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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Dasanteki

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dasanteki

[S3] Infinite Cards - A DPS Twisted Fate Guide

Dasanteki Last updated on April 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Fair warning! This guide is NOT for those who prefer traditional picks. I will be explaining a build that, more often than not, WILL get you raged at or called a troll for using. Lot's of people will probably smash this guide, downvote it, and move on. Sad, but true. However, IF you give it a chance, I think you will be happily surprised.

This is my first guide, so my apologies for the look. I'll be prettying it up over time.
This guide will be actively updated, so if something looks sparse, it's because I didn't have a lot to put in at the time. The Gameplay sections will be expanded as I get more play and suggestions.

Please don't downvote without a VERY good reason. "OMG AD TF SO BAD U SUCK!" doesn't count. Please give your feedback, or I can't improve this guide!

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I was browsing through Mobafire a little while back, and I realised something a little suprising... There are NO current or viable AD/AS Twisted Fate builds. After hunting around, I decided I'd just have to make one.

This guide focuses on turning Twisted Fate into a late game DPS monster with spammable CC and rage-inducing global presence and map control.

Major credit to Rudmed for inspiring me to try AD Twisted Fate, without his Royal Flush guide this wouldn't exist!

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Pros / Cons

Royal Flush!

    Built in AS steroid
    Low CD stun
    AD scaling on Pick A Card
    Godlike map presence
    Stacked Deck scales with AS
    All but ungankable with good map awareness
    Scary level of DPS mid to late game

Pair o' Threes...

    Q is pointless most of the game
    Squishy as all getout
    No instant escapes
    Very weak early on

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Unique Skills

With Twisted Fate's weaker early game, chances are you won't get early kills without a stunning support and you need an edge. This passive means that if you can keep up your last hitting, you can still outfarm your opponent at identical CS.

You'll be ignoring this skill entirely for the most part. It's only useful late game, for sniping runners and free poke.

This one is a beauty, and arguably Twisted Fate's most iconic skill. Gold card is an on demand stun. Red Card gives you some good wave clear and AoE damage. Blue Card is a slightly stronger burst, with the highest base damage and also infinite mana. Just get good at picking the right card, or you're in deep trouble. Take a point at lv. 1, and max this skill second.

This is the skill that makes DPS Twisted Fate work. Every fourth attack, you get free on-hit damage and a nice AS boost/CD reduction. What's that mean? With some AS, you can outduel most any squishy, and with the cdr from runes and masteries, you already hit 26.5%. This is also stellar harrass, since most players tend to ignore you as long as you dont have PaC up. Just walk up and peg them with it! Max this first!

One of the best utility skills in the game, hands down. Enemy team missing? Stealth champion in the area? Low health champ barely got away? Overextended squishy begging for a gank? Surrounded, and surely getting jumped in a few seconds? Just pop your ult and try not to crack up too much as the enemy team's plans fall apart.

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I personally love to take these for more frequent Stacked Deck procs. If you prefer AD or ArPen for an easier laning phase, go for it.

Twisted Fate is pretty squishy, so these help immensely. A must have.

More PaC means more stuns, slows, and bursts. Scaling MR is another solid choice if you need it.

I get these for improved mobility... duh! Twisted Fate is oddly slow, so these help a hell of a lot. ArPen quints will also work.

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Great for snagging someone between stuns, tagging onto someone chasing you, or simply to dominate a 1v1. My most common pick.

Great for chases and escapes. People have done the math, and this covers more ground than Flash in the long run. I love outrunning a stampeding Voli, wouldn't you? Still, not as effective if the enemy team has a lot of blink gapclosers.


Better than Ghost if you would rather have a blink escape. You can do some crazy plays with this one. Keep in mind, though, that fast chasers CAN and WILL catch back up to you.

A good pick vs heavy healers. Also good if you want that extra bit of kill potential.

Good for clutch blocks at low HP. This is also a good anti-towerdive spell, combined with your stun.

Very efective vs heavy CC. This can save your *** occasionally.

If you can live without the utility of another choice. This combined with Destiny gives you absurd global presence, and insane backdoor potential.


Heal: Some sustain for those tough times. OK, but I personally would choose Barrier over this. After a certain point, BotRK and lifesteal make this kinda redundant.

Clarity: WHY?! Blue card makes this spell pointless.

Revive: Not even close to viable. Using this usually has very little benefit, and its CD is a monster.


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I use a 21/0/9 setup, maximizing AD in offense with speed, summoner spell CD, and Item CD in utility.

Summoner's Wrath : Boost both your main summoner spells. Juggle things if you use other spells.
Fury : Nummy AS...
Sorcery : Free CDR for more cards.
Deadliness : Moar ADs!
Destruction : Shred those towers a bit faster, just to add insult to injury.
Weapon Expertise : Free % ArPen. Quite nice.
Brute Force : A bit more AD for last hitting.
Sunder : Free flat ArPen. Handy indeed.
Executioner : Bonus damage to low health targets... Yes please!

