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Rumble Build Guide by Derias

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derias

Rumble, the bombarding tank

Derias Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide and i am going to show u the way i play Rumble, the mechanized menace. I play Rumble as a tank because after i tryed several builds in a lot of matches i discovered that building ap is a waste since his ap ratio scales between 0.2-0.5. The ap build works fine to be honestly, but requires good team mates and farming. This build is way easier and allows u to stay alive a lot and u can still get a lot of kills but slower and u will need help on late.
I hope u will enjoy this guide and will help u play him or at least, make u try this bruiser.

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Pros / Cons


- very good farmer
- very good harasser
- strong early and mid game , and a god on late if he is build and farmed correctly
- great escaper
- perfect initiator and chaser
- has 1 of the best slows in game


- low ap ratio
- his passive makes him an easy kill and disables him for 6 seconds

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My masteries allow me to deal high dmg early game and also increase my Mr/Armor to allow me farm, harass and stay on lane way easier.

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I use magic penetration marks to deal higher dmg on early game and also flat armor and magic resistance seals, glyps, quints to stay a lot on lane and ignore some of the enemy's damage.

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Summoner Spells

My summoners are Flash and ghost. These 2 allow me escape and chase very easily. But i mostly use them to towerdive when enemys have low hp and i get a Nerd Rage.

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This is best starting item for rumble, Because it gives +10 armor, some hp, and hp regen, everything u need for a tank on early.

I suggest taking these boots because u get +25 MR on early and tenacity. Don't get boots of swiftness because u don't need. Use ghost/flash if an enemy escapes or just buy force of nature and u will have a nice running speed. Also use E for the extra movement speed bonus.

Core item. The sooner u get the easier u kill. Since rumble is spamming Q 24/7 u will also slow and the slow on E will greatly increase making ur life way easier when chasing an enemy or even more.

I choosed this item for the high Magic Resistance and for the hp regen and passive. This item will allow u regenerate a lot of hp whle not in combat so u won't waste time goin back to base. I have a special tact with this item. All i do is go against 1 or 2 enemies, harass them with E and Q until i go low hp or overheat, then go to tower and wait until i get back my hp. I do this over and over again until they reach 50% hp or less, in that moment just use R and go grab the kills like a boss.

Once u get this item farm a lot and kill whenever u can so ui stack it full. The passive will make u reach 4k hp and a nice hp regen.

I mostly buy this to get rid of the enemy dps. Once i get it i mostly ignore their dmg since each hit they do to me mlowers their hp too so i usually wait until they giv up hitting me or they lose a lot of hp so i just E-Q them down.

If the match is too long and u are done with these 6 items sell the doran shield and buy one of these : , , depending on the enemy team's picks.

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Early and Mid game

Since the build is mostly for tankiong, on late all u need to do is to teamplay so i won't waste my time explaining taht part.
On early game just haer*** and farm a lot. Play agressively if the lane alows u. If u play solo top, play 100% agressive since there are no champs that are good against rumble and can also solo top. But always pay attention if they gank u or not. Buy hp pots everytime u go to base and have money so u stay on lane more. Once u get the ultimate everything is simple.
On mid game start ganking a lot since u have the E and R wich are perfect for it.

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Once u learn to play rumble everything gets easy. This champion requires rage, map awareness and skillshot.
I think i covered everything i know about him. I will add more stuff each time i discover something new, probably i make a movie who knows. I hope this guide helps everyone understand rumble tanking. If u like it please vote and if u have any advices feel free to tell me.