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Sion Build Guide by Kakashi9231

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kakashi9231

S3 * AD - Crit Sion Will do the Job

Kakashi9231 Last updated on August 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello summoners. This is my first guide, so i won't say much about Sion.
I give massive importance on the specific items you choose to take for Sion
so I will concetrate to those mostly.
Have a nice time playing with Sion and enjoy !

Notes will be put soon enough so that you can have the chance to understand the item buying order and choice. But due to my lack of time it will take a while.
Thank you all !!! :)
P.S.: This guide is gonna be updated soon enough, so be patient please. :)

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I have already put some runes for physical damage and attack speed. But it is not necessary, because due to , the output of physical damage is increased immensly, so he doesn't absolutely need P.D Runes.
What really makes Sion a serial killer -wich i think you already know- is Critical Strike Chance. If Sion has runes that increase his overall C.S.C, if combined with items with C.S.C as well, he will be invincible in team battles, untouched if ganked and a flawless pusher as well.

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When it comes to masteries, the classic 21-9-0 is great. But I usually go for a -not so special, though underestimated- series of masteries wich is 23-5-2.
That happens because i usually end up being with players that are squishy and can not push the lane correctly, so they end up being killed early game.
If you want to push the lane and the enemy laners, early game or even mid game, Destruction is your mastery.
Sion, as I said before, is a player wich is played mostly with C.S.C items. So even if you have a fair amount of damage output, this little attachment makes pushing, a piece of cake.
Also in lane pushing, as well as defending, and Summoner's Insight helps you return to lane after a difficult enemy push, item full and on time, plus makes escapability mush more easier, with a little help from .

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The best Summoner Spells for sion (the ones that i use mostly) are Flash and Ignite. I could easily use Smite but i don't cause once you have purchased Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge, jungling is a PIECE OF CAKE !
You can only imagine, that you can take down Red Buff in 5-10 seconds, and Blue Buff in less.
So actually taking down Baronwith your team will be fast and won't let the enemy take advantage of an opening there, to "team gank" you.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great Farming skills after the very first item
+ Great jungler even without Smite(read Summoner Spells Chapter)
+ Huge critical Strike
+ Amazingly Effective in team fights
+ With defensive items on, he is INVINCIBLE !
+ Not item dependent

- Without defensive Items he is squishy and easily focused
- Easily picked up by ranged champions
- If ganked difficult escape is up next!
- Can be pushed by strong AP Carries, like Lux

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Creeping / Jungling

An alternative option (Recommended) if you're into jungling is Smite.
Although due to his amazing scaling damage and the item's critical strike, Jungling is really easy.
I usually start off jungling and creeping after I reach level 4, where I will be more confident on approaching strong Monsters like the Blue Golem and the Red Dragon, 'cause I have the shield.
Starting off your jungling course you head on to the wolves, stun the big Wolve then finish the smaller ones, cause they are weaker and the big one does the deal, plus it stacks health back up.
Then, head straight to the Wraiths, do the same route of hitting, then the Two Golems, using the same stun-hit approach. After you have finished creeping, you go seriously in the Jungle, heading to Blue first, then Red and then Laning. You can manage on your own, by the route of the game, your Jungling course. It is important to note that after you get the first 3 items on the list, slaying the Dragon is gonna be routine, 'till the end of the game!
A typical approach on Big Creeps, is this : You firstly use the shield (W) then stun the Creep (Red/Blue), put a H.Pot in action, u manage some hits on the Monster, the shield explodes and kills the smaller creeps. Then if you are taking immense damage due to lack of right timing, you use another pot, then stun the monster again and finish it off with Smite. Otherwise, get some distance the monster will stop hitting you and then (after Cryptic Gaze is usable again) stun it and finish it off by simply hitting it.

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Farming is almost the same situation, but really easier due to his overall huge amount of C.S.C (Critical Strike Chance) wich is increased due to A.S and C.S.C items like Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge. The only thing you have to learn is Last Hitting !. If you manage to do that under heavy pressure, then after Enrageis on, last hitting would be easier, cause although the minions will have more amount of Health, the increased AD by his E ability, will make the enemies fear you, and they will ultimately let you get the last hits.