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Renekton General Guide by Senor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Senor

Renekton, Top Lane Croc

Senor Last updated on July 3, 2013
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Tank Renekton (Tanknekton)


Carry Renekton (Killnekton)

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Renekton Build

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Why Pick Renekton?

Renekton is a very strong, mana-less top lane champion who has strong sustain and high burst capabilities. Due to his self healing and high mobility he is very hard to counter and can stand toe-to-toe with the strongest top lane champions in the game. He is a very safe pick in almost any situation. The best pick for Renekton is verses assassins. His high base damage will mean that he can tear through them with relative ease while his natural tankiness and sustain means that he can survive through most of their burst.

- Naturally very tanky which is increased by his ult
- High aoe damage from his ult and Q ability
- High mobility makes it easy to escape from ganks or catch fleeing enemies
- Very hard to kill when low on hp due to ult and increased fury gain
- Direct counter to the ult of Garen, Darius and Cho'gath
- Has no ranged harass so can be out poked fairly easily
- Powerful items for most champions have a reduced effect for Renekton due to lack of mana, e.g. banshee veil

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Tanknekton or Killnekton?

This relies on both team composition and personal preference. If the jungler is an Alistar or Maoki for example then they are tanky enough and you should go for Killnekton, however if it is a high damage jungler like Lee sin or Tryndamere then you should go Tanknekton as you will need to be the teams main tank. I personally prefer Tanknekton as he still has high damage if position correctly and is near unkillable, however Killnekton is very viable because he can dash through the entire team onto the enemy adc and slaughter them and still has enough tankiness to survive the remainder of the fight.

If you play assassins like Zed or Akali then I would recommend playing Killnekton, whereas if you play tank champions like Shen or Darius then you should be playing Tanknekton mostly.

In lane you want to focus damage mainly but the late game build is where you specialise into one of these two styles.

Rest of guide coming soon!


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