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Sivir Build Guide by Sm0keScr33n

AD Carry Ricochet Queen. (6.6 Sivir w/ all ADC matchups)

By Sm0keScr33n | Updated on March 31, 2016

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Hey, this is my guide to Sivir. I'm not much of a teller so let's get into it.
I saw the Mobafire's most viewed Sivir guide and it's f*cked up. Really. It's how noobs understand Sivir but it's a little more complicated than that

Why picking Sivir?

Sivir might be the ADC with the quickest minion-wave clearer in the game. One of her abilities is an AoE damage that costs a small amount of mana and has less than 6 secs CR. She has a decent range (500) and her passive is good for chasing.
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Pros / Cons


    Great mobility
    The most incredible shield of the entire game
    AoE damage
    Great escape or initiation with Ult + E
    Long range poking ability that hits twice


    DPS, not burst damage
    No CC (slow, stun, snare, etc.)
    Farm reliable
    Mana hungry at early levels
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On Sivir, some item choices suit better than other. For example
There's a reason for picking Essence Reaver as a first item over Infinity Edge. I.E has some powerful stats for almost every ADC but E.R has 2 interesting passives. One is that you gain CR based on crits and the other one is that every crit restores 3% of your max. mana pool. This passive and ricochet work excellent together. So pick Essence Reaver first. It has a most suitable build path for early game.
This doesn't mean she can't work with I.E. Actually, it should be your fourth item (after P.D and boots). It's just not the best choice for first item.

You already have your own S.S and it's called W. Your Ricochet does almost the same thing and it's free. Besides, with P.D you can basically enter, poke him, and get out, suffering less damage from him and not colliding with minions
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Skill Sequence

Lvl. 1 go with Q. It's your main poking ability. Lvl. 2 go W and in Lvl. 3 you can decide. If you are taking over the lane and the other ADC is not really doing much, get another point on W. Otherwise, upgrade E. After that, Max. W first. At rank 5 it has a 4 seconds CD and you gain attack speed while it's active. There's no point in maxing E so after W, go with Q.

I'm gonna say it again. DO NOT MAX YOUR Q FIRST. ALWAYS MAX W FIRST. Yeah, at the beginning you might think it's not doing much damage but I repeat: Sivir is a mid-late game champion and when you W ys maxed is when you really start doing tons of DPS damage.
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If you need to clear a minion-wave fast, try hitting every minion once and then use your W on the first one. Stay far and if you are playing against a Sivir counter, try to last-hit with your Q. It'll drain your mana, though.

In the late game or if you're fed (after getting Essence Reaver and Phantom Dancer), you can clear a whole minion wave by Q'ing onto it (the boomerang must hit every minion the 2 times it passes trough) and then using your W. You can proxy-farm using this technique.
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Team Work/Pro-Play

    Communicate and work with your team. If one of your allies is about to die and you can see Jinx's W path about to hit him/her, don't hesitate in standing in front with your shield.
    Your ult can be a great initiation of a TF, with you coming from behind and allowing the rest of your team to catch the other team.
    It can also be a great escape for that ally that just stepped on a Teemo's mushroom and the whole other team is going onto him.
    If you're getting chased, throw a Q to your back. If it hits an enemy, you'll gain movement speed from your passive and maybe save yourself.
    If you're playing ranked and you see the other team has a Sivir-counter ADC, and you think you can win him only because of your skills, you're wrong. You'll die like the noobs. Sivir is not that hard to master but it can be outplayed easily.
    Sivir is not really a First Blood champion. Dedicate to farm and scare the enemy with Q's. You'll dominate mid and late game with a good farm.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sm0keScr33n
Sm0keScr33n Sivir Guide

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Ricochet Queen. (6.6 Sivir w/ all ADC matchups)
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