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Lee Sin Build Guide by XzParkerzX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XzParkerzX

Rock lee sin!! The unkillable champion Off tank Ad!!

XzParkerzX Last updated on December 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lee sin ( Spells and how you could use them).

Lee sin is an awesome champion that uses range spells to get to his enemy. For exampleSonic Wave is a spell that Can be used to escape or chase down an enemy. Safe Guard is also a way to escape. It has amazing Shield, and it can give off life steal. Tempest is a great ganking spell. It does damage and it slows the champion. The Ult is one of the hardest ult to master. But once you get the hang on using it, it will be really good for combos and team fights. The passive (Flurry) Will help you keep you energy up. For example you can use part 1 of the spell and hit twice and then use the other part of the spell to hit another 2 times to keep your energy up. ( this will work with any spell but the ult only works for once. Some combos you can do with Lee Sin is throwing you q on them, then ulting them away, then fly to them. This is good to get them away from their team and also killing them. another combo, which is the most common one is useing your q to get to them. then useing e to slow them. also you would have a ward to w in front of them then kicking them back to your team to secure the kill. tip make sure you have enough energy to go in, or else your dead. I Like to max my W for sustain and to take a lot of damage. His q is also good for checking bushes and stealing baron buff or dragon.

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Items and why i picked them.

I chose off tank lee sin because it is hard to go in a team fight with low hp. so i chose to get damage items and tank items for great sustain. First i chooseionian boots because of the cooldown so i can spam my spell better. For my second Item, i like to use Bork (Blade of the ruined king) because it helps killing heavy tank champs like malphite or shen. The unique active spell it gives you is also cool because it can slow your target to get to them faster. My third item is Ravenous hydra. i chose this item because it gives a lot of life steal and has another unique passive that has Aoe. Then it also has A unique active that is also good for clearing minion waves. I like Last whisper because it ignores a lot of armor for you damage on spells and auto attacks. I like Sunfire Cape because it is also an aoe item and it gives a lot of tankyness. Anything else thats on my build is also really good for lee sin. make sure to stack up on wards, or buy a Warding totems, this will help you a lot.

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Summoner spells.

I like to use Flash and ignite.
Flash: i chose flash because it can be used to flash behind your enemy and use your ult to kick them to your team for a secure kill. It is also good for getting away from death.

Ignite: I Chose ignite because it can secure the kill better. it is also to scare your enemy away.

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Why i chose lee sin.

I chose lee sin because he is a fast cool combo champion. He can be really tanky late game. He does high damage early game. He also has a lot of utility.

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Match ups on champions.

Hard champions to face:
Renekton, rengar, udyr, mordekaiser, shen, kha'zix, jax, irelia, garen.

Easy Champions to face:

Nasus, malphite, akali, teemo, kennen, Gangplank, diana, mundo, elise, chogath.

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Last hitting.

Last hitting is when you get gold from killing the minion. You will get extra gold from killing the minion, but if a minion, tower, or other champions kill it, you wont get the gold. The only thing that will share gold is assists, Dragon, and Baron. For Lee sin, I last hit by using my spells or quickly running to the minions to hit them when their about to die. For spells like his Q is good for hitting minions that you are not gonna reach. Your E spell is good for killing a bunch of minions at the same time.

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Red Buff: Is an awesome buff for lee sin because it makes your target burn. It works when you auto attack or use a spell on the enemy. it is great for bringing down your targets health quickly.

Blue Buff: Is an alright Buff for lee sin. It gives faster energy regain, (which will help you spam spells more). That is pretty much it.

Baron Buff: Works for all champions. It is good for lee sin because it will give you Attack Damage, And ability power. Both of those will help you kill your target.