky go with whichever is more beneficial based on their team comp (if they have 4 might want the Tabi). However if you do not need the extra defense the best boots for Renekton are the Ionian Boots of Lucidity since CDR is very important because you are very spell reliant.

Core Items

- Frozen Mallet is an absolute must on Renekton, not only does it have alot of health on its own but the passive slow is borderline imbalanced considering how easily you can catch up to a fleeing opponent with Slice and then slow him while your team comes in for the kill. Plus it also builds off of that Phage you get earlier.

- ahh good old Atmog's....the perfect setup for any offtank out there. The 1300 health from Warmog's along with the 700 from Frozen Mallet make you rather beefy alone but when you get an Atma's Impaler you get another 60 damage on top of that plus 45 more armor which is always nice. The three item combo right here makes you such a pain to kill for the other team since you will easily have 3000 health and deal a ton of damage making you a threat that cannot be ignored or they get annihilated.

Other Viable Item Choices

- let's say you got focused very early in a teamfight and their team starts focusing your tank again....if only you could do something about that...oh wait you can! With Guardian Angel not only do you gain a good amount of BOTH Armor and MR but a self-resurrection every 5 minutes that once you die you come back with a good amount of health and your Q/W/E probably all off cooldown again. Not only that but normally when people see you with GA they tend to ignore you entirely since if they DO manage to kill you you will just come back anyway! Normally get this as Item #6 if the game lasts too long.

- Now most people find it odd to get a Bloodthirster on a tanky champ like Renekton is but hear me out. Bloodthirster gives a whopping 100 damage and 20% lifesteal and when you have 300 AD and your W starts doing upwards of 450 damage that 20% starts to heal for a lot and considering your Q can easily clear or atleast clear with the help of Slice->Dice it is very easy to get the 40 stacks needed for the item to shine.

- Another viable item for the laning phase, gives good armor, lifesteal, and damage to help sustain plus free wards make it so you will not get ganked while you farm top for days are all very nice traits to have in an item....oh and lets not forget the proc that makes killing Baron/Dragon much easier. Good item would get after Phage.

- Very debatable item to get.....considering as an off-tank you will be taking damage so being low on health isn't going to be a problem that part is not wasted however the MR and shield are only really useful if there are maybe 2-3 magic damage users on their team. If you do decide to get this item get Hexdrinker after Phage and upgrade towards end of game.

- Very balanced item with a good amount of health and armor plus an active that slows attackspeed and move speed of surrounding units plus it upgrades from a Heart of Gold which you can get very early in the game. Definately a must have if their team has 2-3 melee dps. Get Heart of Gold as early as possible either before or after Phage and upgrade towards end of build.

Shurelya's Reverie - good amount of health and a teamwide ghost along with CDR and Health Regen plus it upgrades from a Philosopher's Stone which you can get early. B-B-BUT Amethonys....Philosopher's Stone gives Mana Regen why would Renekton want that item???? Obviously the mana regen makes that item a little less useful than on a Soraka BUT it still gives a good amount of health regen and its hard to pass up on gp10 when it builds into this item now isn't it?

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Level 1-3

Focus on last hitting as much as possible and make sure not to push the lane at all and only attack the enemy champion if they are dumb enough to try to initiate on you (you have a stun and an escape mechanism chances are they will take more damage than you will)

Level 4-5

Now that you have a few points in your Q you can start doing serious damage and able to harass your opponent with ease. If your opponent is within range of your E then go ahead and Slice -> W -> Q -> and Dice back while using a maniacal laugh as they watch hopelessly while you take a chunk out of your health. Now if they aren't in range of your E that is fine and you can Slice a creep in between you two and then Dice right on top of them and follow-up with your W and Q (warning only attempt this if you KNOW you will not get harassed as you run back to safety). Now if your opponent is low and you went with the first route then Dice after them as they flee in horror using Exhuast if necessary to get yourself a kill.

Level 6

Now you have your ultimate and what a good ultimate it is. Keep in mind that your ult does not only raise your max health by X amount it also heals you INSTANTLY that amount so if your laner gets a little too cocky and goes in for a dive or simply goes into melee range to try to kill you pop this and you will not only be healed a decent amount but you will start generating fury at a steady rate and deal passive aoe damage. The heal itself could also be just what you need to stay alive while you wait for your cooldowns to reset while in a skirmish.

