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Nocturne Build Guide by RundesDreieck

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RundesDreieck

[S3] "Collect Four" - 4 Nocturne Builds

RundesDreieck Last updated on February 2, 2013
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-18.01.2013: finished the Build
-19.01.2013: 100 clicks --> TY^^ 1 Day, awesome:D
-xx.xx.xxxx: 1000 clicks.
-xx.xx.xxxx: first vote (bad or good isn`t important)
-xx.xx.xxxx: first comment (bad or good isn`t important)
-19.01.2013: first change
-24.01.2013: first Item change

[dont let the "x" confuse you, its a new Build]

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Pros/Cons Build 1 [Solo Top]


+Damage, damage, and even more damage
+Very high Critical Strike chance
+Very high Critical damage
+Very fast Attack Speed
+High Lifesteal


-Low Armor Penetration
-Low Armor
-Low Life for a Solo Top Laner

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Pros/Cons Build 2 [Solo Top]


+High Live
+Pretty good Damage
+Very fast Attack Speed either
+Very High Critical STrike Chance too
+And a nice Critical Damage


-not the best Armor
-not the best Magic Resist.
-low Lifesteal, compared with Build 1

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Pros/Cons Build 3 [Solo Top]


+very tanky
+but also nice damage
+you can go Jungle too with this Build
+perfect Late game


-not very effective in Early Game
-Mid Game is "Maehhh"

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Pros/Cons Build 4 [Jungle]


+High damage
+perfect in Jungle (my own opinion^^)
+you can gank early


-Movement Speed comes late
-when you dont place your "E" good youre ganks aren`t the best

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Hope you enjoy my Build:D

Hope you like my 4 Noc Builds^^
Write a comment what I can do better
and pls subscribe it if you like them or not:D
And dont forget its not really old^^
Im testing out other Items/ Runes/ Masteries/ Abilities
When you know some Core Items for Nocturne,
write it in the comments, please.