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Anivia Build Guide by xxseraphinaaxx

Support [S10] Anivia Support General Guide

By xxseraphinaaxx | Updated on November 12, 2020
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

[S10] Anivia Support General Guide

By xxseraphinaaxx
Hi, it's me, Sera! I'm relatively new when it comes to making a guide so if I come off as clueless, don't worry, that's just me. Just a disclaimer, I'm not a high elo at all so take everything I say with a grain of salt, though, if you're questioning my credibility with this guide, I'm an Anivia mastery 7 one-trick with over 200k mastery on her. If you're anything higher than Silver, don't expect anything useful from my guides, as I'm only Bronze (aha). If you find something helpful in the guide, well, I'm glad I'm doing my job. With all that out of the way, let's move on to the actual stuff!

Guide Status:
Viewable. The guide has yet to undergo a rewrite.
Why Anivia Support? Back to Top
I've been told one too many times that Anivia is a troll pick for Support, when actually, she can be quite a strong pick. All it takes is some getting used to and you'll find that Anivia can be a great support.

~ Anivia has a CC ability and lots of slows for her team, along with a wall ability that can be really useful.

~A Flash Frost + Crystallize combo early game can mean free kills if your ADC knows what to do and sees the opportunity as well

~ Anivia can prevent ganks very easily by either stunning and running away, or walling them opponent off, giving you and your ADC time to get out.
Essentials Back to Top
As Anivia support, you're only useful when you can land your Qs. If you can't you're worse than your average support. So here's an entire section dedicated to landing your Qs. Tiring, I know, but landing your Qs is what prevents your team from flaming you and calling you useless.

So when playing Anivia, you have a few options as to how you can land your Q:

1. Toss your Q and as soon as you see your opponent moving in a certain direction, wall them off from escaping that way. This can be a little tricky to maneuver at first, so practice this.

2. Place your ult down to slow your opponents. That'll make landing your Qs far easier. If your opponents happen to be the slippery type, wall as well when needed.

3. Predict their movement. Don't just chuck a Flash Frost at them. Instead, toss it a little in front of them in the direction they're moving. A lot of the time in lower elos, they're so focused on moving that they don't pay attention to where they're moving.


As any support, you need to know how to save your adc. Since Anivia doesn't have any heal abilities, this is essential.

1. Remember to always wall off ganks and tank for your adc where necessary, especially if they are doing well or have a bounty.

2. If you have spells such as exhaust or heal, use it only for saving your adc or securing kills. Only use them to save yourself if your adc is already dead.
Abilities Back to Top
Here's a quick breakdown of Anivia's abilities and uses as a support because no one likes reading league's ability descriptions:

Rebirth is a fancy passive of Anivia's that can revive her. Anivia turns into an egg once she supposedly dies if she has her passive up. If the egg stays alive for 6 seconds, she is reborn. This is actually a nifty passive to have early game. It ensures that you can tank for your adc without worrying about dying yourself and stay alive long enough in bot lane without needing to recall when your health dips low.
Flash Frost is probably the main reason Anivia is a viable option for a support. It's an AoE stun that lasts from 1.1-1.5 seconds depending on the summoner level. Keep in mind that it is a slow skillshot, so hiding in bushes and using your Q then would be ideal. This ability also adds the chill effect to your opponent that lasts for 3 seconds.
Crystallizeis another fancy ability of Anivia's that carries a lot of potential utility-wise. It's a wall that controls movement of both teams. You can use to it save your adc from ganks, deny objectives, wall off opponents from the backline and manipulate your opponent's movement in many ways. This ability used to give vision where it was placed, but it doesn't do that anymore. With this much potential in an ability, there's always a downside. When you're starting out as Anivia, you're gonna get flamed hard for your walls and lack of walls, however, you'll get the hang of it eventually.
Frostbite is Anivia's main source of damage. Utilizing this while your opponent has the chill effect on them doubles the damage it deals.
Glacial Storm is Anivia's ult ability with an extremely low CD. It's ANOTHER AoE ability of Anivia's that slows and deals damage to anyone who stays inside it. This is a neat ability, as people underestimate the damage it can do and stay on it, which never ends well for them. The ability applies the chill effect for 3 seconds to anyone who is or was on a fully formed glacial storm.
Runes Back to Top
I think further explaining my choice of runes and continuing from the notes on each build is definitely a need so I'll do that now. I'd also like to interject here that there is no set 'standard' when it comes to runes, just options that are either more viable or more preferable when it comes to certain people. When it comes to playing Anivia support, here's what I find:

Sorcery still reigns supreme when it comes to any mage; this still holds true, even when they're being played as support. The best keystone as Anivia in Sorcery is Arcane Comet, but I still think Summon Aery isn't necessarily a bad choice. When you're in bot lane early game, it's practically a poke fiesta and Summon Aery will help with empowering your AAs and abilities. Did I mention that the cooldown is far shorter than Arcane Comet? There's no added benefit of a shield, as Anivia has no shield abilities, but I don't think that should stop you from going Summon Aery anyway.

