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Rengar Build Guide by DraganDE

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DraganDE

Rengar Guide Top[S3] A token of my conquest!

DraganDE Last updated on June 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Guys,
in this guide I'll try to show you my favourite build for the Pride Stalker. This is the first guide i wrote so please give me tips and tricks :) If you down vote the guide then tell me why you did so. English isn't my mother tongue so please excuse some mistakes of mine.

As I logged in League of Legends the first time and looked through the shop the first champion that really attracts me was Rengar. He has a great artwork and until today he is one of my favourite champions because he is so unique and his playstyle is so much different from all of the other champions.

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A really good choice as a summoner spell.It secures kills when you have all your skills on cooldown or decides 1vs1 situations because of its extra damage.Against champs like Dr.Mundo or Master Yi you must take it to reduce their heals. An over-all great summoner spell.


In my opinion another great summoner spell. It is the best way to get out of a dangerous situation because you can flash over walls.But on the other hand it can be used as a gap closer.Make sure to use it carefull because it has a high cooldown.


Ghost is a good summoner spell,too. It works good in combination with your Thrill of the Hunt to give you the time to go stealth.You can also use it as a gap closer which works good too because u can land more auto attacks.But I dont like it as much as Flash because if the enemy stuns or hooks it is not a guarantee for getting away

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Attack damage marks:
- my favourite choice for an aggressive AD Top laner like Rengar
- they will help you getting creep kills
- you will have better chances to get early first blood
- in the early game they will often decide a 1vs1 situation

Seals of armor
- a good choice for a top laner
- for example against champions like Pantheon/Riven they will help you avoiding too much damage

glyphes of scaling magic resist
- you won't face an AP Top Laner so often so I use scaling magic resist for a little more advantage
in late game

Quintessences of attack damage
- same like for your marks, more damage early game, help you getting farm and kills early game

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- high burst damage early game
- relativly easy to get First Blood at Lvl 1
- fits his role as a AD carry killer perfectly
- team supporting ultimate
- great sustain(no mana,heal)
- stealth ganks =) (you'll feel like an assassin)
- passive is a great chasing tool
- since nerfes underrestimated
- tanky

- can't do anything when he is getting kited
- if you aren't fed you'll loose a bit of your strength in late game
- oracles counter him hardly
- some of his skills scale with AP so you can't have both hard burst damage and strong heals

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Skill chapter

Ahh the skill sequence :) Here is where Rengar really shines. He has such big a variety of different skills and that is why I love him so much.

Unseen Predator - While in brush or stealth, Rengar will leap at the target when using his basic attack. Rengar builds 1 Ferocity with each ability he uses on enemies. When reaching 5 Ferocity, Rengar's next ability becomes empowered, granting it a bonus effect.

This is a extremly strong passive. The leap from brushes allows you on the one hand to constantly chase enemys from the jungle but on the other hand it helps you harassing your opponent and getting last hits on minions. Just be carefull if you wait in the brush to not accidentally click on a minion to leap in a dangerous situation.

The second part of the passive is the ferocity aspect. After you used 5 abilities you will get an empowered skill which has bonus effects. If you collect 5 ferocity stacks all cooldowns are reseted which is helpfull in a 1vs1 situation.


- Rengar's next basic attack deals bonus damage and grants him increased attack speed for 4 seconds
Empowered Savagery - Savagery deals bonus damage equal to 150% of Rengar's attack damage, and the Attack Speed bonus is doubled.

Savagery is your main damage source and it also gives you a really strong attack speed buff. Use savagary either for farming creeps fastly with the attack speed buff or leap from the brushes and harass you opponent. If you use Savagery as your fourth Ferocity stack and then use Empowered Savagery you will gain an insanly attack speed buff which will help you in a 1vs1 situation.

Savagery deals extremly high damage in early game and thats why Rengar is such strong fighter pre Lvl 6.


