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League of Legends Build Guide Author taskun56

Rumble, Snowball Burst (AP/AD)

taskun56 Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So let's talk about Rumble. What makes him who he is? Rumble is unique because he is the only champion in the league to operate on a new resource called Heat. Of course this is because he is a mech-riding yordle and his strength comes from his suit.

Rumble can be played many different ways. However, the two most common ways to play Rumble are as DPS(AP) or Dmg Sponge.( I use the term Dmg Sponge because aside from his scrapshield Rumble has no tanking or CCing abilities on his own, therefor he is not a true tank like Alistar, Rammus, or Shen to name a few.)

How you decide to play Rumble is your choice. As long as you have fun with him, which you WILL, then your RP/IP have not been wasted.

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Summoner Spells


Quite frankly, I have only played Rumble using Ignite and Ghost. This is because using the Mastered Ignite spell you increase your AP by another 10 for as long as Ignite is on Cooldown. Ignite also works well with your flamespitter because the damage dot stacks exceedingly well especially early game when your enemies are running for their turrets.

Ghost allows you to pop your ult and run in with your scrapshield speed boost, turning on your flamespitter, trapping your enemy with your harpoons. The combined speed boosts allow you to dash in, kill an enemy, and run back to safety. Of course it can also be used to chase down enemy runaways, or even get to safety when you are being ganked.

There are always other options and I suppose it s up to your play style. Choose what works best for you, but remember that the play style outlined in this guide is for a specific direction in playing Rumble and these two spells work with this guide well.

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The rune choices above are for an early lead in power. The way I play Rumble he almost always snowballs into a destructive force of fire and explosive bursts.

The Greater Mark of Insight allows you to deal as much damage at the start as possible. Ignoring your enemies MR through magic penetration will allow your spells and overheat melee to deal as much damage as shown in your tooltip.

The Greater Glyph of Force seems like a step away from the idea of starting with power, however the amount of AP you have at the end of the game is just as important as the amount you are starting with. This will give you an additional 28 AP at level 18. If you feel this isn't worthwhile then feel free to switch out for Greater Glyph of Potency to give you more of an edge at the start of the game. This was my original build and it certainly makes people think twice about being in your harass range early game.

The Greater Seal of Potency contributes to the idea of an early lead. If you disagree feel free to go with Greater Seal of Focus. This may seem like a bad idea to some. Reducing cooldowns will make you overheat more without careful use of your abilities and watching your heat. However, your damage in this build will be very bursty. Allowing your cooldowns to be reduced to ~10% off the start will help when you level 6. Your Ultimate is your main initiator when you are ganking. Using runes, masteries, consumables and blue buff you can reduce your Equalizer to ~50 second cooldown. If things go properly you will also have well over 500+ AP late game. I usually end a good game with 700+, but that's with a fully stacked Mejai's. I am rambling. The point is with so much AP and lots of CDR you can play your burst damage with more melee attacks from overheat. This usually puts your melee damage at 500+ for the 6 seconds of your overheat. That being said CDR is something you play if you understand Rumble's resource and the point of this guide. If you don't agree feel free to take those flat AP runes I mentioned earlier.

As for Quintessences I choose to go with Greater Quintessence of Potency. The edge that this gives you in the beginning of the game is very noticeable at level 4. You will be doing more damage than most people can keep up with at the start of the game.

So, as a conclusion to this section you want to have a lot of AP at the start because it will allow you to control the lane; especially if you are able to get early kills.

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Skill Sequence & Usage

- Junkyard Titan

This is your passive. This is what makes Rumble who he is. Your resource mechanic for all your abilities is Heat. Every ability costs 20 heat. You start at 0 heat and when you use abilities the heat you generate fills your gauge. When you haven't used any abilities for a short period your heat begins to "cool off" or lower. When your heat is 50 or above you are in what is known as the "Danger Zone". This is not a bad thing, despite it's name. The "Danger Zone" increases the effectiveness of your abilities by 30%. So making the best use of your cooldowns and timing is always important because a 30% increase to the stated power of any ability can really change things. When you hit 100 heat you will go into "Overheat" status. All your abilties will be silenced and you will deal a huge amount of damage on your melee attack based on your AP. Overheating is a VERY important part of playing Rumble. You have to know WHEN to overheat and when yo keep yourself JUST in the danger zone. Overheating at the wrong time will deny you the use of any of your abilities. This means no scrapshield or electro harpoon. so you have no survival mechanics. It only takes 6 seconds to cool off from an overheat but during this time you can die if you are not aware of the enemies positioning. Just practice using your abilities and keeping yourself in the danger zone. I'll go into detail on this in your next skills.

