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Rengar Build Guide by kurcatovium

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kurcatovium

Rengar - focused on lane presence

kurcatovium Last updated on August 28, 2012
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ballanced - offensive

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, I tried quite some of Rengar builds and for now I settled at pretty much this build which combines good durability and survivability with pretty painful damage output. As Rengar is melee champion it always come to scenario where you exchange some hits with enemies, because you need to get close to them. Even if you jump on them from brush and lend some attacks, you'll probably get at least same amount from them. This is why I prefer to be able to withstand more rather than just focus on offense.

Pure offensive Rengar will dominate on taking out enemies 1v1 in just few hits, but he'll be more or less useless in bigger fights because he'll be long dead by the end of the fight. It still can be viable if enemy team is made of weaker champions.

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Pros / Cons

+ good nuke Savagery (can be double casted when reaching 5 ferocity)
+ attack speed and defense buffs from Savagery and Battle Roar
+ can be built pretty tanky while maintaining good damage

- good use of Unseen Predator requires good skill management
- low durability when focusing on pure damage

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I use pretty simple rune pattern focused mainly on durability as stated in first chapter.

for better early durability - those are the best Quints IMO. Bonus 26 HP each makes almost 80 bonus HP early game, which helps much more than + 7 AD you can get with offensive ones... this also nicely complements enhanced Battle Roar = 15% maximum HP heal

these helps endure some hits especially early to mid game. They prooved worthy more than offensive oriented ones to me

they might look not as great as other runes, but... it's still very powerful when you score crit from time to time, especially when you score crit with Savagery

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I focus mainly on defense tree since Savagery gets both pretty good AS and AD buff and it will also benefit from crit chance. Also did I tell you I prefere to endure quite some hits while I'm still able to deal decent amount of damage?

I'd like to point out that with Sorcery and Enlightenment you'll get 12% cooldown reduction at level 18 just from masteries. That will allow you to spam spells and especially Savagery more often.

Durability , Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut will provide nice amount of HP to last longer in lane and also enhance Battle Roar heal.

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Get Bonetooth necklace ASAP to get so needed stacks early. It's reasonably cheap so it should be first return to the shop - armor penetration from 3 stack is cool and you'll love + 25 movement speed buff from 6 stacks (which is reasonable minimum). Its 46 AD at level 18 is not really bad either!

Next in line is Trinity Force which is pretty much essential. I usually start with Phage to get some HP early game while its passive helps to catch up runners. If you play against weaker enemies it is possible to start with Sheen to finish them up much faster.

Mercury's Treads are probably the best boots for Rengar because of tenacity bonus and MR. Depending on situation you might consider also Berserker's Greaves or Ninja Tabi.

Warmog's Armor then helps quite a bit in enduring some hard hits. It's HP and regeneration bonus is unbeatable. If you don't need that much HP you can exchange it with Frozen Mallet which gives good boost too while it also adds very good passive slow.

The rest is up to you and it pretty much depends on what team you're playing against.

You can get overall good results with The Bloodthirster which adds huge AD bonus and handy life steal.

Maw of Malmortius is good if you play against AP heavy enemies, it's damage bonus is pretty handy too.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is also really good item for Rengar. Even if it doesn't excel in any of its attributes Rengar will really benefit from all of them which makes it strong. It's active bonus attack speed will greatly couple with bonus from Savagery to make you even faster in killing or destroying turrets.

Atma's Impaler is handy if enemy team is AD heavy. It adds reasonable defense and AD boost (also depending on Warmog/Mallet option) and gets you nice critical chance bonus.

Infinity Edge could be pretty usefull if you focus on more AD rather than tankier build.

I'm not real fan of Last Whisper on rengar. It's 40% penetration is really nice, but 40 AD bonus feels a little weak considering you'll always focus carry first striking from brush with your Unseen Predator where you'll rather have more AD from items like The Bloodthirster.

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Savagery is the one you want to max first. It's impact is huge. Minion wawes will fall like trees, enemy heroes health bars will crumble in fear... Its bonus damage effect makes it amazing nuke, especially with Trinity Force. Leap from the grass to passing enemy and finish him in three hits, nothing is sweeter... Best way to shut down one enemy is waiting for 4 stacks then E and double Q and beat him till death with bare claws with huge attack speed boost.

Battle Roar is second pick and best maxed at level 13. It's armor and magic resist buff is damn helpfull in all situations and it's bonus healing at 5 stacks of frenzy will make you last really long in your lane and it will also help you survive some sticky situations. Also, effect of normal and enhanced Battle Roar stacks if cast quickly after - very helpful!

bola stike is pretty handy too, but it's effect is not as great and rewarding as both Savagery and Battle Roar. It's still very good at catching up with fleeing enemies or simply killing minions to raise stacks for enhanced effects of other abilities, since its bonus effect is not that great - you can use it from time (like to disrupt channeling spells etc.) but usually it's better to deal more damage or heal yourself while you can still slow enemies with basic effect of bola and then finish 'em.

Thrill of the Hunt - this might seem as not that good ulti, but that's just... wrong! Very helpful in many situations. You'll love the vision of enemies to leap on them through trees (followed with enhanced Savagery of course), disappearing in the middle of the fight while out of sudden enemy hero fleeing to base is dead in a heartbeat, and from time to time you can use it simply to rise stacks of ferocity (like for Battle Roar heal) because cooldown is pretty friendly to you... You can also use it as last option to run away if everything fails. It's just cool through all imaginable situations.

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First of all - don't forget to take advantage of Unseen Predator. Jumping from brush is great all around! Can act as good initiation or helpful chasing tool. You can never go wrong with a little hide and seek game.

Killing minions
It's really simple. Bash them while combining Savagery and Battle Roar and also throw some Bola Strike on them just to reach for bonus effects of first two skill. They will fall really quickly.

Destroying turrets
Rengar is amazing at this. Build ferocity for enhanced Savagery and when you're in attack range throw Q -> Q and you'll get both huge nuke damage and also really great bonus attack speed.

1 v 1
Using Savagery and Battle Roar will get you bonus attack speed and durability, while you can still slow them fleeing with Bola Strike. If it's not enough you can push your ulti Thrill of the Hunt and catch them up with enhanced Bola Strike or simply finish them with Savagery. Initiation with double Savagery from 5 stacks is just so great!

In a teamfight
Remember Battle Roar makes you last longer and you can stack 2 bonuses when you have 4 or 5 ferocity and press W -> W ... It also hurts them, while you can always enhance your attack with Savagery and help your teammates catch up fleeing enemies with Bola Strike (or catch them yourself with Thrill of the Hunt).

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Summoner Spells

those are your friends you'll love with Rengar. Finish fleeing enemy with Ignite or curse enemy Warwick feeding on you, flash to enhance your passive leap ability or to catch up runners or simply flash away from dangerous situations.

Other viable choices:
Exhaust - can help put down enemy carry even faster
Ghost - not as great as others, but still can do it's work
Surge - same as Ghost above

Do not pick:
all the others... although I've seen trolls picking Clarity and Clairvoyance :-)