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Ryze Build Guide by Menous

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Menous

Ryze, the Grand Schtroumpf cosplayer.

Menous Last updated on June 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 21

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Who i am.

Hi guys, my name is Alberto and i'm 17 y.o. and it is my first guide.
English is not my first language and i know it won't be the best thing to read, but i'm doing my best, anyway if i fail i'll be happy to fix my guide :)
My favourite champ is Ryze because it is an amazing strong late game champ and i guess it is the tankier midlane in the game, but it also bring heavy dmges because of the short cooldown it has.

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Pros | Cons

> Amazing late game tanky/dmg
> Build Mana instead of AP
> Short Cooldowns
> Good Ganks
> High movement speed
> High Sustain
> Is fun to play a pros? :)
> Squishy Early Game
> Hard to kill laner Opponent
> No escpaes
> Short Range
> Farm is pretty difficult
> Push the lane is hard before lvl.6
> Spell combo needs to be mastered

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Summoner Spells

Vaible Spells:

Core spell.
It represents your escape and your engage, such a strong spell, it must be your choice.

Pretty usefull, the damage you may need to finish your opponent or just to reduce his healing, an ignite in the team must be picked.

Right now, assassins and ad midlaner are getting more and more common, which means that it is needed to reduce their burst damage, and that's the way you do it.

My favourite choice, allows you to be everywhere when you want, countergank, help lanes, fast back before fights, each enemy will be scared when he see the tp animation.
But it means that you must pay more attention on the minimap to have a nice reaction when it is needed.

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Skill Sequence.

There is not a "skill sequence" for Ryze.
It is about what you need to do.
Remember that you need to spam as more Q as you can.

Need to Poke!
When it comes to poke just go for Q W E Q.
Because you will deal a nice amount of damage, but you won't have the cooldown reduction you would have if you had more time to land skills, because of your short range you cant stand poking for time enough to use the full combo.

Need to Kill!
If you have to kill your opponent go for Q ---> W ---> Q ---> E ---> Q ---> R ---> Q
Because you will deal a huge amount of damages, but you need time to always wait the Q cd.
So don't be too impatient because have all your spells in cd without deal the most damage you can deal is a waste.
Anyway try it out because it surely is the best way to deal dmg.

I'm Getting focused!
If u get hard focused by the enemy team, press R, land the W on the closest of just the most dangerous enemy, spam all your spells and hopefully the sustain the R will give you, will be enough to survive at their burst damage, dont forget about the shield that the Seraph's Embrace
gives you.

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Item Build

Always keep in your mind that Ryze builds only mana instead of AP.


Faerie Charm: Ryze lacks in mana in Early Game, this item gives you the regeneration you need, it will be "evolved" in Tear of the Goddess
Health Potion: Your opponent will poke you, so that item will give you the sustain you need.
Sight Ward: Early vision of your lane's sides, will also prevent early ganks on your Redbuff.


Boots of Speed: Gives you more movement speed, useful if you want to roam or gank with teleport, also helps if you get ganked.
Tear of the Goddess: Increase your Mana Regeneration, will stack up as the game goes on, will be updated in Archangel's Staff, i'm used to get it as soon as I can.
Catalyst the Protector: Amazing sustain on lvl. up, also gives you health and more damage cause of the mana increase. Will be updated in Rod of Ages


Rod of Ages: Good amount of mana and health, ap is always welcome too.
Glacial Shroud: Such an useful item. It gives you everything you need to surive in teamfights.
Archangel's Staff: Amazing item. Gives you a HUGE amount of mana and AP. As soons as it transofmrs into Seraph's Embrace.
Mercury's Treads: Must be your choice if the opponent team has heavy CC or AP damage oriented. Build Ninja's Tabi if their team is full ad.


Frozen Heart: Helps you a lot against heavy AD damages or ADcarry like Vayne, that depends on their attack speed.
Iceborn Gauntlet: More armor, mana and cooldown red., the slow is also pretty strong.
Will of the Ancients: It makes you deal more damages and gives you a lot of sustain in teamfights, will make you survive many times.
Banshee's Veil: That shield helps you against heavy initiations like Amumu or Malphite ultimates.
Seraph's Embrace: Personally I love that item. Crazy amount of mana and a huge shield, that gives you strong teamfights in terms of damages and in terms of tankyness.


Enchantement: Homeguard: Fast Back and return to lane, also helps when enemyes put pressure on your turrets or when you are pushing their down.
Enchantement: Furor: Your second choice. As long as you manage to spam your skills, it will help you to keep dealing damage and chase enemy.

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Early Game

Ryze has a really weak early game because:
- Keep poking the enemy will make you run out of mana really fast
- Most champs will outrange and outdamage you
- No escapes, so place the wards you've just bought!
- Push the lane is pretty impossible
- Pretty squishy.

As early game try to be even in farm, don't worry if you will get behind, you will get stronger as the game goes on.
Always keep looking at the minimap, try to set up ganks bot lane or top with your teleport, farming and stacking up your Tear of the Goddess.
When you'll get the blue buff it will be way easier to farm.
In my opinion if you finish your lane phase even in farm, you won the lane.

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Mid Game

Ryze mid game is way stronger than early.
Try to push the lane with the ulti and roam, you've got a really nice movement speed because of runes, so use it! Gank botlane and toplane, personally i don't really care about my turret if i manage to win other lanes or get drakes.
When it comes to teamfight, you should be strong enough to surive enough time to land everything you can, don't be the one in the front line, stay behind, defend your ad carry from enemyes or focus their one.

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Late Game

Ryze late game is amazing.
You will shine, because you'll be enough damager to kill the enemy ad carry with one combo and you'll have enough resistence to survive to any burst dmg.
Cooldown reduction will also be capped so spells will get spammed more frequently, building up a frozen heart you'll represent a huge debuff for the enemy ad carry.

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Teamfight position.

Everything that needs to be remember when you start a fight is that you are tanky, but you never want to be focused.
It doesnt mean that if you want to engage you can't flash in, land your W on an enemy and then run out, giving to your team the opportunity to collapse on that enemy and destroy him, but always remember that it is really a risky move which could make you lose a fight pretty easily.

When it comes to fight i'm used to go in, use Q and W on someone and if someone focuses you, run out and then come back in, otherwise keep landing as many Q as you can, if u manage to focus the right enemy you'll make your team win the fight.

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Ryze's Nightmares.

Worse Ryze Enemies are:

Crowd Controls
Everything Ryze needs is spam his spells. CCs dont allow you to.
Champs like Cassiopeia destroys you hard, dont trade damage with her, you will always lose.

As I said before, you need to spam, a silence doesn't allow you to too.
Champs like Kassadin and LeBlanc will win the lane with no problems, before I said to dont trade damage, now you can't cast anything. Try to passively farm and gank with teleport other lanes.

Out Range and High burst damage
Champs like Lux, that out range you, will make your lane pretty hard, obviously i prefer to fall behind in farm than give any kill away. If she manage to snare you, you won't get in range for your spells.

Champs like Fizz, are so easy to zone by you, but after lvl. 6 you must start to buy magic resist and be careful because he can burst you down with one combo.

Others Matchups.
Of course everything I wrote here was from my own experience playing him, so you'll may win your lane against a bad Cassiopeia.
Ryze just need to be practised a bit and then you'll understand pretty easily if u can or not trade damage.

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Done! :)

So my first guide is done, as I said before tell me if I failed with my English.
Hope you've enjoyed my guide and ask me for everything, i'll be glad to answer to everything I can.

Feel free to put a thumb up :)