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Renekton Build Guide by lightningkillz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lightningkillz

Renekton, the Very Healthy Butcher

lightningkillz Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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After the wonderful success of my previous build (3 votes woo!) I decided to try my hand at another one, this time with one of my new favorite champions Renekton. Renekton is the physical equivalent to Nunu with a nice amount of health and with strong physical capabilities. My build for Renekton focuses more on health and the Atma's to maximize his damage for late game. Obviously there are a few variants based on the other teams comp but if you can get the normal build you can get up to 5k health end game. With this build he is still easily capable of carrying at any point in the game and depending on who you lane with it will probably be pretty easy. So enjoy Renekton, the VERY Healthy Butcher.

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Greater Mark of Desolation
Typical mark for your average physical damage dealing champion, without these you're pretty much useless.
Greater Seal of Armor
Now I chose these for the early health and eventual convert into attack with the Atma's. Its not a lot but early game it can be a life saver your lane gets ganked, an extra 45 health will let you survive stray minion fire and an early attack from a champion.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
Renekton can be built two ways: AD/ATS or cooldown/AD, I chose the later for its health and more sustained dps.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
The increased armor is incredibly important with increase in use of more armor in top laners.

Other possibilities

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
Greater Quintessence of Health
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Note: Keep looking into more runes

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With the new mastery trees I had to change the masteries up a bit. Tanky DPS is still viable but I wanted more damage overall since I got to switch up my runes. Going to the bottom of the offense tree provides just that ability. I still like defense though so I go into the the defense tree enough to boost my resistances and get some health regen (possible other options instead of regen, looking into). These new masteries are aimed at making up for the focus damage change with the new offense tree and still getting tanky benefits.

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Opening purchase

Doran's Blade is all around helpfull, it provides more health (sound familiar by now?), some life steal, and some damage. The life steal goes well for your need to build up rage and since we took Q first we have two things providing us health.

First time back

Depending on if you died or not pick up your boots. Try to make it so the first time back is the last time for your boots. I get Ionian Boots for a very obvious reason, cooldown. These are the first major part of your cooldown items and of course speed.

Next purchase(s)

and and eventually
Get your Brutalizer first since it provides more cooldown, armor pen, and some nice damage. If you can also buy your Phage, if not get the health crystal first. Eventually you'll turn the Phage into a Frozen Mallet for the very nice health and slow.

Final mid game purchase

or and
You'll grab these for the extra cooldown and armor pen as well as the damage and health. You'll notice the crit every once in a while which is very nice and the active is very helpful for building up rage and works well with your ult, letting you keep up with people (especially with the mallet) and do tons of damage. Getting the Bloodthirster has been a new thing I've tried recently in my Renekton games. Getting it this early gives you a much increased damage potential that slowly builds over time until you get your atma's. If you feel you can sacrifice the cooldown and armor pen try this out and tell if you think it's better.

Late game purchases

This is where you become a beast, the total health Warmog's will provide is so freakin awesome I sometimes can't stop myself from initiating 1v5. Get one Warmog's first for the health and then build your Atma's, with your upped health and armor physical carrys will have a harder time killing you. Even better, popping your ult also ups your damage since it buffs your health.

6th Item

or or or or
Depending on what the other team is doing you have quite a few options open to you. If they're destroying you with magic damage get a Hexdrinker. It gives some nice magic resist, attack, and a wonderful passive that will help you survive if their mages start focusing you. If they're not stacking Madred's or any other form of attack getting another Warmog's is very helpful, its boosts you up to 5k health and helps with your Atma's making you even more deadly. I'd pick up a force of nature if the other team heavily consists of magic damage and are starting to focus you, this can be a life saver with just its regen component alone and with the added magic resist you can take a lot of hits. A sunfire cape is also acceptable as a 6th item if the opposing team is hitting you with a bit more AD plus it gives some more health for the Atma's and its passive is also very nice in team fights, mostly mid game though as I've found.

More options to come

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Skill Sequence

Reign of Anger

Passive: Renekton gains 5 fury every time he attacks an enemy. Gains 50% more fury once he is below 50% health. This is what defines Renekton and I'll go more in-depth on it later.

Cull the Meek

Renekton swings his blade around in a circle, enemies in range take damage and 5% of the damage heals Renekton. The portion of health drained has a cap that is very small at lower levels but picks up end game. When below 50% fury enemies hit by cull will give additional fury.
Fury: Deals more damage and increase the healing to 10% with a higher health drained cap.

Ruthless Predator

Best ability Renekton has, basically two auto attacks and a sweet stun not much else to define it. When below 50% fury the enemey hit will give 10 fury for two normal hits.
Fury: This is basically three attacks with a much longer stun. Utilizing your fury for this attack can chop up squishies very quick like.

Slice and Dice

Renektons only means of clearing ground quickly. He dashes towards your target direction dealing damage, if he hits someone he can then use the Dice part of it for another dash that does the same amount of damage. When below 50% fury you gain fury based on the number of enemies you dashed through
Fury: Only affects Dice. Does more damage and lowers enemies hit by its armor. Try not to waste your fury on this since its effect isn't really all that great.


