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Viktor Build Guide by TheOccasion

Middle S11 Viktor MID Carry

Middle S11 Viktor MID Carry

Updated on February 12, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheOccasion Build Guide By TheOccasion 12,063 Views 2 Comments
12,063 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheOccasion Viktor Build Guide By TheOccasion Updated on February 12, 2021
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Runes: Comet (my choice)

1 2 3 4
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Middle Lane
Ranked #57 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Middle Lane Ranked #57 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Guide Details
x Introduction (1)
x Closing (100)
x Changelog (110)

x Pros / Cons - coming soon
x Practise Missions - coming soon, currently in progress
x further Tips & Tricks - coming soon
x Spell Kit P, Q, W, E & R (5)
x Runes & Masteries (10)
x Champion Select - coming soon

x Items - (21), (30)
x Mid game (40)
x Teamfights - coming soon.
(1) Introduction
Hey all together,

first of all thanks for choosing my guide.
I am a pretty solid and active Viktor player. I really like his spell kit which enables you to stay save on lane and have an high impact on mid to lategame teamfights.
As Viktor you are able to stay even against most assasine matchups which personally fits my early game playstile pretty well.

The complete guide will be updated part by part and is visualized as a youtube video series, too. It would feel awesome to gain a like or subscribe on my videos. To come directly to the playlist for 'How to play Viktor' click here
(5) Spell Kit P, Q, W, E & R
To learn or improve your gameplay with a specific champion it is essential to know and understand your basic spells. Even the small things matter here. And sometimes small things make the difference between winning and loosing a match. Those little things are the things that make an average player a good player or even a master of a champion.

So let's start with Viktor's abilities.

After the little rework in the past Viktor doesn't have to buy / upgrade his Perfect Hex Core anymore. Instead he receives stacks for his passive Glorious Evolution. Viktor gains 1 stack per minion kills, 5 per huge minion kill and 25 on champion takedowns. Every 100 hundred stacks Viktor can upgrade one of his basic abilities. This basically means that Viktor can benefit from early skirmishes and teamfights around drake or scuttle a lot more then many other mid laners.
Once all 3 basic abilities have been upgraded, Viktor's ultimate Chaos Storm evolves automatically.

Viktor's Q Siphon Power fires a projectile onto the chosen target. It returns to Viktor and gives him a shield. Additionally Viktor's next auto attack is enhanced and deals more damage. After Viktor bought the Passive's upgrade for his Q Siphon Power, Viktor gains a short movementspeed boost. From the box this is the only mobility tool which Viktor's spell kit provides you to work with. Use it wisely!

Viktor's W Gravity Field is a round area which stuns enemy minions and champions after a short time. The ability has a high zoning potential due to Viktor's high burst damage. Once the ability has been upgraded enemy champions and minions are thrown towards the center of the area and are stuned afterwards. This obtains a high synergie with Viktors E Death Ray!

Viktor's E Death Ray is a laser beam which deals damage in a straight line. The usage of this ability is easy to learn but hard to master. You can cast the ability while you are moving. The casting itself is analog to the casting of rumbles ultimate The Equalizer. Using the maximum range of Viktor's E Death Ray is a thing that many players can't handle. I will create a video how you can practice this ability cast best in practice tool later.
After the upgrade of E Death Ray, there will be a second laser beam on the same area released, after the first beam is finished. The second laser deals a bit less damage than the first.

Viktor's ultimate ability Chaos Storm releases a storm which deals an instand burst damage after the cast and afterwards less damage every second. Viktor can move his storm exactly like Annie or Shaco move their ultimates. Press R and mark the enemy afterwards. Even if you loose vision on your target or you die the Chaos Storm continues focusing the last target. That's especially helpful against champions like Kha'Zix, Shaco, Twitch and other champions with invisibility in their kits. Note that the storm moves faster if Viktor is close by.

Ally I recommend going for R > E > Q > W.
The first 4 levels are slightly different. I have two options here:
Q > E > E > W
Q > E > W > E
The second option is used by me, if I am sure that there is no gank or all in by the enemy before I reach level 4. This is possible if your team has good and high vision on the enemies jungler.

For more detailed information you can check out the video below!
(10) Runes and Masteries
If you have a closer look towards runes of masteries which players take on Viktor you will find out pretty fast that it depends. Around 15% choose the mentioned runes on top with Arcane Comet as their keystone. Around 35% (most choosen) of all people choose Phase Rush as their keystone.
I personally don't like Phase Rush at the moment. It doesn't support Viktor at his strenghts and in many matchups I feel like it didnt't help me out at all. But their are definitly matchups where I would choose Phase Rush. But more about this topic in the matchups at the end of my guide.

The next alternative is chosing Electrocute and so dominance as the primary tree. It's a common choice with 10% to 15% pick rate.

*All percentages received from, state January 2021
(20) Early Lane Phase (pre lvl 6)
Your early laning phase is all about farming save and gain - if possible - lane priority. Lane priority means that you push and handle the wave in a way which allows you to move before your lane opponent moves without loosing much on lane. While doing so, you need to keep a good vision set up. Early vision wards in river pixel bushes are as well as import as a nice positioning on the lane and the intelligent usages of your yellow trinket.

In case of early scirmishes in any side of the river be sure to join if you can move first. If you can't move first shuffle in the wave, before following up the move of your enemy.
It's important to maximize your early Glorious Evolution's stacks. After you reached the first 100 stacks (you should arrive here around minuite 10) you can upgrade your e which instantly gives you mid priority in nearly any matchup. A single E Death Ray can clear the ranged minions.

