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Caitlyn Build Guide by SweatMeALake

ADC [S10] A Guide To A Lethal Caitlyn

ADC [S10] A Guide To A Lethal Caitlyn

Updated on October 16, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SweatMeALake Build Guide By SweatMeALake 265 13 714,247 Views 1 Comments
265 13 714,247 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SweatMeALake Caitlyn Build Guide By SweatMeALake Updated on October 16, 2020
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Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[S10] A Guide To A Lethal Caitlyn

By SweatMeALake

Catilyn is one of the best late game ADC's, she has amazing range, zoning potential, and DPS output. She can be defensive, she has an amazing laning phase, transitioning to a monster late game. She will shred tanks at a safe distance and can stay safe. She can also burst many squishies with her Headshot.
Pros And Cons


+ High Range
+ High DPS Output
+ Strong Early/Late Game
+ High Zoning Potential

Caitlyn is able to pump out high amounts of damage from a safe position, while having the zoning potential, and burst from Headshot. She also can shut down any ADC from reaching late game, while having a very strong late game herself.

+ Weak Mid Game
+ Immobile ADC
+ Easily Punished If Out Of Position

Caitlyn lacks a strong mid game to shut out, where she would highly rely on her teammates to finish kills, or assist her. She lacks a power spike after leaving the early game, while even sometimes having a lead. To shut out games in the mid stage, the team must group along with Caitlyn.

Caitlyn uses Fleet Footwork for its heal and movement speed capabilities. This is one of the most standard runes for ADC's as you can't go wrong with the choice. It provides lane sustain, and slight more mobility than what you would usually have.

Here you would use Triumph because of its really strong outplay potential and the ability to keep you safe and healthy. The health gain after a takedown can be used to keep fighting to escape safely. With the additional 20 gold for the cherry on top.

Legend: Alacrity is mostly used on ADC's since one of their most important stats is attack speed. You don't gain much from Tenacity because once you are locked down, you are either going to get bursted or targeted. Bloodline gives you lifesteal, which could be useful for you depending on if you auto attack a lot, but attack speed is way more valuable as it raises your dps values.

Caitlyn is really good at using Coup de Grace because of her ultimate Ace in the Hole which is a long range shot that can be deflected, but does decent damage. It is also the most useful all times in the game. There is no going wrong with the usage of this rune, except in really situational moments, you can opt for cut down.

Headshot is Caitlyn's passive. every 6 auto attacks Caitlyn will fire a stronger auto attack, called a headshot dealing bonus damage that scales with critical strike chance. A higher range version of headshot is revealed after a target has been hit by W or E

Piltover Peacemaker charges for 1 second that shoots a long range penetrating shot that deals physical damage, with the damage reducing to each subsequent targets. This is her main bread and butter to getting safe damage off in lane. It does a lot of damage early game, and will do full damage if target is on a trap. Though this ability is not used too much later in the game, as your auto attacks will be doing more damage.

Yordle Snap Trap is Caitlyn's most important ability later into the game. It provides a lot of zoning potential, and can be placed under a CC'ed target, a Zhonyas, or a Guardian Angel. Those hit by Caitlyn's trap gives Cait a free headshot.

90 Caliber Net is Caitlyn's only mobility tool. It launches her back while shooting a net forward that slows a target and gives Caitlyn a Headshot against the target. This ability can launch Caitlyn over walls.

Ace In The Hole is Caitlyn's ultimate ability. She locks onto a target and after charging up a shot, she will fire a single bullet in a straight line, (which can be interrupted or blocked) at a target. This ability has massive range, and can be used to deal chip damage, or execute a target.
Core Items


Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is built first item, followed by a Berserker's Greaves for a mixture of high damage, and attack speed. The Infinity Edge allows for higher % crit damage.


Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon allows for 1 high range auto attack per charge. It is bonus to Caitlyn's already high base range. It does additional damage, and gives more critical strike chance, attack speed, and movement speed, all working together with the Infinity Edge


Statikk Shiv

Statikk Shiv is also a critical strike chance item similar to Rapid Firecannon where it provides critical strike chance, attack speed, and movement speed. THe unique passive of this item allows for chains of lightning that do additional damage. This item synergizes well with both Rapid Firecannon and Infinity Edge to deal a high range critical lightning shot.
In Depth Champion Synergies

Morgana's Synergy

Nami's Synergy

Leona's Synergy

LANING: Caitlyn Mostly wants to use her Piltover Peacemaker in lane for her far range trades, or engagements. You want to focus more on bullying the enemy. You must also use Yordle Snap Trap to zone the enemy from either farming, or taking a trade with you. Remember that Yordle Snap Trap activates your Headshot passive, which allows you to shoot a headshot from really far away. Yordle Snap Trap also allows Piltover Peacemaker to do full damage, even when passing through units, which will do a lot of damage. One safe laning combo consists of 90 Caliber Net > Piltover Peacemaker > AA.

^ *Trading in lane mostly consists of utilizing your Headshot to deal more damage, while keeping your range.

^ This is where playing with your support is very crucial. *ALWAYS KEEP ONE TRAP READY* You want to be able to always be ready to follow up your support like a Morgana with your Yordle Snap Trap, allowing for massive amounts of damage. As a Caitlyn it is your job to poke or deal chip damage with AA, until finally committing to an engage with your support.

OBJECTIVES: If you are fighting to an objective like Baron Nashor, you will place your Yordle Snap Trap in important exits, or entrances, allowing for ultimate zoning potential, and vision control. You are to stay behind your team, and follow with AA, and use your Ace in the Hole when you are far, are in need to execute a running target.

^ The golden rule for an ADC is to AA anything in your range, depending on target priority of course.

^ Even if slowing DPS potential, use 90 Caliber Net to extend the gap between you and the enemy. *THIS IS YOUR SAFETY ABILITY*

SIEGING: fighting or in attempt to siege a tower, Caitlyn can place traps to halt an enemy engagement, giving Caitlyn free auto's into the tower. The same can be done when you are also protecting a tower, place traps in front of the tower, to complicate the enemies approach to their engagement.

END: Caitlyn is the ultimate carry to pulling through a teamfight, and being able to shred towers with Headshot. At this point in the game Caitlyn is very strong, and any death is crucial. You are a very important threat to the enemy team. Watch your positioning and keep mind of dangerous threats like Zed. Auto Attack anything in sight, and you should be able to prevail in the team fight. Use the lead you gave yourself early game to push into this state of game earlier for yourself as a champion. Your goal to finish a game with a win, is to bully the other ADC for as long as possible, and then take your lead into the mid game. Caitlyn is not as strong at this point, but will most likely be stronger than the enemy carry, if she is ahead. Finally you want to slowly take objectives and snowball your lead.

^ If the enemy is ahead in other lanes, like mid or top, you are forced to play safer. You want to have the zoning potential, and the ability to make comeback plays when behind in multiple lanes, including yours. Play safer, and don't force any bad plays in the jungle or dragon/baron. You need to have your team peel for you at all times, and take the fights slower as you chip at them. Slow the enemy team down with Yordle Snap Trap and 90 Caliber Net.

Caitlyn is one of the strongest late game carries, with more utility than the average marksman.

I am SweatMeALake, a Xayah, and Caitlyn player on the NA server.

Thank You!
League of Legends Build Guide Author SweatMeALake
SweatMeALake Caitlyn Guide
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[S10] A Guide To A Lethal Caitlyn

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