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Fiora Build Guide by a pound of bees

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League of Legends Build Guide Author a pound of bees

[S5] Fiora, Headmistress of the Jungle!

a pound of bees Last updated on June 18, 2015
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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Warwick Easy to poop on in the mid game. Simply open with your burst before he can out-sustain you.
Aatrox Considered a lifesteal tank, he can't get his lifesteal in if he can't hit you. Your ult is your secret weapon here. Do your best to burst him down and immediately ult before he can strike back.
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Greetings, I'm 1 cup of sugar.

I'm an eclectic, casual League of Legends player on the NA server. I play pretty much all roles, but particularly enjoy Jungle.

With the recent update (4.20) to Summoner's Rift and the Jungle, a lot of jungle champions have fallen out of favor while others have rocketed up to the top. Considered a so-so top lane pick, Fiora has kept out of the limelight. However, with the new additions and changes to jungle mechanics and neutral monsters, the new jungle isn't nearly as harsh on her as you might imagine. In fact, she's quite stable in it.

So, without delay, I present to you the Season 5 Jungle Fiora guide!

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Fiora Fiora is an eclectic, high burst, Attack Damage based champion who excels at taking down champions in 1v1 situations or when the enemy thinks they are safe. Her potential to chase and close the gap on fleeing champions while providing high burst physical damage makes her a strong ganking assassin jungler.

Her ability setup has a fairly low skill floor and a somewhat high skill cap, making her relatively easy to play yet rewarding for those who want to advance further with her. If you have not played her before, I encourage you give her a try.

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Update Log

Patch 4.21 - This update has severely nerfed Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer, it is no longer nearly as effective since the True Damage is no longer on-hit, and the on-hit magic damage has been cut by 50%. Use of this item is not advised.

Patch 5.1 - This update has removed the heavy slow from Stalker's Blade. It instead steals movement speed. A rather unfortunate nerf due to Fiora not having much CC in the first place.

Patch 5.4 - This update has nerfed the effective range of Stalker's Blade. I recommend picking up Ranger's Trailblazer instead. This update also nerfed its AD bonus by 5. While not too bad, it's still a nerf.

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Pros / Cons

- High burst damage
- Gap closer
- Attack Speed steroid
- Faux-sustain for jungling
- Insane duel potential
- Tower diving specialist

- No cc whatsoever
- No escape whatsoever
- Pretty squishy
- Not a ton of sustained dps after burst
- Requires a good sense of timing to play correctly
- Exhaust really wrecks her

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--Passive-- Duelist

Attacking an enemy unit grants Fiora increased HP regeneration. Consecutive hits against an enemy champion allow it to stack up to 5 times. This ability aids her sustain in the jungle.

--Q-- Lunge

Fiora's main gap closer and burst initiator. Dashes to target opponent and deals physical damage based on your AD. Fiora can Lunge a second time within 4 seconds at no mana cost.

--W-- Riposte

This is Fiora's main source of 'sustain' in the Jungle and a good source of early AD. Passively increases her Attack Damage by 15 +5/point spent. Active: Fiora parries the next basic (also parries some AD based attacks) attack and reflects magic damage onto the caster.

--E-- Burst of Speed

Fiora's insane attack steroid and chase ability. Additionally, striking an opponent while Burst of Speed is active increases Fiora's movement speed as well. Getting a kill or assist while Burst of Speed is active also resets its cooldown, allowing it to be used again.

--R-- Blade Waltz

Fiora's coup de grace. Fiora becomes untargetable and heavily damages her opponent 5 times. If there are multiple targets within the same vicinity, she will strike them as well as opposed to just the initial target. The final attack will ALWAYS land on the original target, no matter the distance from the previous attack. This ability procs all on-hit effects such as life-steal, true damage from Challenging Smite, magic damage from your Stalker's Blade - Devourer and so on and so forth.

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Skill Sequence

When playing in the jungle, sustain is the key factor that determines how well you do later. The longer you can farm the jungle without having to go back, the more uptime and more gold you have.

With that said, I always try to take a point in Riposte when possible. Especially early considering a free +15 attack damage right out of the gate is nothing to sneeze at. Additionally, when timed well, it blocks and reflects damage done by large neutral monsters, improving your clear time and mitigating a large portion of damage you would likely receive from them. You should max this skill first

After taking a point in Riposte, take just one point in Burst of Speed. It synergizes well with Gift of heavy hands buff from Ancient Krug Krugs, further improving your jungle sustain. This will be covered later. You should max this skill last.

Finally take points in Lunge. You'll want it as a ganking initiator and main damage source during ganks. It also doesn't hurt to use this on neutral monsters for the extra damage. You should max this skill second.

Of course, take points in Blade Waltz when possible for the power spikes and CDR.

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Fiora is an anomaly when it comes to being an AD melee hypercarry. She gets 35 free AD from Riposte so she naturally starts out the game with heavy damage. Because of this, it's a good idea to prioritize purchases that give Armor Penetration as well as Attack Damage.

Here are 3 of the best items (imo) you can have on Fiora:

Ranger's Trailblazer - Warrior
The Black Cleaver
Last Whisper

These items give attack power, some added durability and most importantly Armor Penetration (arpen). Arpen helps your already hefty attack power punch through enemy defenses easier. The more armor penetration you have, the more effective against enemy armor your attacks will be.

Once you have a fair amount of arpen, go ahead and focus on building AD items such as the following.

Ravenous Hydra
The Bloodthirster

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Creeping / Jungling

Fiora requires a bit of finesse when it comes to her jungle route and fighting neutral monsters. She can't go around to random camps bludgeoning everything to death on her merry way.