Level 7-11

You should have your first few items picked up (at least a Phage for Builds 1-2 and maybe level 2 boots and both your GP10 items for Build 3) and maybe even a kill or two but your primary role is to make sure you have a decent farm considering your Q deals half of the minions health it should be easy to have 100 cs by the time midgame breaks out.

Level 12-18

Teamfights should be erupting by this point and your build is at least halfway complete and your role in the teamfight is very simple. After your main tank initiates, Dice into their ranged carry (rather it be AP or AD whichever is the largest threat) and use your ult and combo to shut them down while your team finishes them off and then proceed to the next threat and so on and so forth (keep in mind your Q heals more for each person it hits so aim to hit AS MANY people as possible with it).

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Lane Opponents

Green = no trouble should be an easy lane to net kills and farm in
Yellow = decent lane may net one or two kills but could swing either way
Red = VERY difficult champ to play against just play it safe and farm while asking jungler for ganks

- easy to harass considering he has a very small attack range for being a ranged carry just keep farming until he wanders too close and pounce on him to deal at least half his health in one go.

- depending on what he is doing I put Gangplank in a yellow to red zone, if he decides to just free farm you do the same and get ganks periodically to kill him. HOWEVER if he decides to focus primarily on harassing and zoning you just tower hug for a bit until you start to deal more damage to equal the harassment. (keep in mind a smart GP will use his Oranges to break out of your stun and then proceed to attack you while you are in his face)

- Gah my hatred for this champ is never ending simply because he just does not die due to his natural bulkiness. Your only chance is to avoid his Apprehend as much as possible and once he wastes his spells on farm go in for your harassment and hope to widdle down his health pool. Also eware of his ult since it deals close to 400 damage if you let him hit your 5 times beforehand so if you have to use your ult just to survive go ahead (I would go with build 3 against Darius just to live early game and avoid letting him snowball).

- basically a free-farm lane just make sure not to go into harass him if he has and shield up because then you are just wasting your time and asking for him to harass you back.

- generally only goes top as AP which makes him about.......15 times easier to kill.....basically you are a perfect counter to him. If he decides to alpha strike on top of you just stun and Q him to make him pay for that stupid mistake. Also if you catch him meditating do not hesitate to go in and stun to stop him and make him waste that 30 seconds cooldown and high mana cost.

- yellow only because the chances of you getting many kills against him is rather low however he is easy to harass and goes out of mana very easily so farm as much as you want and get kills later in teamfights when you have 150 CS.

- very underplayed champion however be sure to avoid going into melee range at all costs unless he is out of mana because he hits like a freight train when he gets his Sheen and or Trinity Force plus his Q only makes him run faster to smack you more if you try to retreat. Turret hug and farm the creeps and you should be fine.

- rather squishy opponent and gets mana starved easily so if necessary start with a Doran's Shield and take some of his harassment and then hit him back when he runs out of mana and cannot decoy away. If you do decide to go in to harass be sure you don't waste your time hitting the clone because a good wukong will just stand there and wait until you blow all your spells on the fake and then hit you back in melee range.

- Very tough champion considering she also does not use mana and can trade very well with you if you go into harass so make sure only to have a skirmish if you can also heal off of minions nearby with your Q.

- If he is going AP do not let him farm! Before level 6 if he is going to start going AP harass him out because he lacks any real bulk just make sure not to push the lane and get ganked. Hint: if you have not seen Cho'Gath use his ult on minions for at least 1 minute that means he is saving it for you and a gank is coming up.

- Another bruiser like you but luckily unlike Shyvana he uses mana! Make sure you bully him to waste his mana on keeping himself up in health with his W while avoiding his Q because it is very spammable and hits just as hard as yours except it does not heal and has about half of the cooldown. Basically keep harassing him or make him go oom and you should be fine just as long as you do not try to fight him 1 on 1 (sticking around after you stun him).

- Difficult lane to deal with although very easy to combat with as long as you make sure to go Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion to dodge those axes because chances are he will level Reckless Swing first and if you can dodge all of his axes he will not be able to reach you with it. Rather free farm lane just ask your jungler for ganks because chances are if you try to harass he may still be able to chunk 300 of your health in true damage on your way back due to its range.


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Credits to Andele3025 for input on Cho'Gath, Shyvana ,and Hecarim for the Lane Opponents section.

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This is only the rough draft and I will work vigorously to update as much as possible until I reach a finished product. Don't forget to post feedback :D