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Diana Build Guide by Liouss3

Middle [REWORKED][FREELO] Unbreakable Diana

Middle [REWORKED][FREELO] Unbreakable Diana

Updated on June 29, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Liouss3 Build Guide By Liouss3 9,557 Views 0 Comments
9,557 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Liouss3 Diana Build Guide By Liouss3 Updated on June 29, 2020
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Runes: Classic

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Shield Bash
Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



First Back

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Champion Build Guide

[REWORKED][FREELO] Unbreakable Diana

By Liouss3

Nice to meet you !

Who am I?

I'm a Diamond IV SoloQ/DuoQ Diana player (near of the Diamond III).
I play since season 4 (at first I installed the game to play with some noob friends that recommended me the game) but I really started playing the game and tryharding it at season 8, where I got platinium for the first time.

I'm a Diana OTP, I must have more than 1000 games on this champ in SoloQ/DuoQ all seasons included.
I have 55% global winrate in Diamond IV on SoloQ/DuoQ, 60 global winrate with Diana during these rankeds and 75% winrate during my 30 last soloQ with Diana at the moment I'm writing this guide.

Why Diana?

Diana is a really strong champ to get out of elo hell (It's REALLY EASY to play before platinium elo) and it becomes a bit harder when your opponent starts knowing the matchup (platinium+) but it's still really strong.
Pro & Cons
+ insane scaling
+ insane bursts
+ insane push/splitpush
+ good teamfights
+ easy to play
- easely countered
- weak against cc
- exhaust
- ult only broken against monkeys
- if behind you're almost done
[diana]'s passive. It does 2 things : every of your 3 auto-attacks has a magic damage boost, and everytime you launch a spell your attack speed increases for some seconds (not cumulative)
Crescent Strike - Q
Diana's Q. Launches a light crescent ray where your cursor is. Does a lot of damages and marks the enemies champions that are in the ray. It's realy useful to farm the range creeps against poke champions in midlane.
Pale Cascade - W
Diana's W. Releases 3 light balls that turn arround you and shields you for some seconds. When the 3 balls colided an enemy (and damage him) it give you a new shield for some seconds. Really useful to last hit in early against poke champions
Lunar Rush - E
Diana's E. Allow you to dash to the ennemy (champion/monster/creep) you target. If the enemy has your Q mark (or will have some milliseconds after you E) then your E cd resets and all the Q marks disepear from all ennemies. If you want to surprise a low hp enemy you can Q a creep to mark him and then E the creep to get closer to the enemy and then all-im him with your second E + W + R
Moonfall - R
Diana's R. Pulls and slow every enemies near you. The more enemies you pull, the more your ult will damages all the enemies some seconds after. Try to not engage with your ult except if there are 3 - 5 champions you are sure to pull. Else keep it to pressure the enemies when you trade them or to pull them back to you if they try to run. Also the pull cancels the enemie's dashes and leap so use it at the good timing !
Here are the main combos :

Short and strong burst : (Q + E) > W > aa > aa > aa
(try to keep your W for when you're melee with him after your E, else the damages of the W can go to the creeps between you and him). Remember that even if you arrive to the enemy with your E your Q arrives, your E cooldown will reset if the Q touches the enemy just after.

Melee trade : W + aa + aa + aa + Q + aa + E + aa + aa
Use this combo if you are trying to trade a melee champion

Long range trade : E + W + aa + aa + aa + Q + aa + aa + aa
this combo won't reset your E so use it only when an enemy tries to keep his range with you but is at your E's range, and if you're sure you will win trade with him

Leap forward combo : Q a creep between you and him > E the creep > E the enemy > W > aa > aa > aa
this combo won't reset your E so use it only when an enemy tries to keep his range with you but is at your E's range, and if you're sure you will win trade with him

Level 1

Against champions that can poke you start with your W [pale cascade] and try to burst the melee creeps with it, that will shield you and allow you to tank a bit. If it's a poke matchup start Corrupting Potion and else Doran's Ring if you think you can easly kill your opponent

Level 3

If you can, try to all-in your opponent with your 3 spells. If it's a pushing champ such as Yasuo you won't win the trade so just try to freeze the wave under your turret. But else try to push as much as possible to help your jungler in case of counter-jungle.


As I said, try to push as much as you can and keep your health. If you push, you take pressure and you'll be able to help your jungler or your other allies if needed, while your opponent will have to end his creeps before following.
You can also use your time after pushing to go ward/deward and roam your allies, which will help them, but don't risk anything with your roams, the enemy jungler can help your enemy botlane for exemple and if you die you'll loose many creeps midlane.
Diana can push easely with her kit. To push a wave fast, use Q to touch the 6 creeps, W on 3 melee creeps and then full aa and kill them with the help of your passive.


You need to go splitpush. If you're ahead they will need to be 2-3 to stop you and if they don't come you take all their turrets. Try to stay to the side wheere there is an objective to contest.


Try to focus the enemy carries but beware of the exhausts/Zhoniyahs/Guardian Angel/Invincibilities before you choose who attack.
But the best thing you can do is to ult at least 3 peoples if you can find a way too : you'll be sure they will use at least 2 summoners for you at this moment and you'll make them really low for your team so even if you die it's worth if your team can take the kills after.

I'M doing great KDAs but I'm still loosing my games

It often happens but it's your mistake : you need to improve your macro and know when to take objectives. Also remember that even if you're fed you give more golds when you die, and each time you die you make the game harder for your mates.
Try to roam as much as you can can in early to make your team ahead, and give presszure to help your jungler not dying when he tries some weird moves
Thanks for reading
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed playing Diana after this build !
League of Legends Build Guide Author Liouss3
Liouss3 Diana Guide
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[REWORKED][FREELO] Unbreakable Diana

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