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Riven Build Guide by DuLac

Top Riven Top s11 Interesting Test Build Guide

Top Riven Top s11 Interesting Test Build Guide

Updated on December 24, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuLac Build Guide By DuLac 858 Views 0 Comments
858 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DuLac Riven Build Guide By DuLac Updated on December 24, 2020
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Runes: Runes

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Gathering Storm

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Spells To Take
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 50%
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Top Lane Ranked #48 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

Riven Top s11 Interesting Test Build Guide

By DuLac
Welcome to this Riven build. This is a pretty interesting test build which i use, and it has shown itself to be good, at least in my games. I am a really low level Riven main, here just to have fun, so please, don't just down me to death. I am not saying this is the perfect build, i'm not even saying that it's better than pro builds. Please understand that i am here to give you ideas NOT command you in any way. Also this build is not a troll of joke. It is a legitimate build that i made from adding a bunch of other Pro builds together.
Why choose this build in a game?
The answer is simple, to understand more about the character. This build focuses on damage, playmaking, and DPS. As it doesn't contain any health or defense source, it could be a good idea to learn to play with it, as it will let you learn how to play with a really squishy, low-health champion all while having insane DPS and criticals.
Runes Notes
Ah yes, Runes. As you saw previously, runes are pretty standard in this build. I will still explain them to you one by one.

Conqueror Self-explanatory, allows you to deal way more damage in fights, seeing as Riven abilities have very low cooldown on full build. +healing

Triumph Lets you last longer in team fights and overall lets you live longer all while granting additonal gold.

Legend: Alacrity Self-explanatory, seeing as this build doesnt give any attack speed, it is important to get from somewhere, so this is where it comes from.

Last Stand Again, increased playmaking ability seeing as you are very squishy, so getting down to less than 60% health happens all the time. Lets you deal more damage, therefore healing you more.

Transcendence Absolutly needed on Riven for the sole reason of extra ability haste. Also when you get to level 11, lets you win 1v5 fights easier seeing as instant CDR comes into play when killing someone, combined with Triumph and you got your self a deadly Riven.

Gathering Storm Also a almost must have seeing as the longer the game the stronger you get, really usefull against like-wise scaling enemys.

cooldown reduction Ability haste re-invented, really usefull in late-game.

adaptive force Bonus AD, why not.

armor Well, you need to have at least some armor, right?
Summoner Spells
Teleport is self explanatory as it can help you make good team plays or get back to your lane to win in CS. As a top laner, your job is to help your team win teamfights and get stuff like drake and towers. Especially with Riven.

Flash is just needed for almost any champion, Riven specifically as she can do a lot of plays with this.
Items and their purpose
For the full build, it might seem a bit strange and off-main Riven build, and i'll explain why these items are picked.

Eclipse Is really helpful here as your first item for the reasons of giving Lethality and Omnivamp as they can be very usefull on low levels. Plus Eclipse passive also nicely fits in low level plays as it can provide bonus AD, movement speed and a shield as Riven wouldn't have a good source of protection at this level. Also has a bonus of 4% armor reduction for each legendary item, making it a good scaling item.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity These boots are needed for Riven as they provide with early-game ability haste and movement speed. In this build, seeing as the only movement speed comes from Eclipse and Ionian Boots of Lucidity it is very important to get them early. Plus as a little bonus, they provide summoner spell haste, usefull for getting your Teleport and Flash faster and being able to do more plays earlier.

Navori Quickblades This one item is a controversial item for Riven, but i believe it is the absolute requirement in a Riven build in addition with Infinity Edge and another item with at least 20% critical strike chance. This rather weird combo lets Riven do way more good plays seeing as Navori Quickblades passive reduces Q, W, and E ability's CDR, which in turn, generates a lot more play possibilities for Riven. Going a bit off-topis, Navori Quickblades also grant you 30 ability haste, a must for Riven at all times, especially when it comes to mid and late game.

Lord Dominik's Regards An item that probably no one thought could do well on Riven but a definitely needed item in this specific Riven build as it provides Armor Penetration , Critical Strike Chance and, looking at it's passive, increased damage based on health difference. Armor Penetration is needed with Eclipse to create a Lethality combo, Critical Strike Chance is needed for Navori Quickblades and it's passive is good with this build as not a single one of these items provides any health at all. This makes it so that almost any champion in the mid and late game would have more health than Riven would with this build.

