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Ryze Build Guide by Shaconator

Ripping with Ryze

Ripping with Ryze

Updated on January 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaconator Build Guide By Shaconator 5,177 Views 10 Comments
5,177 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaconator Ryze Build Guide By Shaconator Updated on January 2, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hi there reader, welcome to this Ryze guide that will hopefully benefit you largely, I'm very proud to say this is the 2nd Moba-fire guide I'm publishing and I hope you enjoy, because there are some people that won't read all the way to the end of this guide, sadly, i will say straight off:

Constructive criticism is VERY appreciated, because without the voices of other expecienced Ryze Players it will be harder for me to improve this guide :)
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Pros / Cons

The Pro's and Con's is an inevitable section in any decent guide, i love looking at this section because it gives you an early and brief overview at what you will excell at and what problems you need to look out for!

The Pro's

- Excellent burst damage combo!(W-Q-E or Q-W-E-Q)
- Good Early game
- Good mid game
- Decent late game
- Great help in teamfights ( W )

The Con's
- Mana hungry earlygame (pain for players with not as many runes and
- Drops off when games get too long.
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Ryze's abilities summed up:

- This is Ryze's passive, its pretty straightforward to understand and makes the Q-W-E-Q combo possible, everytime Ryze casts a spell his other cooldowns are reduced by two second - make use of it :)

- Ryze's Q triggers him to cast a spell that autohits your selected target and does damage based on your Max. mana and ability power. Moreover it passively reduces Cooldowns. I personally love this attack, once you are no longer in the 'mana hungry phase' it becomes spammable.

- Oh yes baby, yes this is what makes ryze -> ryze. a damage dealing stun that your team will love if you use it correctly, try not to waste it, but neither try to save it - this requires practice and cannot be put into words!

- In this build Spell Flux becomes ryze's weakest ability as it is dependent on Ability power, which we get in this build, but not all to much. It is, however, more then useful all around. It does great when farming minions, in teamfights, considering it reduces magic resistance and combined with ryzes ult Desperate Power as it can deal insane damage to a group of 3 champs or more.

- Ryze's ult is a spell that triggers AoE damage on Ryze's spells and gives him spellvamp - it excells in teamfights or in laning phase as it provides longer lane sustain and can deal great damage alround. Furthermore you gain additional mana passively.
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I find my runes pretty self-explanatory.

Greater Mark of Insight and Greater Glyph of Insight for magic pen.

Greater Seal of Replenishment to counter mana hungry early game.

Greater Quintessence of Intellect to counter mana hungry early game and give Ryze some additional early damage.
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Items on Ryze are !CRUCIAL! - do it right --> benefit, do it wrong --> ???loose.

The beginning:


I cannot decide this for you, the saphire crytal would probably be the better choice for people with my recommended mana runes and masteries that enhance mana regen, however if this is not you DEFINITELY choose the meki pendant, it offers alot longer laning although you'll miss a bit of damage which is not crucial early game. Whatever you choose, both are bought to make a Tear of the Goddess.

Moving On...

The next time you return to the shop you should be able to buy boots of speed] and a [[saphire crystal. The boots need to be upgraded to Sorcerer's Shoes the next time you visit.

Next on the list... a catalyst the protector it grants you additional mana, additional health and a great bonus for whenever you level up! Then build this into a Rod of Ages

Core Build Completed!

When we arrive at this point...

...the next items on your list should be a glacial shround and Archangel's Staff, granting for mana, mana regen and a bit of ability power! It grants ultimate spammability of abilities. The order in which you buy these items is of no matter to me, i leave this to your preferences. (yes, i put those 2 items in a different order here then in the 'item purchase displayal earlier')

Then finish the build in your preffered order.

The magic of lichbane and completion of your build:

I like, like, like this item and it is really useful. First off it grants you some extra ability power which will provide you more damage output, but thats not what makes it worth the price, its passive does so - this grants you an auto attack that deals the same damage your last spell delt. pure awesomeness, especially in team fights when you are in a big muddly chaos, you pop a Q-W-E-Q and add an auto attack that could be counted as a simultaneous Q!

Sitational Items:

- this item offers awesome sustain vs other mages, so if your having a hard time and are getting nuked down to low hp all the time get this. However i prefer Rod of Ages as it offers a higher damage output. I'd say if the opponent team has 3 or more mages take Banshee's Veil, if it has 3 or more phys. dmg dealers take Rod of Ages. Other replacable item is the Guardian Angel, replacing it with a Banshee's Veil will result in more damage.
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Summoner Spells

First of i would like to tell you what i am doing here:

I am dividing the Summoner Spells into 3 sections:

- good
- intermediate
- No thanks

These categories will be based on how much of a value they have to a ryze player.

The good:

- The best summoner spell imo, escape, catch and whatnot. Used it and fell in love with it.

- always a great spell, on ryze i do take it now and then but i would recommend ignite over it as ryze has his w.

- true damage. This is what makes ignite so pro, the fact it is true damage. further more Ryze is bursty and ignite can finish after a poke of his.

- i have fallen in love with this spell, early game speed shopping without loosing cs, late game always at teemfights and total map domination.

The Intermediate:

- to chase, to flee, to join teamfights asap. kewl, but i prefer flash - i feel its a bit more viable.

- to counter graves mana hungry early game - useless later.

- Goodbye Pesky CC'S - not to bothered about it with graves TBH.

- low hp --> enemy engage --> heal --> profit..

The Bad

All the rest of em'
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Thankyou for reading my 2nd Mobafire LoL guide, upvote if you like, downvote if you don't, but no matter what leave me a comment on how to improve :)

As i mentioned before: Gimme that constructive criticism..

to-do list:(will be done before 2012 :D)

- add situational itmes
- explain masteries
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaconator
Shaconator Ryze Guide
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Ripping with Ryze

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