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Ezreal Build Guide by Based Freak

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Based Freak

[S3] AD Ezreal Is Overpowered!

Based Freak Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, this is my first guide on this website, but I'd like to say I've been playing Ezreal for a long time, and he's one of my favorite characters, he's extremely fun to play, but not for those who suck with skill shots.

Thanks for taking the time to go over this build, enjoy.

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Mystic Shot

Mystic Shot is your main damage dealer, it is a skill shot and does tons of damage that is unreal, you want to be using this only on enemy champions at the beginning of the game, it will hit minions if they get in the way and will only hit one target, but it is the best way of griefing enemy champions and forcing them to recall or even better, getting a easy kill. But, make sure you watch your mana, because Ezreal is needy of mana and will die in a few hits, you might need to use a Arcane Shift to escape. Mystic Shot can be linked with an Essence Flux and if you must use a Arcane Shift to get the kill, but make sure you always use Mystic Shot on only enemy champions, not minions, unless of course you have blue, then just spam the hell out of it.

Essence Flux

Essence Flux is a decent move that only hit's enemy champions, it will travel through them and hit enemy champions behind the one you hit, too. I spec this move last because although it does do a fair amount of damage and is easier to hit than Mystic Shot, it doesn't do near as much damage as it, leading me to make it spec it last, in my opinion, this move is good for getting that extra bit of damage that will allow you to kill but not as important as Mystic Shot or Arcane Shift.

Arcane Shift

This has to be my favorite move of Ezreal, you teleport yourself after an extremely short delay of about 0.4 seconds in any direction, this can be used to travel through walls or catch up to an enemy champion that is just about out of your range and close to dying, I would save Arcane Shift till last whilst fighting, because if your health drops low you can just run and duke the enemy champion (This means trick them, for example, run where there is a wall and teleport into it, so they have to walk all the way around, this means you can easily get away.) and because you can catch the champion if they run. This is my favorite move because of the fact that you can move easily and efficiently with it, it has saved me a extremely large amount of times, after using this attack, it hits the closest opponent near you, but prioritizes champions over minions, don't spam this ability too often, as a sticky situation can pop up at any time, this move can easily be followed up by a Mystic Shot and a Essence Flux if you maneuver your mouse and learn to angle your shots correctly.

Trueshot Barrage

This move is hilarious to use, it travels across the entire map, hitting all that it passes through, it can only be shot in one direction but does tons of damage, can be used in a 1 v 1 when someone is running and used up-close to drop the enemies health by a long way, the cool-down is exceptionally good, this move males me laugh every time I play this game, because I'll always get one sniper shot across the entire map and get a double kill or a single kill, it's great for team fights and I recommend popping it quickly in a team fight to drop the enemies health for easy kills, the funniest is when they walk into their spawn and the Trueshot Barrage hit's them and kills them, you can steal Baron with this move and also clear minion waves about to take your turret, don't worry, the cool-down is short!

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Finally, make sure you always last hit as Ezreal throughout the game and make sure you get kills, for all, you are the ADC (Attack Damage Carry.) If you'd like me to go over some thing's please message me and I'll add it to the guide, but for now this is all there is, this is my first guide so please don't be too harsh, haha, constructive criticism is always accepted, please let me know on how I can improve this, it'd be useful for me and useful for the readers.