Keep in mind that Viktor is not the strongest in early game. There are a small amount of matchups where Viktor is supposed to have solo kill pressure before level 6 or even later!

Summarized your early laning phase is all about getting constant Glorious Evolution stacks and a stable gold income for your core items.
(21) Core build
Viktor lives and rises with his core build. After you finished your mythic item Luden's Tempest, your Sorcerer's Shoes, Lich Bane and the first part of your Void Staff - Blighting Jewel Viktor starts to dominate and carry complete games. If you are ahead of the time, you can eliminate squichy targets just like ad-carrys, supports and many mid laners with a single spell rotation. Note that Gravity Field handels you a slow on every other ability hit. Meaning a combination of Death Ray into a double activation of Siphon Power can easily burst down a low health champion to a red zone live bar.
(30) items path
Your item build highly influences the outcome of the match. In this chapter I will explain which items I generally recomment on Viktor without taking the enemy team in account.

On your first back you want to hit 1300 gold. For different scenarios watch the list below.

First back

I always try to afford 2 red potions (50 gold each), Vision Ward (75 gold) (total 175 gold). If you hit one of the spikes below with skipping one of those, do it.

(1) 300 gold: Boots
(2) 700 gold: Boots + Tear of the Goddess
(3) 1100 gold: Sorcerer's Shoes
(4) 1300 gold: Lost Chapter

You can repeat the decission making abouve until you reached case (3) & (4). Afterwards you build to finish Luden's Tempest. Once your mythic is finshed you can switch between the Sheen for Lich Bane and Blighting Jewel for a Void Staff-Upgrade later. This depends on the enemies team composition and the amount of early magic resist you are going to phase. High magic resist results in an earlier Blighting Jewel. In most other cases just continue with Lich Bane.
After Lich Bane you can upgrade/build Void Staff.

Now you come to your occaisional items. If you had to build tear earlier on it might be time to upgrade this to Archangel's Staff. You could go for a Zhonya's Hourglass or a Rabbadon's Deathcap. The order depends on the enemy team, your personal preferences and the state of the game. If you are ahead it will pay back to scale up your ability power as fast as possible ( Rabbadon's Deathcap and Archangel's Staff.) But if you keep getting cought before fights a Zhonya's Hourglass might be a good choice.
For more information check out the matchup sections!

Through the complete match you should afford to buy a Vision Ward if you are in base and have 75 gold left. As we all know - but don't like - vision wins games!
Good spots for placing your Vision Ward are the pixel bushes in both top or bot side river. Especially a minuite before a new objective (dragon/herald) spawns. I won't recommend to put your Vision Ward into one of the two large lane bushes. I feel better, if the ward is placed into the pixel bushes. If you don't have lane priority mid lane and get constantly shuffeld into your tower you should vision ward more defensive. The bushes behind your red and blue buff are nice options for defensive Vision Ward placements.
Once you placed your Vision Ward you should stay on the side of the lane, where your vision ward is located. You can maximize the benefit of the early vision because that's now the save side of your lane. On the other side, you can protect your Vision Ward best while staying on the same side.

You could drag your opponent into a nice gank, if you hover on the opposite side of the lane. Try it out!
(40) Mid Game
Mid Game is definitly the point where Viktor starts to shine. You instantly receive lane priority with a nice placement of Death Ray, because ranged minions are cleared instantly. In many matchups you can use your Death Ray to clear the ranged minions and poke/zone your enemy away from the wave. Once the wave is shuffled in, you have time to make the moves which you like most.

I personally like to vision ward one side of the river and afterwards hide two or three waves in a row in this bush. Because the enemy lags vision of me, my mid laner should call that I am missing on mid. After I repeated this step for a view times I suppose that the enemy bot lane becomes less aware of the state of mid lane. Than I am going to commit to the roam and try to get a nice fight at bot or top. My prefered roaming lane is defenitly bot lane due to easy one shot targets. If you can time your roam with your jungler (he could do the scuttle grab first) its nearly a garantied play on bot which could result in a secured dragon for your team.

In the mid game is where real 5 vs 5 teamfights are going to appear for the first time. Stay behind your frontline and close to your peel. You probably have a Janna, Lulu or other peel supports in your team. Stay close to them, they can protect you!
You should have at least a little distance to your own adc. Don't give your enemy nice engange positions on both primary targets. Don't forget the amount of damage which is lost, if you and your adc die after a Flash+ Malphite Ultimate with a little follow up!
(100) Closing
Thanks a lot for reading my guide for Viktor. I hope you enjoyed the time hear on my guide and you now take some new knowledge with you.

Have some fun trying out and practising Viktor on summoners rift.
It would feel awesome to see you on my youtube channel.

See you soon Tripple T Army!

(110) Change Log
Here you find the changes which I have finshed on the guide.

31. Jan
Guide Created without written chapters

1. Feb
Added the chapters Introduction, Runes and Masteries and Spell Kit with the link to the belonging youtube videos

2. Feb
- Added the Chapters Early Lane Phase (pre 6), Closing, Overview and Changelog.
- Edited the existing text. Enhanced it with markups.

coming soon:
- youtube video to practise the using of e [death ray] best
- further chapters along general knowledge around viktor (item, builds, mid/late game, teamfights, ...)
- match ups and teamcompositions, including youtube videos to every matchup mentioned

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