- Flamespitter

This is your AoE. It sprays a wave of flame in a cone in front of Rumble. This is a pwoerful AoE when used properly in teamfights. It can hit all the enemies at once, but in many games it will also cause you to get into melee range which can make the enemies turn their attention to you. If you have good teammates you can bait the enemies with this by spraying some fire and backing away. It has about a 250 range on it so you can stay out of melee range with it or use it to damage enemies that are running away from you, but that you cannot catch for melee attacks. Being aware of the turrets zone can also allow you to run into the turret a little while chasing to finish off that last 50 hp; for example.

- Scrap Shield

This ability gives you a short movement speed bonus for 1 second and adds a small damage shield to Rumble. The shield won't last long, and I usually use this for getting places and building heat rather than for the shield aspect of it. However, it DOES have a shield so being mindful of that and its duration can save you from dying MANY times over. Some examples are using it to escape Katarina's Death Lotus or surviving Karthus' Requiem. My main use of this ability is to sustain a higher movement speed and allow me to build heat when I need to. Using this in combination with Flamespitter on the way to a fight can have you enter in the Danger Zone which will allow your Electro-Harpoons to deal an additional 30% damage.

- Electro-Harpoon

This is your bread and butter damage spell. Many Rumble users will downrate this guide for this, however I play this way very successfully. Maxing this ability as soon as possible will allow you to have a ridiculously powerful slow and the damage it does it pretty godlike. I have 2 shot squishy carries with this ability alone in late game. It is a skillshot so it requires prediction and aiming when you use it to harass. The CD is quite long on this so you won't be using it as your heat generating ability. This is your "jump out of shroud, tap the once, hit flamespitter, tap them again, and watch them die" ability. This isn't an end-all-be-all ability; however, it will make things hard for your enemy. The range is quite high on it as well, so you can use this in teamfights to slow a retreating enemy. This can also be shot over walls and through bushes and turrets. It is useful for clearing areas, dealing massive amounts of damage, and slowing an opponent to catch them as they attempt to run. This ability does not take Rumble off his move path. If you need to run you can click away and then aim this shot behind you to hit the enemy. It fires just a bit faster than Nocturne's Duskbringer which makes it easier to fire behind you as you run away. Enemies will try to juke away from this, and you must be able to read their direction. This will not fire over minions though, so enemies can use their minions as a harpoon wall.

- The Equalizer

This really is an Equalizer. This is Rumble's ultimate, and it certainly is. This ability starts off at about a 1:20 cooldown. With enough CDR you can take this to about 50 seconds at level 3. It makes it possible to use it in nearly every team fight. It is an interesting targeting system. Using it bring up a circle around Rumble in a range that he can cast this. When you click on one section in the circle it sets the starting point. Then you drag your cursor in the direction you want the shot to fire to. It draws a line of missiles in that direction. The missiles fire immediately and drop in a line quickly. Learning to use this properly can easily make any teamfight an instant ace. Enemies that walk along the line take damage from it are slowed. The damage can add up quickly if you drop it in the middle of a group. Using this in a jungle can mean an entire team is unable to run from you or your teammates. Using this to flank a running enemy team from behind, in combination with your flamespitter and harpoons, can usually clean up pretty well. Sometimes it is important to use this so that your teammates can escape as well. Being a relatively short cooldown ultimate you must NOT HESITATE TO USE THIS. It is not always good to initiate with this as it can lead to a wipe without your damage there. You want to be using this while you are running in with your abilities active to burst down enemy team members in mere seconds without allowing them to run. Combining this with a Rylai's, as shown above, stacks even more slow.

Another interesting note about The Equalizer is that it does not generate heat. You cannot use it during your overheat silence, however it can be used at 80-95 heat without actually CAUSING the overheat to occur. Learn to use this will and the game will be easy cleanup.

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Rumble is extremely reliant on decent items. If you cannot farm or you are unable to get any assists or kills you will find yourself falling behind. The items I will discuss here are very different from the norm, and I am sure I will get down rated for recommending them. Regardless, my success with him makes me feel confident to recommend these items. If you do not agree then give some reason for it, and remember to keep an open mind about the point of this guide's play style.

I always start with this. Considering your masteries and runes you can easily have 40-50 AP at level 1. Using your ignite in a starting gank can increase that by 10 for a few minutes. Which makes enemies think twice about messing with you.

I get one of these at the start so I don't die. Might as well keep yourself in the lane as long as possible in the beginning.