Wanderer : Helps you get around even faster.
Improved Recall : This is suprisingly helpful. Less time backing means faster return to lane.
Mastermind : Lower CD on summoners will always be good.
Artificer : Shaves 9 seconds off BotRKs active. This can be a deceptively large amount.

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My preferred start. This allows you to reposition quickly, while offering solid sustain.

If you have a healing support, this CAN give you a better early game than boots.

GAG! I personally HATE dorans items, as they slow down your build. However, with a heavy sustain support, it could give you an early edge.


This item spikes your AS and mobility beautifully. a great item to rush.

A good chunk of early AD and lifesteal, and the active can save your *** in the early game. Build this before Greaves if you want flat damage and lifesteal over AS and mobility.


This is your top priority. It gives lifesteal, AD, AS, a potent lifeshred passive, and a powerful active. With so many perks, this item makes DPS Twisted Fate shine.

You may have noticed that your overall damage output has been a bit low so far... But no worries! Behold your main damage purchase. At full stacks, and combined with BotRK, this thing gives you enough damage and lifesteal that you almost can't die to squishies if you are doing well. Buy the BF Sword component first.


Buy these in the order you deem appropriate.

This sweet item gives you AS, a bit of AD, some movespeed, and tenacity. Get this first if you want more mobility and Stacked Deck procs.

A little bit of everything. Go for this right away over the other 2 if you are mad fed. Makes your PaC hit like a wrecking ball.

Some HP, a bit of AD, and a cruel passive. Now, they can't escape! Get this one instead of TF if you desperately need the health.

Feel like being a royal ***? Grab another BT, and watch as everyone melts away. A good pick if you want more raw damage and sustain.


A bit of health, AD, and a nice shred. Grab this to counter light armor.

A big middle finger to armor stackers. Grab this vs a Rammus or similiar.

Having AP troubles? Chances are this will fix them. The clutch shield and scaling AD will make all-in burst casters cry blood when you survive their combo and lifesteal it all back.

This will be expanded if I get good suggestions.

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Early Game

You have two solid choices for laning. Mid lane tends to be comfortable, gives good farm, and you can shred most classic mid champs if you catch them with a gold card. Bot lane is harder, as most traditional AD carries outmatch you early on.

In either case, focus on farming over kills. Take any free harrass shots you can, but don't sacrifice CS to do it. One trick is to flick a Red Card at a minion that your opponent is next to. Another good trick is to wait for 2 stacks on Stacked Deck, hit a minion to get the charge, and immediately fling it at a champion. Chances are, they won't expect it. Also, try to set up jungle ganks with Gold Card when you can.

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Mid Game

Once you have your Greaves, BotRK, and BT, things get fun. If you can attack first and get your Gold Card off, you should be able to win any 1v1 against squishies, and sometimes even bruisers. Your sustained DPS is extremely potent, while your lifesteal keeps you alive and in the action. Keep an eye out for Destiny opportunities. Use it to gank squishy or low health targets, join nearby fights, or locate missing enemies. Also, don't be afraid to use it as an escape.

In small teamfights, wait for the battle to start before going in. CC is a big issue for Twisted Fate, so wait for those CDs. Once you get in, stun the biggest damage dealer, and focus down the most dangerous targets. Don't be afraid to blow your stun and/or ult to escape if you get jumped.

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Late Game

This is where things get tricky. If the enemy team is smart, they see you as a major threat. Something to keep in mind is that Twisted Fate is a very good backdooring champ (especially with teleport). If your team can manage without you, it can be effective to grab a free tower and escape with Destiny.

In teamfights, stay behind your tanky teammates, and wait for a chance to stun a damage dealer. Twisted Fate is VERY good at punishing people that get out of position, so capitalize on the enemy's mistakes at all times. If needed, peel for yourself with Gold card. Don't force yourself into danger for kills, since even with FM he is quite squishy.

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Ranked Play

Due to troll-infested placement matches, I am stuck in bronze for the moment. I will be playing this more extensively once I get to silver. However, here is some good advice.

- This is VERY risky in Solo Q. Twisted Fate works miracles in a good team, but communication is paramount. Therefore, you need to play very carefully.

- Keep an eye out for undefended towers being pushed by your minions, this can get you an easy takedown.

- Use Destiny for pinpointing enemies at rank 3 if you don't need it for mobility. Your team will thank you, especially if you foil a gank.

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Closing Comments

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope I inspired you to try a new way to play Twisted Fate.

Send me scores if you would like, I will add a Hall of Fame if I get any!