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Diana Build Guide by a pound of bees

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League of Legends Build Guide Author a pound of bees

[S5] Diana - Mooning the Jungle patch 5.11

a pound of bees Last updated on June 10, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


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Threats to Diana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu Bully this little turd hard early. Keep your distance so as to not get caught in his Despair damage.
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Greetings, I'm Death by Nunu.

I'm an eclectic, casual League of Legends player on the NA server. I play pretty much all roles, but particularly enjoy Jungle.

With the recent update (4.20) to Summoner's Rift and the Jungle, a lot of jungle champions have fallen out of favor while others have rocketed up to the top. Diana had her place in the Jungle beforehand, however, now she's one of the few champions able to withstand the brutal gauntlet that is the new jungle.

If you're looking for a highly mobile AP assassin/fighter jungle champion with the ability to make rewarding plays, Diana is your moon-lady!

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Diana at a glance

Diana is a highly curious champion. One part battle-mage, one part AP powerhouse, one part hyper-mobile brawler.

She has the raw base damage and high ratios needed to easily sweep a team of their squishies and even their not-so-squishies. If you like to bounce from target to target 100-0ing your opponents, she's the perfect champion to do that with.

Her abilities and passive give her fair sustain and clear speeds in the jungle, allowing her reprieve from the hectic 1v1 shenanigans commonly known as 'mid-lane'.

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Change Log

2/11/2015 Patch 5.3
- Diana's Pale Cascade orbs move 33% quicker, allowing for more burst damage and quicker shield procs. Yay!

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Pros / Cons


- High scaling ratios
- Decent sustain and clear speed in jungle
- High snowball potential
- High comeback potential
- EXTREME mobility post level 6
- Insane mid and late game
- Reliable channel/cast breaking cc (Screw you Katarina)


- Very weak early game
- Eats mana like a fat kid in a cookie factory
- Quite squishy when Pale Cascade is down
- Screwing up your ultimate is somewhat costly
- Prone to getting counterjungled early
- Wonky skillshot
- Fairly telegraphed

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PASSIVE - Moonsilver Blade

Moonsilver Blade is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful passive abilities in the game.

Every 3 auto-attacks, Diana will strike all nearby targets for bonus magic damage. Additionally, Diana's attack speed is permanently increased by 20%.

This is what gives you a great clear speed in the jungle.

Q - Crescent Strike

Diana looses an arc of lunar energy that deals magic damage and marks targets hit with the Moonlight debuff, granting vision of them for 3 seconds.

This is your bread and butter ability, when in doubt, throw it out. That said, it can be a real pain in the butt to land reliably. Practice hitting mobile targets with it to increase your proficiency. HINT: The arc always comes from Diana's right side.

W - Pale Cascade

Diana shields herself for a minor amount and creates 3 orbs of light that orbit her. If these orbs come into contact with an enemy unit, they will detonate and cause AOE magic damage and add a flat amount to Diana's current shield. If all 3 orbs detonate within a 5 second frame, Diana's shield is refreshed.

This is your main sustain ability in the jungle. It will also save your butt in short skirmishes.

E - Moonfall

Diana reveals and pulls in nearby enemy units, breaking channels and casts as well as slowing affected targets.

This ability is great for preventing people from escaping, interrupting a teamfight, or blocking jerks like Katarina and Fiddlesticks from doing what they do best.

R - Lunar Rush

Diana dashes to target enemy unit and deals a moderate amount of magic damage to them. If the enemy is affected by the Moonlight debuff, the debuff will be consumed and the cooldown of Lunar Rush will be refreshed. All nearby units affected with Moonlight will have the debuff removed, regardless of whether or not they were the intended target.

This is what allows you to jump around and slay opponents with ease. You CAN cast it without the target being affected by Moonlight, but it will be put on a moderate cooldown. It is ultimately up to the player if they want to use it immediately or to wait for Crescent Strike to come off cooldown.


Moonsilver Blade 80% AP scaling.
Crescent Strike 70% AP scaling.
Pale Cascade Up to 60% AP scaling for damage. Up to 60% AP scaling for shielding.
Moonfall Does not scale. Does not do damage.
Lunar Rush 60% AP scaling.

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MARKS - 9x Greater Mark of Attack Speed

These synergize well with Moonsilver Blade's passive 20% attack speed. They greatly increase your clear speeds and tower pressure.

SEALS - 9x Greater Seal of Armor

You need these so you don't get f*cked by the monsters. Yeah I know some of you are into that kind of stuff, but seriously. Get these.

GLYPHS - 9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power

All of your abilities scale HARD with AP. If you play Diana jungle and leave base without some AP to start, you're gonna have a bad time.

QUINTESSENCES - 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

See above statement regarding Ability Power and bad times.

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Diana's Jungle route isn't dissimilar to many typical jungle routes nowadays.

Your general route is going to be as follows:

Gromp -> Blue Sentinel -> Red Brambleback -> Ancient Krug -> Crimson Raptor -> repeat

Unless you KNOW you can get a kill during a gank, you should not do so before hitting level 6. Diana's power and effectiveness spike dramatically when she gains access to her Lunar Rush ability.

So, until then, farm like crazy.


Remember, unless you can guarantee a kill, you should not be ganking until you have your ultimate.

Ganking as Diana is fairly easy. Lunar Rush allows you to close the gap on fleeing targets. Remember though, that Lunar Rush's cooldown is reset if used on targets that have been recently hit by Crescent Strike, allowing you to use it twice in a row for high burst damage.

The simple gank combo is fairly obvious, yet effective:

Q -> R -> AA -> E -> W -> AA -> R -> Q -> AA...

This marks your target, rushes to them, prevents them from immediately fleeing, gets your shield up and proceeds to wail heavy magic damage on them as your passive and Lichbane's passive activate for stupid amounts of damage. Remember to get those Lichbane procs off as soon as you can, otherwise you're wasting potential damage.

Always try to gank from a new points of ingress. Using the same bush over and over makes you predictable.

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Capitalizing on Diana's Strengths

Diana's main strengths are her ability to easily sweep an enemy team of their threats. She's a great skirmisher and is great at picking targets in teamfights.

Playing Diana as a jungler, your main focus should be objective control and annihilating squishies in teamfights. Once you have Lichbane built, your ability to push down structure objectives grows exponentially. As does your dueling and sweeping potential.

The whole concept around playing Diana jungle orbits (hee hee, moon joke) around trusting your teammates' ability to play safe during the early game as well as your own. Make it to mid game relatively unscathed and it's game over for the enemy team.

That means not going in to counter jungle or gank early.

Speaking of early, let's take a look at Diana's strengths in the early game!

Provided you follow this guide's runes and masteries build, Diana exits the base at the start of the game with a whopping 40% attack speed without sacrificing any early ability power.

That Attack Speed boost helps her activate her Moonsilver Blade quicker, dealing more AOE magic damage, and by extension increasing her clear speeds. Frankly, it's quite possibly one of the best examples of synergy I've ever seen.

Keep Diana safe til the mid game and she'll reward you with constant kills and overwhelming power.

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In conclusion, Diana is a mid and late game mega-threat with the ability to snowball and carry massively.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to post them.

Thanks for reading this Diana guide!