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Master Yi Build Guide by UncleJimbo13

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UncleJimbo13

S3 Jungle - pro as heck guide to master yi

UncleJimbo13 Last updated on May 27, 2013
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I'm sure almost everyone has seen the pro as heck guide to Master Yi. However, I've searched Mobafire quite a few times and found no trace of it. Therefore, I am updating the guide to season 3 items and masteries, for the benefit of humanity. All credit goes to the original creator of the "pro as heck guide to master yi" video, a reupload of which can be found here. I believe the original creator was a user named Notnue, or Radzed as in the video, but I'm not sure of this. He or she closed his/her YouTube account recently.

This is all in fun, but the build is actually much more viable than one might think, and I've wanted to write an in-depth guide. Good luck and have fun dunking scrubs.

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+Fast clears
+Fast attacks
+Fast movement
+Fast kills
+Fast split-pushing
+Cheap core build
+The satisfaction of playing pro as heck Yi.

-Very squishy
-Very vulnerable to disables
-No armor penetration in item build; very hard to kill tanks without armor pen runes and masteries
-End build takes a lot of gold

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As far as I'm concerned, the only viable way to set Yi's masteries are either 21/9/0 or 21/0/9.

+Safer clears
+Safer ganks
-Less utility in the jungle
-No extra HP on Revive

+Slightly faster movement
+Longer jungle buffs
+Shorter cooldown on summoner spells
+Other miscellaneous utility
-Less HP and survivability when clearing or ganking
-No gold from Smite

You should probably pick what kind of mastery page you want based partially on what summoner spells you're using. I personally only use Revive and Smite, and having the upgrades to those is very useful for me. However, one could argue the ten gold from Smite isn't very much, which is true. If you get the Mastermind mastery, reducing the cooldown of Smite, you get that ten gold more often, and it'll stack up. Just a thought.

Most people shy away from utility masteries on anyone other than supports, so I'll show the 21/9/0 on the cheat sheet for convenience. However. 21/0/9 is also very viable, especially because of the Revive bonus on Summoner's Insight .

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The best way to set your runes when using this build is attack damage, armor, scaling MR, and movement speed.

I did a bunch of math and attack damage or attack speed would be much more effective than armor pen in this case. It helps you clear faster and do a bit more damage when fighting champions.

Movement speed quints are very useful for clearing and ganking as well. I'd take these almost every game, considering Yi relies heavily on movement speed.

Flat armor seals will give you extra protection in the jungle, to make sure you can clear without losing all your health. Also, they protect you somewhat while ganking from enemy attacks and lane minions.

Scaling magic resist glyphs will help you out with your magic resist mid- to late-game to make sure you don't get killed as easily by the enemy AP carry. Alternatively, if you plan on ganking mid a lot, it might be better to get flat magic resist, so you can gank them more easily early game.

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Summoner Spells


Smite - Doesn't need much explanation. Use it to secure buffs and kill cannon minions lategame when pushing. Gives you extra gold with Summoner's Resolve . Do not replace under any circumstances.

Revive - This allows you to get back into your jungle or into the fight after dying very quickly, with a large movement speed boost AND around 500 extra HP, if you take Summoner's Insight , which I highly recommend. Helps split push, too. Can easily be replaced by Ghost, Exhaust, or Ignite.


Ghost - Gives you EVEN MORE movement speed, especially if you take Summoner's Wrath .

Flash - Might help you initiate, chase, escape, whatever. Also, the cooldown is reduced a little bit by Summoner's Insight . However, most junglers can't use Flash as effectively as lane carries and initiators.

Ignite - Helps you get down the last bit of that retreating enemy's HP, or helps out with enemies dependent on self-healing like Warwick or Dr. Mundo. Also, gives 5 AD and AP if you take Summoner's Wrath . If you hate Revive, take this.

Exhaust - Helps out with ganks, making it harder for your target to get away, as well as decreasing their damage output by a large amount. Highly useful.


Teleport - This could potentially be somewhat useful; you could set a ward down with your Wriggle's Lantern and teleport to it later to get into a teamfight. However, Yi already runs really fast, and other spells are much more important for a jungler.

Clarity - This spell is just not very good, and personally I'd only take it on a passive support like Zilean, and even then, not very often.

Heal - You shouldn't need this for jungling; you have masteries and runes that allow you to clear camps faster and take less damage. Also, you have Meditate.

Cleanse - Could be useful for going against CC heavy teams, but due to having Smite in the other slot, it doesn't leave much versatility.

Clairvoyance - Leave this to your support, in most cases. If you're especially worried about ganks, or counter-jungling, it may be a good pick, but, again, since you only get one choice of a summoner spell, I wouldn't take this one.

Barrier - Barrier has become popular with AD carries lately, but Yi isn't an AD carry. I wouldn't suggest using your one summoner slot on this.