Comparison of different options:

Summon Aery or Arcane Comet?
If I'm being real, this boils down to personal preference. They both do a decent job at poking your opponents down. Do you want a consistent poke that can be proced through AAs? Summon Aery is your best bet. Do you want a poke that deals larger damage and scales better? Arcane Comet is for you. Your setup could also vary depending on who you're laning against, such as Summon Aery to AA a close ranged support and deal loads of damage to them without them being able to retaliate well. By doing this, you gain stacks on your support item's passive, which is a win win.

Nullifying Orb or Manaflow Band?
Nullifying Orb is only for when you're against a mage support. If the opponent support is also AD, there's almost no reason for you to have it when you could take Manaflow Band instead. You're gonna spam your abilities far more in bot lane than you would up mid, so extra mana is always a good choice for Anivia.

Absolute Focus or Transcendence?
Personally, I prefer taking Transcendence, as Supports often build many items with CDR. Extra CDR becomes permanent adaptive force with Transcendence. I don't do Absolute Focus as I never manage to stay above 70% health for it to be of any use to me, but that's just me. Most Anivia guides will tell you to take Absolute Focus but I never exactly liked it as much as Transcendence. I recommend trying both and seeing which you prefer and has more use to you.

Scorch or Gathering Storm?
This is always a constant debate when it comes to playing Anivia for me. Scorch does good poke early game but scales like garbage. Gathering Storm only becomes relevant later on in the game. If your game lasts for longer than 30 minutes, Gathering Storm would be the better rune to take. If not, Scorch. Unfortunately, you won't know how long your game will last, so deciding whether to boost you early or late game is up to your preferences, inferences, and opponents. For me, I've just decided that Anivia's early game can't be saved and so I might as well boost her late game some more.

Inspiration is a decent rune to take as Anivia regardless of what lane you're in, but even more so as Support in my opinion. Most of the time, taking it secondary works well, but taking it primary could work too. Glacial Augment is a decent choice on Anivia, even if she already has slows in her kit. To me, the slows of Glacial Augment and Anivia's slows have different uses. Anivia's can be used to prevent opponents from running away and to peel. On the other hand, Glacial Augment is used to engage, especially if you build Everfrost.

Comparison of different options:

Magical Footwear or Perfect Timing?
Perfect Timing really only is a better option when you are planning on building Zhonya's Hourglass; It gives you a 600G headstart to building it. If you're not planning on building it, Magical Footwear is almost always better, as you get a headstart to building boots, which practically every champ needs.

Cosmic Insight or Approach Velocity?
Cosmic Insight is usually the better rune to take, though it can sort of run into conflict with Transcendence. Approach Velocity can work on Anivia, as her Q range is longer than her E. If you've landed a Q, you can run up to the stunned opponent to E them without the chill effect running out. This can help you execute that targetted person in a team fight without going through the rest of the opponent's team as long.

Domination is a good secondary rune to take as Anivia Support, as that's where Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro are, along with Cheap Shot, Ravenous Hunter and Relentless Hunter. There's no need to take Domination as a primary as you're a support.

Comparison of different options:

Zombie Ward or Ghost Poro?
Ghost Poro stacks faster than Zombie Ward, as you get Oracles later in the game. Ghost Poros and Zombie Wards both sprout a ward when an ally (Ghost Poro) or opponent ward (Zombie Ward) is broken. Ghost Poros are there only until they are discovered while Zombie Wards stay there till they are broken by someone on the opposing team. In the end, they both are quite similar.

Ravenous Hunter or Relentless Hunter?
Ravenous Hunter is decently useful on Anivia, however, Relentless Hunter may be a better choice when it comes to playing Anivia as a Support. Anivia is very slow so bonus MS does well when there is a team fight she needs to get to.

Resolve is a branch that's mainly not viable on Anivia, but when playing support, it can be a good option as a secondary. In Resolve, you'll really only have use for Font of Life and Second Wind, both of which are health regen based.

Font of Life: If you think about it, this rune is the only way Anivia will be able to heal her allies besides summoner spells, even if it's by a small amount. It works very well too, as Anivia has plenty of CC, so as to mark opponents.

Second Wind: This gives Anivia more sustain in lane in terms of health, which is always useful, especially for me, considering I have the aforementioned trouble of maintaining my health.
W.I.P. Back to Top
Work in Progress!~
Conclusion/Notes/Edit Log Back to Top

Wow. You actually made it to the end. Uh, thanks for hearing a bronze out? No really! Guide uploading hindsight, I never expected my guides to get any more than 100 views but almost 10000 is far more than I was expecting. And to get enough votes to have a score on my Anivia Support guide? That's something else I was never expecting either. I really hope you learned something from this guide and if not, I hope it was worth your time? If you have ANY critique for this guide, I'd really appreciate it if you could write out a comment listing them out or pm me directly. I'm still pretty bad at league, so that way, we can learn together. Again, thank you for even just viewing my guide. Sera is out.


Edit Log
Warding Back to Top
League of Legends Build Guide Author xxseraphinaaxx
xxseraphinaaxx Anivia Guide
[S10] Anivia Support General Guide
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