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Skarner General Guide by Harrisnyan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harrisnyan

S3 Skarner Too Stronk!

Harrisnyan Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Jungle Route

Start at wolves, then take blue for yourself, then wraiths, red, big golems - then b. ALWAYS BUY WARDS (AND POTS IF NEEDED) WHEN YOU BACK! WARDS AREN'T JUST FOR THE SUPPORT. After you've backed, look for gank oppurunities - pre-level 6 Skarner isn't that prominent of a ganker, but you can easily gank lanes with cc for alot of damage.

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Personally, I loooove to counterjungle - but it has to be on the right champ. Skarner is very fast when zooming around the jungle - but be careful who you're counterjungling. DO NOT COUNTERJUNGLE HIGH DAMAGE ENEMY JUNGLERS OR ENEMY JUNGLERS WITH CC - YOU'RE NOT EVEYLNN (Spoiler: AD Jungle Eveylynn and AP Nunu are the best counterjunglers). Be mildy cautious whenever counterjungling, make sure you think you know when the creeps you're going for will be up before you counterjungle - no use going into enemy lines just to leave again!

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Who Work Well With Skarner?

Lanes with CC make Skarner into a true beast, he can zoom in and carry them off with his ulti in no time, making for a very prominent gank. Ryze is Skarner's best friend - snare upon Skarner;s entry to the lane, an snare again when Skarner's ulti is finished.

- Ryze (Snare + Burst)
- Udyr (Snare + Speed)
- Riven (Stun + Jump)
- Taric (OP Stun + Heal)
- Jax (OP)
- Diana (Pull in + Jump + Busrt)
- Blitzcrank (PULLZ ALL DAY)
- Nautilus (Slow + Pull + Ulti)
- Leona (ALL THE CC! + Amazing)

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Flash, Ghost or Exhaust?

I prefer Flash. Why?

Can you ghost over a wall? You already have a speed boost, why do you need another one?
Flash can be used to surprise people - you can be seen ghosting up for a mile off.
People who see a superspeeding Skarner can CC you or just use other escape mechanisms.

If you've read the rest of the guide, you'll see that I say to play Skarner with teams that have CC - if you have to Exhaust for CC - you aren't playing Skarner with the correct team composition. Exhaust can be useful for uncomfortable 1v1s, but I would say Flash would be helpful for getting away from those if you feel you can't win - if you CAN win, you don't need the Exhaust.

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Press W, scuttle to the enemies highest damage dealer, press R, grab them, dispose of them immediately. Win games.

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Conclusion/When To Play Skarner

Don't pick Skarner just because you want to - look at your team composition first and thing if he's the best champion to fill the spot. Do you need regular CC? Do you need an assassin type jungler? Do you need a longer ranged jungler? If so, Skarner is not your pick this time. However - do you need fast a constant AoE damage champion? Do you need someone who can isolate a high damage dealer during teamfights? Do you need an initiator? Do you need a mildly tankier champion? If so - good, Skarner is eager and waiting to join your team line-up.


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