There are three simple rules to farming jungle camps with Fiora:

1. Always grab the Krugs buff (mini golems) whenever possible.
2. Learn to time your Riposte so that it doesn't overlap during the Krugs buff stun.

---Jungle Route---

Krugs -> Red -> Gromp -> Blue -> Murkwolves -> Repeat*

ALWAYS start Krugs. The built in stun is crucial to Fiora surviving the jungle in her early game. Every 6th auto attack, the enemy will be stunned. This gives Fiora some uninterrupted healing from her passive, any health potions used, and the regeneration from Hunter's Machete passive. It may not feel like much but it greatly improves her longevity.

Blue buff, while not necessary for success, is a good sustained maintenance buff while farming the camps. Fiora can otherwise be somewhat mana hungry, but not cripplingly so. If you are somehow counter-jungled and they stole your blue, simply recall and buy. While it may hinder your progress, you can make the best of the situation by building your core items and restarting your route as Krugs should be up once you're done.

One thing worth noting is that the Rift Scuttler is deemed a 'Large Monster' and can be killed for some extra on-hit magic damage on your Stalker's Blade - Devourer in the early game, should you choose to use that enchantment. Note that stunning it (Krugs passive!) will let you inflict substantially more damage to the Rift Scuttler for the duration of the stun.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. NEVER fight the Razorbeaks. In comparison to other jungle neutral monsters, Razorbeaks hit like a truck. Well, more like a REALLY big truck and 3 slightly smaller trucks. The reward gold and exp is paltry compared to the effort and HP lost trying to kill them. Just don't even bother.


Counter-Jungling as Fiora is risky business. More often than not, you're going to be far more successful if you spend your time ganking. In the case you find yourself in a position to counter-jungle, take out the enemy jungler's Ancient Krug . Doing so allows you a free Krugs buff and denies him the same. Additionally, you can take out his/her Gromp to remove a relatively large source of gold from their side of the map.

--Ganking Lanes--

Fiora's ganking strength appears in her ability to do high burst damage and close the gap on opponents. Additionally, post level 6, you can turret dive a helpless enemy champion with Blade Waltz and walk away from it with minimal damage. This is due to your Ultimate's untargetable status. YOU ARE MOVING SO FAST NOT EVEN A TURRET CAN TRACK YOU! HOW COOL IS THAT?

When ganking for a kill on an opponent, approach the enemy from the brush (tri-brush if possible), using Lunge to get into melee range and deal some quick double-up damage. If they attempt to flee, smite them with Chilling Smite and follow it up immediately with Blade Waltz once in range. Still not dead? Use your Ravenous Hydra active to finish them off. Stalker's Blade - Warrior's smite-movement-speed-steal grants Fiora an advantage on escaping opponents, so remember to use it when you need it.

Should they attempt to fight back instead of running, focus on landing an important Riposte. An example of this would be blocking Nasus' Siphoning Strike. Follow up with Burst of Speed to increase your output damage and give chase, should they choose to run. Use Blade Waltz if the battle is going to be close, or if you simply want a guaranteed execute. Be wary of ganking champions who are cc or anti-movement heavy such as Jarvan IV or Alistar, they can easily cut your burst damage into more manageable chunks or keep you in place until reinforcements arrive.

Try to gank for kills in lanes that are either overextended or are evenly pushed. Your objective is to have enough time to unload on the target before they make it back into friendly turret range since you have no CC. Ideally, this means top and mid lanes.

Gank bottom lane for team presence unless there's an easy kill lolligagging about. Your Blade Waltz will only be half as effective on your gank target if they have a teammate around. You should only gank bot lane to push down a turret, save an ally or overwhelm their lane opponents. Don't expect to get a kill from here.

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Team Work

Fiora is in a hard place when it comes to coordinated teams. She lacks the CC, setup, and disengages for 'wombo combo' type plays. She suffers hard against poke-heavy team comps that feature champions like Jinx or Ezreal who both feature good range, damage, and utility/kiting power.

Fiora functions similarly to Warwick when it comes to team fights. Find and burst down the squishy carry hanging in the back of the enemy deathball. She can do this in various ways, predominantly flanking the enemy, take out their ADC, and Flash away praying for dear life.

While very risky and not particularly smart, it is effective. It is safe to say that Fiora is a hyper carry in some senses. While being melee is a detriment to her fragile status, her kit allows her to sweep a weakened team or initiate hard in close quarters teamfights. Your focus as Fiora should be to wipe out as many enemy squishies as you can and out-duel the not-so-squishies.

Find a target you think would be the most susceptible to your raw physical damage. Burst him down and reload your Burst of Speed as it should have refreshed. Move onto the next squishiest enemy. Triage.

Reserve your ultimate for finishing off targets in teamfights or avoiding and baiting out expected CC. Blade Waltz's damage will be shared among the 5 enemy champions if used in a teamfight.

Fiora's true value to a team is her raw damage and built in Attack Speed mega-steroid. After she picks up Ravenous Hydra she also gains incredibly fast waveclear. This allows her to split push like a crazy lady. Pop Burst of Speed right before attacking a turret and watch its health bar get chopped down incredibly fast.

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In conclusion, Fiora is a viable assassin jungler that should be considered in the new jungle. Her ganks and raw damage are something that every team comp should consider having. In a world turned topsy turvy by super strong jungle creatures, this true duelist rises to her fullest potential.

Thank you for reading this guide, please rate it, comment, favorite, or whatever you want to it.

I'd love to hear your feedback.

1 cup of sugar