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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Senna Build Guide by Sakaita

Support S11 [11.11] | Senna Moonblade Build (Moonstone Utility + DMG

Support S11 [11.11] | Senna Moonblade Build (Moonstone Utility + DMG

Updated on May 29, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sakaita Build Guide By Sakaita 15 2 44,235 Views 6 Comments
15 2 44,235 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sakaita Senna Build Guide By Sakaita Updated on May 29, 2021
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Runes: Base Build (Mana Effeciency)

1 2 3
Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Basic Summons (ask if you can take heal)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

S11 [11.11] | Senna Moonblade Build (Moonstone Utility + DMG

By Sakaita
What this build looks like
General overview (Make sure to read the notes above)
Hey, I have been experimenting with a bit of diffrent mythics and found that Moonstone offers a lot of potential for senna especially when combined with Navori Quickblades and Runnan's Hurricane. What is so special about this build is that each item offers a very good power spike allowing you to achieve more and more as the build finishes; a senna that has just moonstone versus a senna that has both moonztone and navori quickblades are far more different that you think. While moonstone alone is a very nice power spike allowing you to get very good healing in long team fights, once you purchase Navori your healing will practically double as you will be casting q every 2-3 autos. This healing becomes triple the value as once you finish runnans you will be healing with q every 1-2 autos going full urf mode on healing. This brings up her effectiveness in fights not only as a semi carry but also a very good healer with decent peel. This build allows you to do the job of both ads and support.

Senna's passive goes hand in hand into making this build so good as it gives her free crit chance making it so you have around 40-50% crit once you purchase navori quickblades so you have have to make a bigger investment to achieve enough crit to make it work. Runnans extra hits actually count as a separate auto so if you hit 3+ champions your q will be fully reset. That is how this build works, you are essentially having a endless amount of healing to dish out with plenty of damage to back it up.
Main items and why they work so well together
Moonstone isn't the only core item that makes this build good. Moonstone on its own is great in the early game to have some good sustained healing to go alongside your q poke and autos. This combined with glacial and some nice W's can really boost up your early game and set you up for victory, with just moonstone alone you are already healing, doing decent dmg and getting in some annoying cc.

Once you buy quickblades this build takes a whole other turn, you are now healing like crazy while throwing Q's out every 3 seconds, by this stage you should be st mid game with around 40-50% crit making your attack deal quite a punch. Once again along with some was here and there your glacial slows and ultimate that can really make chasing easy and hard for the enemy to do much about it.

Towards late game or late mid game you should already have Moonstone + boots + Navori Quickblad3s + Runnan's, this is when your team fighting ability sky rockets. You can now don group slows and have your Q on such a long cooldown that its partially a passive. This works because the bolt from runnans proc on-hit effects which also count as an auto attack making it so your Q gets reduced by your passive + the navori quickblades passive per person hit, which in turn lowers your cool down ridiculously. That's how this magic happens. Runnana's lets you slow multiple people at once with glacial aswell bringing your teamfighting and utility up by a bit.
How to play in early game
You just want to make sure to not die and get as many souls as possible. Having souls is a fundimental thign for senna but this build requires souls becuase of the lack of damage you do early.

I wouldnt really recommend roaming as staying in lane is far more valuable to you as you get everything you need from there, of course unless you are sure you can get a kill to boost your income even further. Setting up a early herold could also lead to some boost in gold as you will need all the gold you can get. The items are cheap-ish on there own but it requires 3-4 items to make this build at its full potential, senna is a late game champion after all.
How to play in mid to late game
Once you have moonstone you essentially want to start taking team fights to take as much gold as you can, the faster you get to quickblades the better. Ask your team to group for small skirmishes (that you can win of course) to get some decent gold leads and prepare you for objective fighting which is your strongest part in this build.

Your goal in teamfights is to stay alive at all costs, you are their lifeline and the more heals you pump out the more likely you are to win, Remember that dps always beats out burst as long as you survive. Your goal is to keep your carries alive long enough to out sustain their dmg and win the fight. Try to stay with someone in your backline and auto at a safe distance, keep your autos on someone to continuously slow them down with glacial while procing moonstone and q heals, while also doing some decent damage on your own. You are not by any means bad with damage in mid game so go for it if you can, just remember its nto your main focus.

