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Riven Build Guide by Blobblecats

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blobblecats


Blobblecats Last updated on September 16, 2011
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AD Burst Riven


Tanky DPS Riven

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Why Riven?

- High Burst Damage
- Low Cooldowns / Spammable Ablities
- Consistent damage with attack speed
- Very hard to chase down
- Two disruptions
- Good farmer with Broken Wings and Ki Burst
- Chases down enemies like a boss with exhaust and Frozen Mallet

This guide focuses on mid-late game power for Riven, while keeping her slightly tankier to improve her survivability.

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A standard 21/0/9 mastery set for Riven.

These masteries are aimed towards allowing Riven to gain money and experience as fast as possible, with low-ish cooldowns and large amounts of critical hits.

For Tanky Dps Riven:

Yes, it's a strange 1/21/8 Mastery set.
I aimed to get tankier, while still reaching the attack speed bonus with Ardor.
The lack of early game damage is accounted for by only using Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage.

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Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage
- Any of these two are good, one giving armor penetration, the other giving more attack damage. I personally prefer the "Greater Mark of Might" better because "Youmuu's Ghostblade" and "The Black Cleaver" give a lot of armour penetration. Also, this guide focuses less on the laning phase, so the extra damage would help a lot.

Greater Seal of Armor
- Gives you armor to be slightly tankier, as Riven does not have a high amount of base armor.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
- I personally use the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to be tankier in lane, but Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction is a good choice as well for the lowered cooldowns.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage
- Same reason as the marks. I would definitely get either only Might Runes, or only Desolation Runes, not a bit of both.

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Summoner Spells

- Riven does have two crowd control abilities, Ki Burst, and the third combo hit of Broken Wings. However, both of them have a very short duration, making it very easy for opponents to escape. Exhaust destroys that opportunity, securing you an easy kill.

- It is very easy to outrun Riven, as I found out when playing with Flash against a Vayne with Boots of Swiftness. She easily kited me around once my abilities were on cooldown, rendering me defenseless. This problem is solved with Ghost.

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Broken Wings
Separated into three separate Area Of Effect attacks, this ability has many, many uses.
1. Disrupting entire enemy teams with the knock up (third attack).
2. Disrupting channeling ultimates, such as Fiddlesticks' Crowstorm.
3. Escaping at high speeds, as the attacks dash a short distance.
4. Chasing down enemies with the same function as in number 3
5. Dodging skillshots such as Piltover Peacemaker

Ki Burst
Does a small Area of Effect stun, unfortunately with a very, very short range.
1. Disrupting enemy combos, such as Xin Zhao or Cassiopeia
2. Disrupting channeling ultimates, such as Nunu's Absolute Zero
3. Can stun enemies during Broken Wings combo, to prevent them from escaping a single hit.

A short ranged dash that provides a small shield. Note: Can not dash over walls.
1. Low cooldown means it can save you from Damage over times, such as red buff or Ignite
2. Used for chasing.
3. Used for dodging skillshots.
4. Used for escaping.

Blade of the Exile
Can be used during the start of a fight, or the end of a fight.
1. Used to pick off fleeing, low-health enemies, with Wind Slash, which does more damage the less health they have.
2. Provides a large damage boost to increase the effectiveness of your abilities and auto attacks.
3. Increases the range of all three other abilities, as well as your auto attack.
4. Don't need to dive enemies (e.g. 100 health Singed). Just toss out your ultimate for a free kill.

Runic Blade
A passive which functions in a similar fasion to that of Sheen.
- Every time you cast an ability, you get a charge on Runic Blade.
- Your next attack will deal bonus damage.
- Maximum of three stacks.
- Used most effectively like this: ability, auto attack, ability, auto attack.
- Other combination: Ability, ability, ability, auto attack, auto attack, auto attack.

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AD Burst Riven Items

In this section I will mainly talk about the core build items, and will not go into depth for each and every buy.

