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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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•[S3] Bruiser Nocturne - How to eliminate the enemy Carry. Last updated on January 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a guide for someone who is having problems with the famous "full ad nocturne" and for the ones who want to learn how to behave on the team fights and to know how to do your job.

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P -High base damage and natural steroids allow for a tanky build.
R -Fast jungle clear and lane pushing.
O -Great Ganking at any time of the game.
S -All abilities can be used offensively and defensively.

C -Squishy early game.
O -Focused really easy.
N -Hard to master his W and Q.
S -Paranoia has a short range at early levels.

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You can get the basic jungler masterie 9/21/0.
- 9 in offense just to get the 10% armor penetration.
- 21 defense to get more health at lv 1, more tenacity, move speed for gank power and the awesome resist agains minions.

with this masteries focused on defense you can have a faster jungle and stay a little more until you get lv 4, allowing you to recall and gank early at lv 2 or 4.

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Well, you can start with the wolves if you want, in this video I didn't don't know why.
After the wolves and the blue, go to the wraths then wait a little bit (to heal with your pot) and start the red, as soon as you get the red buff you can gank, if you "uped" your E on lv 2,
if not, stay in the jungle, get lv 4 and get one point in your E to start ganking (yes, you can gank at lv 2 if you want, just kill the lizard and go for ganks if there is a lane over extended).
here is a video of how to start your jungle with nocturne :
Thanks to my friend Kyse who made the video.

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•Skill Sequence

The priority is R>Q>W>E
if you will gank at lv 2 or 3 after getting the red buff, get "UNSPEAKABLE HORROR", if you think it's a bad idea, get "SHROUD OF DARKNESS", even if you take "UNSPEAKABLE HORROR" first the difference its not so big.

UMBRA BLADESPassive - Every 10 sec Nocturne's next attack strikes surrounding enemies for 120% of his physical damage and heals himself for 10/18/26 per target hit.
You better stay on the middle of the minions to hit them all with your passive, like in this videos :

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Nocturne basic attacks reduce this cooldown by 1 sec.

DUSKBRINGERQ- You have to max your Q first to get the atack+movespeed+slow from it, you will finish the camps faster and it will raise your ganking capacity. With good positioning you can hit them all with the combo Q+passive, cleaning really fast creep waves or camps, like on the videos above.
With this Ability you can also run faster, making this ability great for avoiding or run from ganks, like in this video :
Spoiler: Click to view

SHROUD OF DARKNESSW- Your W has a passive that grants you a lot more attack speed. Your W can be really hard to masterie, and your will have to get used to it, so don't bother when someone complains about you, just keep trying and pay attention, your W is a really good skill to make someone spend his CC, or can be used to escape from abilities like Shen's Taunt or Morgana's snare.
Here is a video showing how to use your W correctly:
Spoiler: Click to view

UNSPEAKABLE HORRORE- This ability is your main ability on ganks, if you have your ult already, ult then use your E to secure the kill, if you don't have your ult, ask your friend to bait them starting the fight, then use your Q and E in this order, your Q's Movespeed bonus is great to finish your E.
You should max it first because the damage of 2 seconds fear and from the ability it self is really better than a little bit more atack speed of your W. Think that usually it's not just you atacking the target, usually its you and some team mates, so the damage output will be really great.
As you can see on the video below, even using flash Shyvanna couldn't run away because of my move speed of my Q, and my E fearing in the end :
Spoiler: Click to view

PARANOIAR- Well, this ability is made to be used to avoid wards and get on the right target on the team fights (usualy Ad/Ap Carries) or to chase fleeing enemies. this is your main ability when the mid/late game starts, this ability will anulate the AD/AP carry.
Here is a video showing how to chase fleeing enemies with your Ult:
Spoiler: Click to view

Here is a video showing how to initiate a team fight with your Ult:
Spoiler: Click to view

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Starting from the Left :

Marks - Attack speed - this is great with you passive, sinse each attack you do reduce this cooldown by 1 sec, it's great for your start in the jungle and great when you finish your Wit's End.
Seals - this is part of the "Happy Jungler Kit". 12 armor at the beggining is really necessary when jungling, this will make you tank more without buying cloth armor, so you can buy boots and gank early with more chace of killing.
Glyphs - Sinse you're not in lane, you can get this "p/Lv MR", at lv 10 your magic resist is already better than the flat ones.
Quitessence - this is for penetrate the minions and champ armor (logically), this will be better than damage because your real game starts at the mid/late game, and this will grant you higher damage than AD Quints.

