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Not Updated For Current Season

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Elise Build Guide by Chaz19

Jungle [S11] Elise Jungle - The Queen of the Jungle

Jungle [S11] Elise Jungle - The Queen of the Jungle

Updated on May 5, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaz19 Build Guide By Chaz19 131 11 687,104 Views 3 Comments
131 11 687,104 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaz19 Elise Build Guide By Chaz19 Updated on May 5, 2021
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Hey, I'm Blame Yo Jungler (previous accounts: Chaz19 & GetRektGGEzLife)from EUW and Elise is my favourite and most played jungler. She is so versatile; she is generally a burst mage/ap assassin but can build into an offtank if the team composition so needs. Her early game ganks are very strong and she is also decent late game due to her % health damage and 2 second stun. She is also great at duelling due to her spiderlings and sustain. Elise's key feature, though, is her insane early game.
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Pros / Cons

    Strong early game
    Amazing ganks
    Great sustain
    Half of her abilities don't require mana
    Very fun
    High burst
    Can build AP Offtank or AP Assassin

    Hard to master
    Need to land your stun to succeed at ganks (usually)
    No "Ultimate"
    Falls off late game a bit
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Explanations for each rune and why I think these are the most optimal for Elise:

Electrocute - This keystone is perfect for burst mages/assassins like Elise. You always initiate with your combo which should proc it within seconds.

Cheap Shot - This allows you to often deal true damage, since you have your cocoon, possibly Rylai's late game and your teammates' CC to, to proc your true damage.

Eyeball Collection - perfect on snowball champion like Elise. More damage.

Relentless Hunter - Out of combat MS is so useful on junglers as you are roaming around. MS is such a useful stat, so this is a no brainer. Spellvamp rune is not bad too honestly, but MS is too nice.

Legend: Alacrity - More DPS and lifesteal.

Coup De Grace - Obvious choice for an assassin.

A mixture of Attack Speed and Adaptive Damage is probably the most DPS for Elise.
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Elise has 7 abilities and her R is unlocked automatically as soon as you start the game. Activating R costs no mana and changes form (between human and spider). Spider moves faster, attacks heal her and abilities don't cost mana but is melee range and human is ranged champion (abilities and auto attacks). Changing into spider form also spawns spiderlings, which deal damage and heal you, given that you have hit some abilities beforehand.

Human Q - Long ranged % max health magic damage. Initiate combat with this.

Spider Q - Melee % missing health magic damage. Use this very often if you are in spider form as cooldown is short. As a battle goes on, this ability get stronger due to % missing health damage.

Level order: R > Q > W > E

Human W - Sends a spiderling to "explode" and deal magic damage. Use immediately after human Q to deal more damage and create another spiderling for when you change to spider form. This is AoE and good for poking in late game.

Spider W - increases attack speed (disappears if you change to human form) of yourself and of your spiderlings. Use whenever you can really, very simple ability. Essentially increases DPS and healing.

Human E - projectile stun, with a decent range. Not a point and click on a champion you can aim and click anywhere and it will hit nearest enemy (even minions and monsters). At level 1 it lasts for 1.5 (1.6?) seconds that's why her level 3 ganks are so good. The key to mastering Elise is getting used to and being pro with her stun. Essential to CC their carries in the late game.

Spider E - Lifts you into the air (you vanish off the map essentially) for maximum of 2 seconds then you can choose where you land (in a small radius) and you have increased healing for a few seconds. The main reason to use this is as a gap closer or getting over walls. It's important to note that you can't land anywhere, it must be on a friendly or enemy unit (champion, minion, ward).
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I start with the Hunter's Machete because Elise is actually quite auto-attack based in the jungle and mana isn't an issue since half of Elise's abilities don't cost any mana. I buy a refillable potion because it saves a lot of money in the long run and it's all Elise really needs because of her natural sustain.

As for core items, I take Skirmisher's Sabre for more DPS and stronger 1v1s and skirmishes. Obviously rush the AP jungle item (Runic Echoes) then buy boots depending on your situation - Sorcs are the go to and are great if you are ahead, go defensive if you are behind or need to be a tank/off-tank. Next, I buy Morellonomicon basically every single game (health, magic pen and AP). Next I often get items with a mixture of AP, resistances and CDR, such as Banshee's Veil and Zhonyas. These items make you a great assassin since you now have some defenses and stall with the hourglass.

If behind, it is fine to get some more tanky items which give health such as spirit visage and thornmail. But unfortunately, if you are behind as Elise and building these items, the chances of you winning the game will be slim. She is best as an AP assassin with high burst damage (full AP items).
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Jungling / Gameplan / Strategy

You should always look for ganks and skirmishes since this is where Elise excels. Each full item is a huge power spike: Boots, Runic Echoes, Morello's. You will be able to one shot their squishies and still deal significant damage to tanks due to Elise's inbuilt %HP damage with Q.

Taking Dragons should be a high priority. You have %HP damage and sustain and spiderlings, which makes taking dragon easy. It's best to take it as soon as one of the enemies is dead (excluding Top) or if you can see their jungler near top, you can go ahead and solo it but keep an eye on the nearby laners. All dragons are very useful for the whole team so as a jungler it is one of your main priorities. Same goes for Rift Herald.

It can be hard to close out long games as Elise, since she does fall off slightly. You just have to land a stun on one of their carries and burst them down. You can also poke before teamfights with your Volatile Spiderling.
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Elise is very fun and extremely rewarding to play. Good luck and have fun playing Elise!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaz19
Chaz19 Elise Guide
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[S11] Elise Jungle - The Queen of the Jungle

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