This is one of the items many people will criticize me for taking. Its a high risk high reward item and it really depends on how good you and your team are at working together; or even how feedy your opponents are. With a few stacks early game you can easily destroy enemy opponents or at least discourage them from attacking you without a lot of help. If you cannot get things together then move on to the next item in place of this as you don't want to fall behind.

You need movement speed as soon as possible. Combine this with your mastery and runes and you will easily be hitting for full damage a few minutes into the game. *15% from your mastery *20 from your boots *up to 9 from runes. Certainly a good start.

After you have your movement speed you want to start on your first main item. This rod will give you a small boost in AP that can possibly take you to 120+ by the time you are ready to buy this.

Now you have your first core item. Before anyone downgrades this think about the way Rumble works. Attacking a using skills will increase your AP and AS. The more heat you generate the higher you get to overheating. When you are overheated your AD could be 500+ end game and the amount of AS you have will be important. 1.0+ is usually high enough to make overheating a positive thing at the end of the game. The extra flat AD/AP from this is always good too. You want to remember overheat's bonus damage and all of Rumble's skill damage is based on AP so an AD build for Rumble will never be as good. That being said this item gives you some AD to help when you are in melee range and on overheat while giving you AS to help hit enemies faster for that extra oomph.

The next main item in your build will be a Rylai's and if you have been playing successfully with assists and kills you will have plenty of AP to forgo buying an AP item for a bit. Getting the belt will allow you to survive a bit longer. By the time I am purchasing this I am usually a gank target so any extra HP can help you survive.

Once you have enough money buy another blasting rod towards your Rylai's. You want to save the tome for either last or not at all, because you should be participating in lanes and team fights enough that you aren't running back every 435g. That being said if you are already there by all means buy it.

This will make running away impossible. Aside from initiating with your Equalizer and its slow, you will also have your harpoons and the twice stacking 35% from them. If you combine that with a Rylai's it makes running away literally impossible. Worst case scenario it makes getting away from bad situations easier, or allows your teammates to catch up to you so you can finish the enemy off before they can even think about the possibility of a successful retreat. This item has a lot of AP, nice HP, and a great effect. I did not use this nearly as much until I realized that enemies who cannot move start to panic and are less able to react to you. Whether or not you use it is up to you, but you certainly want to get this after your Guinsoo's.

Last up on the main list is a Rabadon's. You can get whichever AP item towards it in any order you like as long as you are progressing towards it. Prefer the Needlessly Large Mace when you can, but it is expensive so use your best judgment. The effect from Rabadon's will take you over 700 AP in the event you are following the items, runes, masteries, and you have many stacks on you Mejai's; more if you are at 8 stacks on Guinsoo's.

The last item is really circumstantial. It depends on many factors in the game and I will go over the items I have chosen in the past and explain why.

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As I have mentioned many times before during these chapters this guide is all about understanding how Rumble was meant to be played. Smart use of your skills, heat, and knowing when to overheat all play an important role. You also have to understand that you cannot initiate in team fights. You MAY initiate against a 1 vs 1 if you are sure the enemy is alone. If there is a possibility that you may get baited/ganked when doing so then DO NOT. Dying in this build is counter-intuitive to the snowball effect that you will produce. Enemies will always be trying to kill you because of how strong you will be. Using this to your advantage you can set up baits and counter-ganks with your teammates; assuming that they are capable of the communication. If they are not you can always play it safe and let your tanks/beefy dps run in to start and and then you can clean up after.

In most games I am at 150+ AP by the 15 minute mark. This can really be devastating when it turns into 300+ AP at 20 minutes. Your presence will make enemies think twice about going off alone.

Overheat Charge

As far as the mindset of Rumble goes you need to practice him to understand this guide. When your teammates are pre-occupying or currently engaged in a team fight and one side starts backing off, drop your ult in, tap all 3 moves in order from left to right, making sure you hit an enemy with at least one harpoon and retap Q and W to overheat yourself. The amount of damage you can drop in an instant will usually decimate the enemy teammates. If you are smart you can come from behind and follow your Equalizer trail on the auto-run track of the enemy so they will be slowed for the longest period of time before you reach them. Starting with your flamespitter will allow you to damage all the enemies at once while you approach for the melee. Having your shield up second as you enter will give you some damage mitigation and speed to actually make it to the fight. When your flamespitter and scrap shield are ready use them again, immediately! This will give you a frontal cone of aoe damage while you chase the enemies that will be scattering like ants under a magnifying glass, as well as some speed to catch up to them for melee attacks.