Battle Roar

[ - Rengar lets out a battle roar, damaging enemies and gaining bonus armor and magic resist for 3 seconds.
Empowered Battle Roar - Battle Roar also heals Rengar

Battle Roar is your AoE spell.I use it for securing minion kills that you can not auto attack anymore. The defensive bonus helps you avoiding too much damage in a 1vs1 situation or if an enemy chases you.
The heal gives Rengar a really strong sustain. Since his buff it will not heal a percentage of health anymore so it's stronger early game and if you don't go that tanky.
The great thing about this heal is that Rengar does not have Mana and you won't run out of Health in the laning phase.

Bola Strike
- Rengar throws a bola at his target, slowing them for 2.5 seconds
Empowered Bola Strike - Bola Strike initially roots his target for 1 second

Now you have everything. Damage, AS boost, Heal, AoE, and two different CCs. This is why I love Rengar so much you have so many different kinds of skills. Bola Strike helps you landing more auto attacks on your opponent while he runs away.

The Empowered Bola Strike is nice too but I use my Ferocity rather for damage or Heal early game because your DMG will help you more than rooting your opponent.
In a Mid or Late game team fight you want to use the empowered Bola Strike more because the root helps your team more than the damage.

If you max it first it can deal strong damage and can be a great harassing tool but unfortunatly it has higher cooldowns than Savagery so I only recommend maxing it if you have a hard time on lane.

Thrill of the hunt
- Rengar activates his predatory instincts, stealthing after 1 second and revealing all enemy Champions in a large radius around him. He gains movement speed and generates 1 Ferocity per 0.75s while stealthed. Lasts 7 seconds or until he uses an ability.

I just love this ultimate if you use it you will feel like a real hunter. It includes 3 great aspect.

The first aspect is that you can reveal enemy champion in large radius the map. Your entire team can see the enemys so if your supporter didn't had the chance to ward the map it's a good choice to see where the enemy hides before a team fight.

The second aspect is your stealth. When you use your ultimate you will become invisible and your passive activates. So you can leap to an enemy. You can use this to chase enemy who run through the jungle or use it to run away. But you must avoid damage for 1 second so try to run in a bush to get your stealth.

The best way to use your ultimate is to get invisible in a team fight and then leap on the enemy AD Carry. With a double Q Combo he will be bursted to death in few seconds. That makes the team fight a lot easier if their AD Carry is dead.

The last aspect is that you can get 5 stacks on ferocity. So wait until your Ferocity is fully stacked before you leap to an enemy champion.

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Farming is not relativly hard with Rengar even against ranged champions.


-dont be scared about farming with Savagery(Q) it has relativly low cooldowns and you do not have mana
-stay in the creep wave and if your enemy comes near your creep wave harass him with Bola Strike and/or Savagery
-do not use your Battle Roar in the creep wave too often because it pushes the lane
-stay near bushes to get last hits that aren't in your range

-stay near the bushes to leap on last hits to avoid too much damage
-secure minion kills with Bola Strike Bola Strike and Battle RoarBattle Roar
-heal yourself with W and try to outsustain him

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1vs1 situation

Rengar is a pretty good 1vs1 fighter. Do not fear to force a 1vs1 situation pre 6.
With Ignite and a Savagery-> Empowered Savagery combo the enemy will lose lots of HP.
But think first which Empowered ability you want to use in a 1v1 situation. Often it is good to use Empowered Savagery to have maximal burst but Empowered battle roar can let you win a 1vs1 situation because of the Armor and Magi Resist bonus and the heal.
Also using Thrill of the Hunt can let you win such a situation to get maxed Ferocity and the suprise bonus.

Against a Ranged Champion max your Bola Strike first because maxed it deals really good damage and is a great harassing tool. Harass your opponent with your Bola Strike and when he lost enough life engage to kill him.

The thing that you have to keep in your head is that you have a heal so if you play smartly you can hold your HP high but keep damaging. Try to use this for your advantage.

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Rengar's duty thanks to his awesome passive and Thrill of the hunt is to gank mid lane as often as you can when your opponent is missing.

I recommend using your Thrill of the hunt first to walk in stealth behind the enemy champion in the mid lane because you have to huge suprise bonus and fully stacked Ferocity. Give your ally the signal and jump on the enemy. Give him your burst damage and scare if he flashes away give him your to slow him. You both now can get a easy kill/assist

If your ally has a lot of CC like Lissandra but no gap closer tell your jungler to engage with a stun and save Thrill of the hunt to use it as a gap closer.

