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Warwick Build Guide by her0nz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author her0nz

[S4] Magewick - The Carry's Nightmare [Top/Mid Lane]

her0nz Last updated on January 24, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is a work in progress, but I'm publishing it for those interested in the build itself. I will be adding matchups, laning, and how to teamfight at a later date (as well as add a proper introduction).

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Items and Reasoning

So what the heck is Magewick anyways?

Magewick is not what you'd think it is, which is building full AP and rocking socks. While that build has its merits, Magewick is more about amplifying the oodles of magic damage in his kit, from his passive to his ultimate, and even in the gear itself, like Wit's End and Sunfire Cape do a ton of magic damage by themselves.

This means that practically any magic damage enhancing item is on the table in this build, but some are more situational than others.

List of Magic Damage boosting items for Warwick

Wit's End
This item is a core magic damage boosting item due to its amazing synergy with Warwick's ult proccing on hit effects. It's probably one of the biggest damage increases you'll see in an item for Warwick.

Sorcerer's Shoes
A bit more situational than Wit's End but you should buy these stylish boots more often than not. The main exceptions will be when the enemy team has significant CC, or have an extremely fed auto attacker that is difficult to deal with.

Deathfire Grasp
Probably one of the most exciting purchases you can make, albeit expensive and with an awkward build path for Warwick. With a 20% increase on all magic damage taken to afflicted target, this item is best purchased when the enemy team has one or two people you really need gone. Only invest in this item when ahead, and when you have at least some of your core items (and some defensive items as well!)
This item particularly good against slippery carries like Yasuo, Master Yi, Kassadin and Vayne.

Void Staff
Nothing too interesting about this item, it's a cost effective magic pen item very suited for Warwick's itemization. Get this when the enemy team is particularly tanky and want to do more sustained DPS in fights. This would replace Deathfire Grasp's spot in your build.

Tankin' it up (Defensive items)

Sunfire Cape
This item is extremely important, and is a must have in every single game unless it happens to somehow devoid of AD opponents. The armor, health and extra magic damage are just too good to pass up in this build.

Spirit Visage
Doesn't get much better in terms of MR itemization for Warwick. The 20% extra healing and 10% CDR are just fantastic. This item doesn't need to be rushed since you'll be running Wit's End as well, but it is certainly something you'll want eventually.

Randuin's Omen
Another excellent armor item that can be purchased mid to late game. Very good to stick to people and help mitigate the damage from the annoying enemy adc.

Banshee's Veil
A rather solid MR item, but not solid enough to replace Spirit Visage in nearly any situation. Get this late game instead of Randuin's Omen in a more offensive build path, or get it with Randuin's Omen in a more defensive/tank build path.

Athene's Unholy Grail
You should really only have this item if you needed Chalice of Harmony in the laning phase. With its decent mix of MR, mana sustain and AP it's honestly a decent item on Warwick, it's just not something I'd prioritize unless the components were needed. This would replace Omen/Banshee's late game, so sell it if you need more strict tank items come late game.

Frozen Heart
For a tank item, I really don't like this on Warwick at all. While the mana and CDR are quite good, the lack of health really makes it an item that can't be bought in place of other tank items early. This is really something which needs to be purchased late in the game, but by then the mana benefits are not quite as large, and other armor choices like Randuin's Omen will sustain you in teamfights better.
So in general I'd only buy this item if there are major auto attack threats on the enemy team and no one else on your team is building it.

Uh didn't you forget me?

Now you might be thinking, "what about Liandry's Torment and Haunting Guise? They're magic pen items too!" While yes this is true, they're not particularly slot efficient. They get out classed by the other magic pen items, and do not offer enough stats in general to replace any of the tank items either. The only time this might be considered is when the enemy team has a super HP stacker like Dr. Mundo, but even then a Void Staff would probably be better.

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Pros / Cons of Magewick

The good

  • Great sustain in lane and Teamfights
  • Great Initiation and "catching" people out of position
  • Naturally very tanky
  • Extreme damage potential when ahead
  • Focuses and can potentially remove fed carries in every fight with his suppress

The Bad

  • Has pretty significant mana issues, especially if you're not used to very mana gated champions like Urgot, Poppy or Galio
  • Very short range, and the only gap closing ability is in his ultimate... which also CCs himself
  • His ult can be interrupted by practically every form of CC in the game, except for slows and snares
  • Getting behind makes you very weak mid game
  • CSing is very difficult until Sunfire or Wit's end, and it's very easy to zone you off CS if you aren't freezing the lane near your turret

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ok so this is a pretty average skill path for a top lane Warwick, however Warwick's skill path can be much more varied, especially with this build. The only rules are R>Q, W and E are interchangeable and can be left at different ranks throughout the game depending on your needs.

In general get more points in W if you plan on grouping/pushing, or level E more if you're chasing/roaming a lot.

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Summoner Spells

The Recommended Spells


Good ol' flash, this summoner has a million and one uses: from long distance engages to escaping near death, you can never go wrong with flash, and Warwick is no exception.


Combined with your ultimate, ignite is extremely deadly at all stages of the game to help burst down your target. I'd recommend ignite to help ensure that you dominate your lane, and in turn the game.

Other Viable Spells


While this will destroy a lot of your kill potential in lane, this is a really good option for those with great map awareness to join fights in other parts of the map during laning phase. This would replace ignite.


This comes down to preference, since both ghost and flash are very viable spells on Warwick. Pick whichever you prefer.


This may seem like an odd spell for Warwick, but it's actually quite good. This option would be for baiting in lane and burst healing late game making you an extremely deadly force. Only for fans of heal and those who don't mind being called a noob.


Not a bad option to sustain better in team fights and bait in the laning phase.

Don't Even Bother


While Warwick has mana issues, they're not nearly bad enough to take this spell. If you're really having a super tough time with mana buy a chalice, at least you can sell it.


What, did you think Warwick was a jungler or something??


You don't have any long distance spells, and it isn't worth sacrificing early game power for such a late game summoner. The choice is up to you however.


While not the worst summoner for Warwick, you really don't need it for setting up ganks or sticking in the first place, so leave it to your jungler or support to get it.


You have Blood Scent already, this spell would be incredibly redundant for Warwick.


Not worth it, since if you get interrupted by CC it's already too late.