This is he basis of my "clean up" tactic. When playing Rumble you need to understand your opponents. This is extremely variable because using the shield to escape enemies, or the harpoons to slow them in an attempt to catch them or flee from them is an important thing to remember. Overheating in a group of enemies will usually lead to death unless they are certainly weaker then you. Your job isn't to run in and make yourself the main target without backup. That being said you should not do the above while it is turning into a clear 1 vs 5. This tactic is the "the fight is currently even and no side is winning; lets tip the scales and finish them all" tactic.

Poking: When & How

When you are in a setup for poking the enemy team before a team fight using your harpoon is your best option. I would only use the scrap shield and not the flamespitter while "poking" because you need to have enough heat to harpoon and shield to safety in the event that the enemy team pushes your team back.

Don't do this around enemies like Amumu or Blitzcrank because getting snatched will end you, and without your presence the enemy will feel less threatened.

Just some tips, advice, and tactics.

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Your Last Item

There are a few items you can think of considering Rumble is AP Melee. The game can shift very quickly if they have a decent tank, or are constantly targeting/ganking you. Losing stacks and dying is something you MUST not do, because it will make you less effective in bursting down enemies.

That being said you can go for a few things:

-Magic Penetration
-Spell Vamp (which is part of survivability, I suppose)

First up is survivability.

I have taken this item many times on Rumble and while it seems ridiculous it has turned many games in our favor by making me very hard to jump on. At full it can provide 1370 HP and 45 hp per 5 regen. Not always the best choice considering you are not a tank, however if you are dead you cant be the damage dealer your team needs. It is also expensive so only bother with this item last if you are having trouble surviving, but are still somehow rich.

This is mainly for the enemy reduction in MR. The AP bonus is always nice, but this item is only necessary against enemy teams that have heavy MR.

I have used this a few times and it certainly helps against a Vladimir or a Mundo. Since these enemies use their HP to power their abilities a fast reduction to HP is always good in limiting their options.

I have also used this quite often. The spellvamp does stack so it can be incredibly useful for recharging HP on enemies or minions. It also has a nice slow that can be stacked with any of the other numerous slowing methods you can use.

I have taken this before when the enemy team repeatedly jumped on me as soon as I was in sight. It allowed my Amumu to use his ult and swung the enemy team packing through MY ult. It ended up in a glorious 5-0 team fight because they popped all their cooldowns on me and were dead before they escaped my team. It is always a good item to have in a team fight where you have a decent tank with some nice CC or an escape mechanism.

Added: 05/05/11

So I just used this item in a game after I was having trouble taking enemies down with my Overheat Charge tactic outlined above. When you overheat Lich Bane allows your first swing to deal a considerable amount of damage. combined with your Junkyard Titan's overheat mode you could potentially swing for upwards of 800+ damage. Since most of it is magic damage your magic penetration will factor heavily into it. It also gives a nice chunk of AP and some movement speed which will usually allow you to escape most enemies in combination with your scrap shield. The main drawback to this is it gives you +350 mana. As we know Rumble doesn't use mana so this is a bit useless. However, eveything else about this item is really amazing for Rumble. I save it for last though since it's quite expensive.

These are just a few of the items I have taken as my #6. Use your best judgment. If you find another item feel free to recommend it. I try different things out every game.

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Consumables & Buffs

A short piece of advice on consumables and buffs. Your main priority in buffs will be blue potion and blue buff. Blue buff is usually reserved for mana wielders who use a lot of it fast, and by all means you should reserve it for champions like Swain. His ultimate can be sustained almost indefinitely with the mana regen.

However, Blue buff has a high cooldown reduction which makes your Ultimate even more accessible. Having your ultimate in every team fight creates a HUGE zone of control. Enemies CANNOT stand on the firezone or they take insane amounts of damage and have their movement speed slowed. Having this often can also be a lifesaver when you are about to get team ganked in the jungle, for example. The main point being, blue buff; Get it.

As for any other consumables, obviously avoid buying mana potions as you don't need mana. Health potions are always helpful. Red and green potions never hurt, but I would only buy them if you have more money than you need. In the event you are buying more than one, buy red potion with blue potion. The extra health and damage is good for your overheat charge.

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So my final thoughts on this guide...

I really wanted it to be an insight into how I play Rumble and how I like to build him. Everyone plays differently so keep that in mind when commenting and voting. If you have anything that you would like to add feel free. I am pretty open minded about League of Legends and I have played with and against many builds that I could not understand how at all it is possible for it to work. And yet they do.

So the one thing I ask everyone to do is keep an open mind about the guide and try it out after reading it.

Thanks for your time and watch for updates!