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I actually like this start because the boots help you dodging enemy skills and chasing your enemy. Rengar has a self heal so 3 Heal potions are quite enough sustain.

But you can also start 5 to have a great sustain even if you are harassed hardly

Bonetooth Necklace
This is a unique item for Rengar which gives rewards for kills or assists.The effects it gives are really good and worth the fact that it only costs 800 Gold. It stacks really fast if you try to gank mid as often as possible.The passive gives you AD per Level so I recommend buying it early. If you have a hard laning time you should wait and buy it before team fights because it stacks really fast in them.

This is the item you MUST rush first before or right after Bonetooth Necklace. It increases your burst damage. The cooldown reduction will decrease you cooldowns and you can spam your Savagery.

The first item you should get that is expensive. Your burst is increased and the HP bonus helps you becoming more tanky.

A really usefull item for Rengar. More damage and life. The passive is also great because the slow helps you landing more auto attacks on your opponent.

With this item you become really tanky but you also deal a lot of damage combined with both the passive of The Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet

In my oppinion the best boots for Rengar. The passive increases your chance to activate Thrill of the Hunt to run away. But Ninja Tabi is also a good choice for boots.

You will become more tanky and it increases your sustain due its good passive.

It also helps you becoming more tanky and you will get more armor to get more survivability. Its passive is really helpfull in team fights but one Randuins per team is enough.

Increases your burst insanly and you can burst the enemy carry with a double savagery combo easily.

I like to buy this item because it increases your sustain and you will have a much higher damage output and this will help you in a 1vs1 situation. Often after a Team fight when only 1 player per team lives anymore it is the Life steal that decides who is the winner and The Bloodthirster gives you this Life Steal.

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Team fights

As I mentioned before Rengar's role in Team fights is to burst the enemy AD carry to death in a few seconds.Wait for you team to engage and then use to leap on the enemy carry and use to kill them. Do not engage with because you will get killed in a few seconds before neutralizing your target.

If you have activate it after you leaped on the enemy carry to slow the enemy team. After your role is finsished focus the other carry and try to deal as much damage as possible. Do not run away try to deal as much damage as possible to help your team win the teamfight.

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Standard Rengar vs Burst Rengar

Standard Rengar

-a great AD Offtank
-he is tanky but deals a lot of damage
-with Thrill of the Hunt jump in the enemys and trigger Randuin's Omen makes the teamfight easier
- Battle Roar makes you even more tanky

-not tanky enough to be the only tank in the team
-his damage output isn't as good late game as in the early game

Burst Rengar

-kills the ADC and APC instant with one Savagery combo, trust me
-bullies the enemy from lane and then can farm easily
-with this build you have like 80 percent armor penetration
-stacks Bonetooth Necklace really fast

-really squishy
-once you jumped him and killed the carry your pretty dead because they will focus you
-relies on good team work to save you after you jumped in
-after you did your combo you are useless till Savagery is up again
-if the enemy is not instakilled

You must decide which Rengar you will use. If your team already has a full tank like Malphite or Rammus I recommend choosing Burst Rengar because you don't need to become tanky,too.Also you have too see, is your opponent squishy like Akali or Katarina or Zed play Burst Rengar because you can One Shot them.If you play against a Garen or Malphite you should not choose Burst Rengar because you can not kill them with one combo if you don't have the right items.

If you play Blind Pick I recommend playing the Standard Rengar because he is viable against a lot of champions. But it is up to you, play the Rengar that suits you and your team best.

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Match ups

I will try to add more and more champions in the future as I haven't played enough games against some champions to give you tips.