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Boots+3Pots - sinse you have your armor seals you can get this. It will help you giving more movespeed to clear the camps more quickly and to make sure your E will activate when chasing someone in an early gank.
Vampiric Scepter - I usually get this at lv 4 after killing the Lizard and the golens, you get this and some wards.
Wriggle's Lantern - this is a great item for you. With your huge attack speed you will get a lot of crits on minions from this, so it's great for killing dragon or countering the enemy jungle.
Mercury's Treads/Ninja Tabi - Simple, if they have more auto-attacking champions with high physical damage, get Ninja Tabi, if there is a lot of CC's and high magic damage on the other team, get Mercury's.
Phage - This is your main CC, this will allow you to chage enemies and help your team to reach them. Buy this before Wit's, unless you couldn't buy it really soon and there is a lot of magic damage on the enemy team.
Wit's End - This is a great item for you, your attack speed will be greatly increased granting you more crits from your lantern, and more magic resist.
Frozen Mallet - you start with just a phage then complete buying the frozen mallet. Well, this is the item that most of the bruisers get, it's a great item because it gives damage, health and a great CC that will really help you do your job of "anulate the AD/AP Carry".
Randuin's Omen - This is one of the most important itens in your build, combined with your ult you can easily use it's active effect on the enemy AD Carry, if someone bought a frozen heart the attack speed from the enemy AD carry will be reduced by 40%, or it will really help your team to reach some fleeing enemy. Using this on the team fight will really help your team to get a good position.
Guardian Angel - This is a great item for you, sinse you jump into the ... let's say "Red Zone" and will be focused, if you have this item the enemy team will probably not focus you, and if they do you'll reborn and cotinue to do your "Job" (Anulate the enemy AD/AP Carry)
The Bloodthirster/Warmog's Armor - at the end of the game, you sell your lantern and get one of these. If you're tanking well buy Blood, if you need more survivability buy Warmog's.

-Situacional Itens:

Runic Buwark - These item just should be bought if the support of your team haven't bought or if he won't buy. this count for all kinds of Bruiser junglers, like Skarner, Lee Sinm Cho'Gath. Buwark gives a really good status, for you and for your team, complete this item as you can

Mercurial Scimitar - These item should be bought when there is a long duration Stun/Slow(Malz Ult) or a really effective CC(Nasus Slow) on the other team. That rule was already used on the Quicksilver sash, now you just need to "up" it, becoming even better and you can buy it early on the game. If you would buy just a quick silver, you would spent a lot of gold and will lose damage, with scimitar you can have damage AND the CC realese in just one item.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem - This item is a upgrade for your Hunter's Machete, really good item for durability in the early game, and it's a good use for your "Early Giant Belt"(they took off the heart of gold, it can be a substitute for it). Sinse it gives tenacity you can choose to buy Spirit and don't buy Merc. Treeds, two itens that gives tenacity don't stack.

Spirit of Elder Lizard - You can buy this item if the other team have almost CC, and you are felling ok about your health, so, you can buy this item, but make sure to not "break" your off-tank build.

Obs.: This item is an item that you should buy just if the game is been easy OR if there is a lot of tanks/off tanks on the other team, so, I don't advice you of buying it often, but in some cases it can be really effective.

Ohmwrec - These item is the most "situacional" of all, sinse it should be bought after your game style:
-If you try a lot of tower dives(usually with your ult), and die really often trying this : Buy Ohmwrec.
-If your ADC have problems about "tower diving" and the lane is really "pushed" for you, and nobody can even harass the other team > buy Ohmwrec.

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•Team Fights - What you should do, and what is your

You can think that Noctune is a champion made to KILL, some builds are made for that, but not mine.
Your job isn't to protect your AD/AP carry too.
Your job is to focus the Enemy AD/AP Carry and take them out of the team fight, when the team fight beggin you must look for the AD/AP Carry and Jump on him with your ultimate, use your Q, then activate your E and your Raduin's Omen, if he has some kind of snare or a high damage skill like Ashe's Ultimate, pay attetion on your W and activate it on the right time, with that combo the Carry should be backing or trying to Kite you, but he won't, sinse you have your Frozen Mallet and if he's not dead already he should be focused and should die soon.
With your "Tanky" build you shouldn't die like the "Full ad Nocturne", and you will probably not be focused because of your GA.
That's why I really like this build more than the "Full AD Nocturne".

That video shows how to start the team fight with Nocturne, jumped into the enemy team then focused the AD carry, sinse he went back you turn arround and focus someone else, if he comes back you chase and kill him :

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•Closing Statements

Thank you for reading my guide, I hope it was usefull for you, if it was, please, Vote +1 and comment with some sugestions, questions ...
and please, share this with your friends.
Soon I'll post more guides. :D

Obrigado por terem lido meu guia, espero que ele tenha sido útil pra vocês, se foi útil, por favor da um +1 ai, comente com sua opinião, dúvidas, sugestões.
Agradeço àqueles que gostaram e irão torcer por mim no concurso de guias aqui no LOL BR. ^^