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Skill Sequence

The original video does not mention skills, but I have found that I prefer to prioritize them this way:

Highlander - Because it's his ult. Use this to initiate ganks, or take dragon or Baron. It can also be used for escaping a bad situation. It increases your attack speed and movement speed by a ridiculous amount, which is great synergy with your items which increase those stats as well. You end up running unbelievably fast and having almost maximum attack speed. Best part is, getting a champion kill resets all of your cooldowns, INCLUDING this one. Make sure to activate Wuju Style before getting your kill, I'll explain why in a sec.

Alpha Strike - This is your main jungle-clearing tool, and your gank initiator (after your ult of course). It gives a chance of clearing extremely fast, or if the chance doesn't work, the clear could take a lot longer. This is only really apparent very early game, such as the first pull of golems, if you choose to take them.

Wuju Style - Passive AD which helps with how little AD you get from items with this build, and an extra boost for taking blue or ganks. Another thing I love is that if you use Highlander, then Wuju Style, then get a kill, the cooldown on Wuju Style resets, giving you both AD buffs, for massive damage. This is how Yi picks up multi-kills.

Meditate - I level Meditate at level 4, since they buffed it in the last patch on Yi. It's actually somewhat useful now early-game. However, it's still on low priority because other skills are more important.

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The Jungle

I haven't got any pictures or videos, so bear with me.

Season 3's jungle is a lot harder than Season 2's. It's very important these days to get a leash from your mid and hopefully your top/bottom, depending on what team you're on.

Start at wolves, making sure you at LEAST get the last hit on the large one. If your leashers steal your gold and XP you'll have a very hard time.

Then, move on to blue buff, and Smite it once it gets below 490 HP. This way, your teammates can't steal it accidentally.

If you don't have a leash, taking blue by yourself might be very difficult.

Once you've got blue, move on to wraiths, then either back to wolves, or golems if you're feeling lucky. Once Smite is back up, take red buff, You should be able to do this fairly quickly and easily.

If you still have plenty of health, feel free to check and see if you can gank. Otherwise, it would be prudent to recall, regain health, and buy items, then gank.

If there are no ganking opportunities, just farm. Don't stretch yourself too thin, or you'll just get behind and feed the rest of the game.

The best time to gank is when you get to level 6, because Yi's ult is his main way of dealing high damage, and without any CC, it can be difficult to gank successfully without it.

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Personally, I suggest ganking mid and/or bot, due to the fact those lanes will often have less durable champions with less CC. If you have scaling MR, early ganks on mid may prove less successful than if you had flat MR. Ganking bot is pretty safe if your teammates in the lane help you out some, but if the enemy AD is somewhat fed, or their support has a good disable, that could make it very difficult.

In my experience, it's hard to gank early game with Yi, but maybe I'm just bad. You'll probably have the most success ganking after level 6. Hopefully your teammates don't need a gank before then.

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The items in this build are meant to give high attack speed and high movement speed, as well as crit chance and jungle-clearing capability.

Hunter's Machete - Doesn't require much explanation; makes you do more damage to jungle monsters. Must have.
Health Potion x5 - Mandatory for sustain in the jungle. Pop one any time you're under 75% HP while fighting a camp.

Wriggle's Lantern - Gives you armor, life steal, and extra minion damage for the jungle. Easily the best jungle item for assassin-type junglers. Someone like Rammus might want to get Spirit of the Ancient Golem or something, but this is Yi we're talking about. Also gives you a free ward every 3 minutes, which helps a lot to thwart ganks or prevent counter-jungling. Must-have for any jungling Yi.

Boots of Mobility - Very useful for jungling, as they allow you to move between camps much faster as well as move in for ganks much faster. Some may prefer Berserker's Greaves, but the 4 Zeals we'll be getting will more than compensate for the lack of attack speed.

Zeal x4 - Fairly cheap item, but gives attack speed, movement speed, and crit chance, which are our three most important stats as Yi. Seems like a great item to me.

Statikk Shiv - Gives more of the same stats from the Zeal it builds from, as well as that beautiful unique passive. You can send chain lightning at your enemies or jungle camps that can even crit, just by moving, and because of this build, we'll be moving fast enough to charge it in seconds.

Trinity Force - I know what you're thinking. "Why stack Triforces? The extra unique passives are wasted!" Well, this is true. However, all the other stats on it make up for that, and they're just as an extension anyway. They'll help you out with every stat you could want, as well as being able to slow enemies and deal extra damage every time you use an ability on your next hit. If you're really worried about it, make one of them a Phantom Dancer instead, but you'll lose out on a ton of great stats.

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This is a really fun build, though I'd strongly advise against using it in ranked games. It's mainly based around overwhelming your enemy with speed, and as such is only good against enemies with slow reaction times or little game experience, like low-bracket normals and/or bot games. If the enemy simply knocks you up in the air or snares you, it pretty much ruins your entire gank, and might get you killed, too.

Again, good luck and have fun! I may later add a more serious Yi build, for people looking for a guide more useful against more experienced enemies. However, DarkPercy kinda has that covered, in my opinion.

I encourage you to leave comments about where I could improve on the guide itself; this is my first guide on Mobafire, and my second on the network, so I'm a bit inexperienced. Also, I'm a bit absent-minded, so just drop me a comment if I've forgotten anything.