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Ezreal Build Guide by worstbuilder

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author worstbuilder

[S4] Guide to Tons of Damage with Ezreal! [Under Constr.]

worstbuilder Last updated on March 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my guide to AP Ezreal.

Lich Bane Ezreal's early game has been buffed however late game has been nerfed because Ezreal's Mystic Shot deals physical damage, which is not good for late game because we are buying magic penetration and they should be buying MR if you're fed.

-Always try to expose your enemies weakness, and use that weakness well for your advantage. For example, the enemy champion you're facing never buys health pots or wards, then you know that you can harass it and it won't be able to recover, or your jungle can gank easily and get free kills for you or himself.
"Hit 'em where it hurts."


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Pros / Cons

+Amazing damage late game.
+Almost-flash like ability every a few seconds.
+Long range poke Q that hurts a lot.
+Fun to play.
+Attack speed buff for teammates to take turrets faster.

-Not the best damage you can except early.
-Too squishy.
-Can't push lanes until 6. (And that's not always available.)
-3 out of 4 skills are skillshots.
-Mana hungry.

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These are pretty much common runes for an AP Carry.


RECOMMENDED: Greater Quintessence of Ability Power 15 AP at level 1.

OPTIONAL: Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage If you're bad at last hitting, this is fine to take as Ezreal have AD ratio on his Q on R, so its not a problem even that we are going AP.

Reds (Marks):

RECOMMENDED: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Its very good since we are going AP, we will need Magic Penetration.

OPTIONAL: Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration Its good if you have a melee champion against you where you can land your AA's easy, where Armor Penetration will be useful. And this will also increase your Q damage.

OPTIONAL: Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you're bad at last hitting.

Yellows (Seals):

RECOMMENDED: Greater Seal of Armor are very useful even when you're laning against AP champions, if they are ranged they will AA you. If not minions and turrets deals Physical Damage.

OPTIONAL: Greater Seal of Scaling Health You will have more HP as game goes on.

OPTIONAL: Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration If you're against melee AP champions, where you are sure to not to take physical damage.

Blues (Glyphs):

RECOMMENDED: Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Take this if you're laning against early burst AP champions such as LeBlanc .

RECOMMENDED: Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist If you're laning against an AP champion that is dealing more damage as game goes on, such as Veigar or Ryze , or if enemy have AP top or jungle where these will be more useful since you won't be fighting against them if you're warding.

OPTIONAL: Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction If everyone on enemy team is AD and you think you need CDR.

OPTIONAL: Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration If everyone on enemy team is AD and you think you need Mana Regen.

OPTIONAL: Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for more damage late game.

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Sorcery : Since we are playing as AP Ezreal we will be most likely using our spells to deal damage, and having CDR makes our spells available more.
Butcher : AP Ezreal is not really good at last-hitting, so this will help us a bit. You can give to something else you want, but its only 1 point and I think its worth it.
Mental Force and Arcane Mastery : We are playing Ezreal as APC, so we need AP.
Executioner : So enemies don't run away with 5 HP.
Dangerous Game : Its nice to recover some HP/mana after killing someone, perhaps this will save you from ignite when you're low on HP.
Arcane Blade : 5% AP ratio on our AA's, making last hitting easier and harassing people more. This will also increase AP ratio on our Q to 25% from 20%.
Devastating Strikes We are mainly taking this because of Magic Pen. but its nice to have Armor Pen. with it too.
Havoc : 3% increased damage.


Block : This is very useful early on game especially if our enemy is ranged.
Unyielding : Reducing enemy AA's and Spells by 1 damage is good for early game, and combined with Block we will be blocking 3 damage from AA's.
Recovery : For little bit sustain.
Veteran's Scars: 36 HP at level 1 is very good, it might save your life.
Juggernaut : 3% Maximum Health which might save your life too.


Meditation : Mana regen is very good because Ezreal is kinda mana hungry.
Summoner's Insight : So we have our Flash and Ignite more often.
Alchemist : More sustain.
Culinary Master : You are taking this for more sustain, however you can take Runic Affinity if you want.

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Recommended Items

It used to be very good item for AP Ezreal before 4.4 nerf to lich bane. However, its still a core item to AP Ezreal.

15 flat magic penetration is very good if enemy doesn't have much MR. Get this on most of cases. You can take 15% CDR if you want, but since we are AP Ezreal we benefit from magic pen so these boots are good.

We are using Ezreal as AP. We need AP. This item increases our AP by 30%.

Buying this item will increase our damage dramatically against tanks.

This item gives us 120 AP and 50 armor, and a passive that might save your life.

This will solve our mana problems and combined with Rabadon's Deathcap this will give us a lot of AP and if you fully stack it, it might save your life.

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Situational Items

Athene's Unholy Grail
Mana regen. is good on ezreal, so is CDR, therefore Athene's is a good item on Ezreal, however don't buy tear if you are going to buy this item.

Iceborn Gauntlet
Buy this item instead of Lich Bane if you need AOE damage, slow and if enemy team is AD heavy. Extra armor will increase your survivability.
Don't buy Lich Bane if you are going to buy Iceborn Gauntlet!

Deathfire Grasp
Buy DFG if you want some burst damage and some CDR. You don't want to be in range to use DFG most of times, but if you can, why not.

Nashor's Tooth
I'm still not sure about Nashor's Tooth, but it should go well with Lich Bane, your long-range Q and your passive.

I'm not sure about Morellonomicon too, however item is pretty cheap and gives nice stats (CDR) and passive.

Guardian Angel
Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice, shame on me.

Rod of Ages
Gives mana and HP which might be useful, but I prefer to not to buy this item unless you really need it.

Manamune's active have very good synergy with Ezreal's Mystic Shot and this item will help us to push lanes thanks to AD it gives, but it doesn't give any AP.

ionian boots of ludicity Gives 15% CDR, which is good but I'd take penetration over CDR.

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Skill Sequence and Explanations

Max first.
Ezreal's ultimate is a very strong ability with 90% AP ratio on first enemy target hit! And since it deals AP damage, it will benefit so much from our build because of Magic Pen.! Don't forget it deals less damage for each MINION and champion, so using your ultimate from somewhere where it directly hits your opponent champion first will deal A LOT OF damage.

Max second.
Your W deals a lot of damage thanks to AP, however try to avoid over-using in lane as it costs too much mana, but don't be afraid to use it. It also have an awesome passive that will increase Attack Speed of allied champions hit. So use it when you're taking turret or inhibitor.

Max after .
As its always nice to have your E ready often.
Your E have amazing AP ratio but its tricky to use as it targets closest target you have teleported to, so if you want it to hit enemy champions, make sure there are no enemy minions nearby your target.

Max last.
When you have your ultimate on CD, use your Q to last hit minions so you can get your ultimate more often. Your Q will decrease cooldowns of all spells by 1 second, including itself. Cool, isn't it?

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I hope you liked my guide to AP Ezreal, tell me if I did any mistakes in grammar or writing, as my English is not really good.

If you have any ideas or think something should be different, feel free to write! I'd like some help if you enjoyed in this guide, and want to make better!

Thank you for reading my guide and see you on Fields of Justice!