Ravenous Hydra A almost must have for Riven, especially fitting well in this build with Eclipse due to the Omnivamp %, giving Riven the ability to survive during a fight, also damaging players around her, making her a good 1v5 champion especially with the bonus ability haste. Just a good item overall.

Infinity Edge Ah the final item. Most people would only take this for a ADC, but i believe that it needs to be here. Adding the last 20% Critical Strike Chance, the total Critical Strike Chance gets up to 60%, allowing Infinity Edge to add a bonus of 35% Critical Strike Damage, bringing the total max Critical Strike Damage up to 235%, which is insane, seeing how much AD does this build give in total. Also helps out Navori Quickblades a lot, granting a lot of instant CDR for basic abilities.
Abilities Nots
Some say that it is better to max out W on Riven first, and only then E. But i believe it is better to max out E first, and only then W. (Of course only after R and Q, but you get the idea). This is so that Riven would have more play making abilities and surviving would be easier, seeing as most fights with Riven with this build would be engaged with your E + R combo to cancel the ult animation and to take any damage the opponent would do, just to W stun them after. This is why the ability order is what it is.
I want to talk a bit about threats and why those 5 exactly. I don't know who much else of a threat can really be, but those 5 are annoying as heck.

Vayne I would say ban her, but she is taken top way less than Urgot which is why i say ban Urgot and not Vayne. I will explain why later. About Vayne herself tho, she is a long-ranger really high mobility champion, and can easily counter and poke you a lot more than you could ever do to her. In a matchup against her, i would be very very careful and not going in too close, as her range reaches astronomical numbers against Riven, and that's not even counting in her mobility which lets her easily combo you without you being able to fight back.

Urgot Ban him. For the reason that you (at least I) can't win vs him from levels 1-5. When Riven reaches lvl 6, she becomes one of the best chapions in the games in fights, but before that or after, you won't be able to do much against Urgot unless you get fed on him while you are lvl 6.

Renekton His rage. No more to be said lol.

Brand Long-ranger + doesn't let you heal proprely seeing as all of his abilities light you on a small fire, dealing constant damage and making you use your E to dodge/abord them. Really annoying to go up against.

Nasus It's hard to explain why exactly i lose against this guy, but i put him here cuz i've lost against him a bunch of times. Not someone fun to go up against.
How to teamfight with this build?
Well, let's talk about team fights with this build. Seeing as this is a really squishy build, at max level having only 2108 health, you need to be careful on when and how you come into a teamfight. The best way on how to come in is to use, as i previously said, E + R, cancelling the ultimate animation and giving yourself a shield. You can also do E + R + W to cancel both the R and the W animation, shielding, stunning and activating your ult at the same time. This can let you enter a fight safely and stun most of the enemy team to then attack them with all 3 of your Q all while cancelling their animation cancel. This lets you get the highest DPS and can also reduce your cooldown on your other ability with the help of Navori Quickblades. As soon as your 3rd Q lands, if you dont have your abilities back up, Flash towards your team tank and use your second R to windslash all/most of the enemy team and therefore killing maybe 1 or 2 of them, which would ease the pressure on your team a lot. Also it would bring down all of the other's health by quite some. After that you can go in again, but only focusing a specific person on the enemy team as you don't have flash or second R, and its better not to die at that point in time.

Now on when to come in and who to focus. When you come in is very important, seeing as if you come in the fight to early, you will easily die, and if you come in too late... Well it will be too late to do anything much and guess what? You will die. So the best time to come in would be as soon as the enemy team uses most of their stuns/CC ability as if you get CC'd, your dead in less than 0.5 seconds. The champion you want to focus is either the enemy ADC, seeing as they are the ones to usually deal the most damage, or just anyone who isn't a tank and who isn't too fed. In a team fight as Riven it is important to kill the damage dealers and the passive helpers in the enemy team first, as that will greatly help killing the fed person on their team.
I hope you guys learned something in this guide, hopefully maybe even thought about trying out my build. Again, this is not a full, super duper good guide, i'm just not educated enough to give you that yet. If you did enjoy and maybe would want to see this guide in action, please come by and check out my twitch, i stream daily playing Riven, here is the link:

Thank you for reading this guide to the end :)

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