Jarvan IV
Difficulty: Medium
You have to play carefully against JarvanIV he will harass you with Dragon Strike which lowers your armor so do not underrestimate his damage.You will see him most often as a jungler but sometimes on Top Lane,too. Jarvan will go really tanky in Late Game so try to shut him down early. Try to bait his Cataclysm in the bushes to use Unseen Predator to jump out of it to a minion.Jarvan is a really strong tower diver with his Golden Aegis so save your ult to run away or kill him at the tower with Empowered Bola Strike

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
This is not a really difficult match up and I have played it several times in both roles. You should max your Bola Strike first and keep harassing him. Try to dodge his skill shots and you will be fine use your Empowered Battle Roar to keep you at high HP. Jayce has no sustain and early on he will run out of Mana fastly. Remember that his burst in Hammer Form is relativly strong so harass him until he has half HP and then attack when he does not expect it for example with Thrill of the Hunt
You can also max your Savagery first and harass him by constantly leaping on him from the bushes. He will knock you back but you will have damaged him before that. The problem is that most Jayce players push the lanes and this tactic only works if there is bush near you.

Difficulty: very hard
Jax is one of the opponents you have to fear about. His Counter Strike blocks your Savagery and if he dodged it you are pretty much dead because you can't deal damage anymore.His Auto attacks deal immense damagages post-6.Fortunatly he is not that strong pre-6.You have to find out what he skilled at Lvl1. If it was not Counter Strike you can punish him with Savagery. If it was [Counter Strike]] bait it and wait until it is on cooldown then engage.A first blood will help you against him.But do NEVER EVER give him first blood because with a bit lifesteal he will a huge pain.Farming is also hard because he will jump and give you his combo and it will really hurt you.If you think you can manage a fight do not waste your Savagery when he has Counter Strike

Difficulty: Medium

The ultimate Match-Up for Rengar.And Rengar can prove that he is the ultimate hunter.Stay near your minions Kha Zix Taste Their Fear only has high damage if you are isolated.He will try to harass you with his Spikes so stay behind your minions because it can deal really high damage. Early on your Burst Damage is better and if you play smartly you can win a trade and kill him. Try to harass him with your Bola Strike. Your ultimate also counters his ultimate. So if he uses his ultimate use your Thrill of the Hunt to make him visible. The quest the Hunt is on activates at Level 16 and if you kill him at this Level you will get a fully stacked Bonetooth Necklace that does not lose stacks. You must have bought it before to get the Head of Kha Zix.

Difficulty: Hard

Malphite is really tanky and his shield saves him from a lot of damage. Don't think you can burst him easily. He deals more damage than you do if you jump on him. I recommend maxing your Bola Strike. Try to harass him so that he can not get his shield up. Buy wards because if you get ganked his Unstoppable Force will guarantee a safe kill.

Difficult: Medium
While Teemo is a pain for most Melee Top Laners Rengar does not have big problems with this annoying champion. The range of his Blinding Dart is higher than your Bola Strike but it deals as much damage maxed. I would recommend maxing Savagery first and then Bola Strike. Most players will play AP-Teemo so buy Mercury's Treads. Teemo is absolutly squishy and if you leap on Teemo with your passive he will lose lots of HP. The problem is that after Lvl. 6 he will start planting Noxious Trap in the bushes. Buy oracles and destroy those mushrooms because the bushes are your territory. Thrill of the Hunt will make him visible so use it to find him when trys to escape like a b*tch.

Difficulty: Medium

Well a lot of people say that Yorick does not have a real counter. Rengar in my opinion is not a real good counter against Yorick but you will not have such a hard time against him. Yorick is really annoying because he will not go in battle himself. He will spam his ghouls to harass you. The good thing is that Rengar has a heal and with Empowered Battle Roar you can heal the damage he deals. The bad thing is that you will find yourself wasting your Ferocity to heal the damage and you can't really harass him because those ghouls deal too much damage. As Yorick pushes the lane like a monster you soon won't have the chance to use the bushes for an engage.I recommend buying Blade of the Ruined King to deal more damage because Yorick is really tanky and you should buy Warmog's Armor to get tanky,too. Use the ghouls to stack Ferocity and farm. Kill him with the help of your jungler.

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In my opinion Rengar is one of the coolest champions in League of Legends. He has almost everything a good champion needs. Sadly most people flame about Rengar that he is so weak and nerfed to death. This is not true I think he is a really strong fighter and is really fun to play.

I hope you liked my guide and it gave you a new perspective of Rengar and helps you playing it :).Pls write down your opinion. I try do advance this guide and add more things.

I wish you a good hunt :)