Your bread and butter combo is auto q auto or auto w auto q auto, where in auto attacks in-between abilities to get the most out of moonstone and get in some damage. Save your e for when engaging or disengaing as its one of your only escape you can use e to cancel or block people from auto attacking as it is like a camouflage (this can save someone's life). Your Ultimate is either to end someone off (don't be afraid to KS across the map lol) or for added cushioning into the teamfights like a kat ult or malachite ulti, as long as you don't get silenced polymorphed or stunned your ultimate should still go off if you started it.
Other items (why and when should you pick them)
Black cleaver: the reason you want black cleaver is because of the armor shred and the cleaver passive (the movement speed and ability haste are just a plus. This item allows you to have team wide armor shred (granted you have build runnans, which you should have by this point) and your attacks can deal 5% health damage on hit to fully shredded targets, not to mention all the stats it gives are very valuable to senna especially the hp as senna is very squishy.

Seryldas's Grudge: You pretty much only wanna take this if the team you're going against is very reliant on movement speed and has movement speed enhancers to chase them down quicker or try and have more peel for your team.

Rapid Firecannon: you wanna take this if you an extra bit of damage and a little bit of safety from poking from long range, you can combine this with storm razor for long range slowing to get in some long range peel or just to make the enemy team suffer from trying to even think they could have ever escaped.

Ravenous Hydra: Insane Self healing from this along with a lot of good stats for senna (5his item is pretty broken as of right now). This with runnans allows for some huge are damage and probably the most insane self healing you could ever need, the tiamat hits don't reduce your q cool down sadly so there is no super synergy here unless you want some big are dmg numbers.

Infinity edge: DAMAGE! Big damage baby, if you want some really good damage to go along with your healing be my guest, I don't really recommend this item as it only gives damage and no cooldown, but if your in need of just that little bit of spice in your autos then there you go.

Wardstone; Great item to pick up can easily replace your boots later down the line and gives all you could ever ask for, tons and tons of vision and cool down reduction. (Don't forget to buy pink wards and oricles)

Chempunk Chainsword: A must buy in season 11, really great for what it does and gives you everything you might want from an item, I can see you making an argument for the adc variant but really what makes Chemung chainsword so good on this build is that it gives cool down which in turn makes you do more healing

Zhonyas: now I know the ap is pretty much kinda useless but if you really need to survive that zed ulti then there is no harm in picking this up, better safe than sorry than end up risking it for your team just for you to get 1 banged by a assassin.

Deaths dance: very nice armor item that can potentially be better against ad assassins gives very nice stats that senna would need and the tankiness to keep her alive the heal from thisnitem is very good for tesmfights to keep you healthy, which in turn makes your team healthy.

Redemption: could potentially work very well with ingenious hunter as 2ndary runes, could save someone's life if used at the right time, idk gonna have to experiment with it and see if you like it or not.

Boots of swiftness: if you want to counter a specific slow on the enemy team or if you really need the extra movement speed for running away/chasing otherwise ability haste boots are better.
Thoughts on Moonstaff (Dead as of patch 11.8)
Moonstaff is a quite opressive combo as by mid game if you didnt fall behind can be very hard for the enemy team to engage on you as you will both be healing and pseeding people up making skirmishing very easy for your team. The reason I dont reccomend this build is because its leaves you with no damage, which isnt that bad but considering senna's AP ratio's arent that great for full AP builds, you suffer late game and hugely fall off, which is were senna usually shines.

The moonstaff build also has very little cdr which in turn makes you ahve less Q's than other builds which does actually lead to less healing. If you want to go moonstaff senna regardless then I reccomend to go cdr for exmple. Mooonstone -> SoFW -> Redemption -> Zhonyas -> Wardstone. last item is flexable (Try Cosmic Drive, the cdr and speed is very nice)

I generally think that his build outheals moonstaff simply becuase of how much cdr you build and how the 3 items work together, while also providiing more cc and more damage.
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