Doran's Blade
- My personal favorite starter item for Riven. Really helps you do more damage in lane and grab those extra first kills. Gives health, lifesteal, and also damage.

Mercury's Treads
- With this item, Riven is basically uncatchable, and unstoppable. Singed slows? No worries. Just use Broken Wings and Valor to get out. Frozen Mallet? No worries either. Just repeat. The slows will be so insignificant that you will escape a lot of enemies.

The Black Cleaver
- As shown by Phreak, this weapon is a god on Riven, especially because of Broken Wings. It also gives you some attack speed to finish off opponents as well as some damage. The armor penetration given here is also a treat.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
- The problem with AD burst champions is that, once the burst is over, they have no damage. Some attack speed along with critical hits will definitely help out. Also, this weapon provides armor penetration as well as some cooldown reduction, which is definitely great with Riven.

The Black Cleaver
- As shown by Phreak, this weapon is a god on Riven, especially because of Broken Wings. It also gives you some attack speed to finish off opponents as well as some damage. We grab a Vampiric Sceptre before this in order to make sure we can stay around for longer before returning back to base.

Frozen Mallet
- Very important on Riven in my opinion. The slows mean that no champion will ever escape you, and the extra health will definitely help you get out of sticky situations.

The Bloodthirster
- Even more damage for those critical hits and even more lifesteal alongside it. Generally a good item for Riven.

Infinity Edge
- All AD burst champions definitely need this, especially when coupled with a Phantom Dancer. Just is a brilliant finisher item to make you indestructible.


Guardian Angel
- If you are dieing too much, or your team is full of squishies, make sure you pick up one of these to ensure your survivability increases.

Phantom Dancer
- If you grab this item I would suggest grabbing Infinity Edge and Frozen Mallet sooner, as they work extremely well together with this weapon.

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Tanky DPS RIven Items

I won't be explaining the items that I've talked about above, so I will only talk about the new additions.

Trinity Force
- Works well along with Riven's spammable abilites and Runic Blade, but after testing it I realised that you don't have enough consistent early game damage (your abilities at least). That's why I decided that I should grab Doran's Blade first and use only Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage. Also, when comboing with Broken Wings, the second usage of the ability doesn't proc Sheen, so be warned.

Warmog's Armor
- Just to go even tankier to last longer in team fights, and to prepare for Atma's Impaler. The farm should be achieved quickly as Riven is a great farmer with her abilities.

Atma's Impaler
- Works wonders with the health from Warmog's Armor and Trinity Force. Gives about 80 bonus damage, along with some crit chance and armor.

The Black Cleaver
- I really find this item standard for Riven, since the attack speed and armor penetration is extremely useful for her. The attack speed works well in conjunction with Trinity Force in particular. After grabbing this item you should be near unstoppable.

Zeke's Harbinger
- The only thing we're lacking now is lifesteal, so this item is a great finisher. The aura reduces armor of enemy champions, and gives allies (and yourself) 20% lifesteal, 30 health regen, and 20% attack speed! It gives Riven everything she needs and helps your allies as well!

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- You can use yourself as bait for your team, as you are most likely to appear squishy, yet you are very hard to chase down.

- A well timed Broken Wingscombo during a team fight can help your team by giving them a few more seconds to attack.

- Don't only use Blade of the Exile to kill steal. Use it in team fights when their whole team is in range for maximum effectiveness. Try to hit them when they're below half health.

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16. Sept
- Replaced Phantom Dancer with Youmuu's Ghostblade
- Changed item buy sequence
- Fixed skill sequence
- Added Tanky Dps Riven

15. Sept
- Created build :D

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Scores (4-1 Win Loss Ratio)

Early The Black Cleaver (this build)
- 5/5/10 (200 creep score by 20 minutes allowed me to earn enough money for items)
- 9/7/17

Early Trinity Force but not tanky.
- 1/9/4
- 4/1/8
- 7/8/3

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Thank you for reading this guide :)
If you actually did lol.

I have a Lee Sin guide as well, that is currently being updated, so feel free to check it out as well!

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