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Rammus General Guide by AndyOne111

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AndyOne111

Rollin' Round the Jungle Rammus Style

AndyOne111 Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there this is my 1st guide on mobafire
I thought it was a good time to make a guide having season 3 just started with all the new items and jungle as such, because it's my 1st guide I don't know how to do all the coding as such but anyway
Rammus jungle details below vv

Sorry for any mistakes on my part

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Why Roll Up with Rammus?

Rammus is such a good pick for jungle as even after they nerfed season 3 jungle speeds he seems the same if not faster. Therefore making him a much stronger pick. Early game you're a terror to the lanes with strong damage by yourself and at max a 3 second taunt. While mid and lategame your main role it to be a meatsield and initator for your carries.

-Fast and Mobile especially with teleport and homeguard
-TANKY as hell with Defensive Ball Curl or DBC
-Great initiator
-Reasonably fast jungle with great latter ganks

-Can be vulnerable to kiting
-Certain champions skills can counter ramus strongly

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Runes are fairly standard for a jungle. I prefer attack speed over AD or AR pen runes because well rammus doesn't nessicarily take an advantage to any of those stats but attack is the most useful.
The rest are self explanitory but from theory crafting armour Reds are viable as they give armour in the jungle and AD from passive.

Masteries are also pretty standard. Although i take the increased max health by 4% instead of increased Armour and Magic resist by 5%
I do this because following the build you will end up with over 4K HP and only about 100-200 Armour and MR plus when you are tanking your most likely to have DBC on which adds another 120 to each stat.

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Standard build is as above.
Start with hunters machete and 5 pots
then hopefully you can gank and recall with about 850 or so gold this is enough for spirit stone and boots of speed. if you have more grab a few pots and a ward as rammus has no sustain in the jungle.
After that rush Ninja Tabi Homeguard and then you can start base teleganking
after that a warmogs really does help give rammus the beef he needs to survive midgame.
If you find you are dying from AD's then build your Randuins Omen before spirit visage or shurelias
IF you are taking more Ap damage rush your spirit visage as this will give the most MR.
If you are dominating and need to initiate go for Shurlias or randuins as they both help in chasing.

Situational Items
-More armour swap a shurelias for a sunfires or a thornmail or even a frozen heart if they have lots of attackspeed reliant champs
-More Magic resist can take shape in the form of a spirit visage and banshees veil <- especially if you find yourself getting poked down or are having trouble initiating. Also swapping ninja tabi for merctreds can give you that just bit more MR.

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Generally start at wolves and then blue hopefully your team knows how to leash and you get a relativley painless start.
then move to wraiths, then back to wolves as they will have respawns then to red and finally to wraiths again to hit taht magic level 4 and to take a point in taunt. Then look for a gank

Wolves > Blue > Wraiths > Wolves > Red > Wraiths > Gank

after this stage it should be mostly looking for ganks and farming the jungle.

Once you get your homeguard boots try look for a teleport gank if it isn't on cooldown, When/if you find one start your powerball then teleport and make sure your not hit as soon as you finish as that wastes your homeguard boost.

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Summoner spells

I prefer taking teleport in the new jungle as it has so much utility especially pared with fountainballing rammus with homeguard. Also with a shorter cooldown in season 3 thanks to summoner CDr now being low in the utility tree it now has 30 seconds knocked off the cooldown.

Flash is an alternative if you don't think you can make use of the teleport or your team won't make use of it by buying wards for it.

Smite is a nessecity.

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Team Work

Midgame to lategame your role is to initiate with powerball and possibly teleport/homeguard with a shurelias then to cause mayhem and chaos in the other team generally by taunting their carries.

IF this is not possible and your getting initated on try taunt the person killing your carries, it may be a brusier on your ad or maybe an assasin, it doesn't matter your job is to get them off you carry as fast as you can. Usually this takes on the form of a taun or to help your carry kite a well directed powerball to knock them further away and slow.

2 things about towers
1st Taunting under tower is one of the strongest poitns of rammus
2nd Rammus' ultimate affects towers and at max level can do over 1500 damage and on a 60 second cooldown.

Rammus' taunt is more effective on melee's as they will be pulled because of their attack range whereas ranged can stay still for about half the taunt if you try to pull them

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Finishing up with the last man standing

I hope you enjoyed my 1st guide and that it wasn't unreadable.
Never forget that rammus can have a whole team killing him and still be aliove at the end
I hope you learnt at least 1 thing from this build and that you can use it to great effect next time you roll up with rammus.


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