Renekton's ult, he becomes a giant *** crocodile/alligator/lizard thing increasing the range of his normal abilities. Additionally he does magic damage in an area around him and gains fury every second. Oh yeah and it gives you more health so even more damage. Ahhh the stories I could tell about this ult.

Maxing W
This is your heavy hitter. Its basically two auto attacks and a stun. This lets you do the most amount of damage with the least amount of risk after level 3 since you can dash in, stun, cull, then dash out. With fury this hits even harder and pretty much guarantees a kill with its increased stun duration.

Gotta know when to Cull
Best advice I've been told so far from my resident Renekton fiend R3LYK. Even at level 1 Cull the Meek does a nice amount of damage and in early game can even get you an easy kill. Its instant damage and some health regen which lets you stay and lane longer or survive a close fight. Culling at the right time can even net you a nice double kill in a duo lane. Oh and the ksing, the beautiful ksing.

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Summoner Spells

This is a nice spell for Renekton early game when he doesn't have a Frozen Mallet and mid to late game to make sure he doesn't die by anyone who has a Madred's. It also has some other nice effects that you can use it for, all around very nice.

This is pretty much a spell for every champion (save for support maybe). I use this for two purposes, flashing away from being killed and flashing into someone with health for an easy stun kill. Great for turret dives and sniping people who run away.

Other options

Well you are part tank so getting rid of a stun or slow on you can help you survive a fight or help you catch a fleeing champion. I don't use this as much since its a little hard for me to guarantee I'll need it.

Without a point in it this spell is slightly useless, but it can be helpful in catching up to someone or bustin a move out of combat, saving your own *** first.

I can still suggest this for any champ, it is amazing early game to counter any harass and can easily help you get first blood. Granted late game it falters a bit, so I'd suggest saving this spell for when you're having an off day or are just so amazing you feel you don't need anything else.

I honestly have never used this on Renekton but it does have some uses. If you go against someone who regains health this can be a lifesaver or you can use it to make sure you kill a fleeing champ.

Leave everything else to the junglers, support, or people who don't know how to play.

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Pros / Cons

You will have **** tons of health
Renekton deals massive damage early and mid game
SnD can get Renekton through walls and save his hide
You will more than likely get first blood

Damage falters late game without good itemization
You will probably get cocky
Often focused

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Team Work

Renekton has two useful abilities to help out in a team fight.

This should be used almost every time it comes up in a team fight. Stunning the right target can lead to an easy victory for your team if you can focus the carry. Plus if you can get an empowered strike off that will guarantee a kill on whoever you're team is targeting. To make sure it works you can dash towards your target with SnD letting Renekton cover easy ground.

This doesn't directly lead to you winning team fights but if you don't use it you'll be pretty useless in the fight. With this on you'll gain increased range for all your abilities and be dealing constant damage to everyone around you. The increased health will also help you stay in the fight longer to be important and stun the main targets.

Depending on who you lane with can help your team get more kills and easily insure a victory. Your best bet is someone with heavy cc or just a good stun. Teamed up with them you can both get two stuns off usually leading to an early kill. Plus with his teammate gone the other is left open for the both of you destroy. So when choosing who goes where try to get someone with good cc or just a decent stun.

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Fury and You

Fury is what defines Renekton's play style since he is the only champ to use it so far. Fury will allow his normal abilities to hit harder and generally be more helpful. Utilizing it correctly will separate the good Renektons from the great ones.

Times to use empowered abilities
Only use an empowered ability if its going to be Q or W, hopefully W though. With an empowered W you'll hit your hardest and stun for a longer amount of time. I swear if I see you use an empowered Dice I can't be held responsible for what might happen.

Dominus gives Renekton fury every second so he'll generate a lot during a team fight, this means spammy spam spam your W and Q to maximize your damage. Auto attacking in between your abilities will give you even more fury so don't be afraid to stop mashing buttons for a bit to watch the fight unfold.

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Stuff to do with Renekton

Renekton is a boss farmer with a full Cull and some increased damage. With just a normal ability combo you can clear entire minion waves gaining tons of money and experience. Personally I go out of my way to steal minions from my friends when I play, but if you see a giant minion wave you should definitely be the one going to grab it.

Dominus isn't just an ult for you to pop when you engage in a team fight, its a life saver. So now its time for a short story. I was solo laning against a Brand and Nunu down bot because my team mate, who was Evelyn, was off ganking at the time. After taking some heavy hits I was at about 10% health left and turret hugging when TF popped his ult. I saw him warp in behind me and I waited for him to come into turret range, I popped my ult, dashed in, and we stunned each other, only he was in turret range. Since I had my ult up I had an additional 300 health he had to get through while I could just chop him up in turret range. He was way mad.

Galactic Skin
Invest. You will become a boss. Its been proven.

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Well I hope you enjoy my second installment of "How to build Champs like a boss." Ha, even I couldn't keep a straight face for that. But if you like this build please feel free to leave a comment or vote it up in this joint. Also if you think there's room for improvement let me know and I'll definitely update it.
Edit: Took care of new patch masteries and runes. Sort of.