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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Rumble Build Guide by TheBlur115

AP Offtank [S5] Patch 5.5 - Rumble, Resurrected into God Tier.

AP Offtank [S5] Patch 5.5 - Rumble, Resurrected into God Tier.

Updated on September 8, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBlur115 Build Guide By TheBlur115 42,635 Views 4 Comments
42,635 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBlur115 Rumble Build Guide By TheBlur115 Updated on September 8, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Jungle Role Ranked #47 in
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Threats & Synergies

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Fun Facts

1. Rumble's Super Galaxy Rumble skin the splash art has the Flame Thrower & Drill on the wrong hands.

2.Rumble was played twice in world championships!

3. Rumble & Gnar are the only yordles that can be/are bigger then their actual size.
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is a SEMI-TANK DPS Mage Champion. He relies on his DPS to fight champions on peaks of power while his abilities are off cooldown and his overheat passive ( junkyard titian ) is on, and with good control and experience, can control it and use it to win trades and fights. While it is hard to secure kills with rumble, because all his DMG come from DPS and usually is avoidable, ignite can pick you up the kill and give you the element of surprise! Taking TP is viable when getting poked out of lane is possibility or out sustained.

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Abilities & Using Them Correctly


Junkyard Titan Flamespitter Scrap Shield The Equalizer

Junkyard Titan - This is your passive, Junkyard Titan. It is where Rumble gets his crazy extra DMG but also limit's his spamming ability. You will need to use this passive correctly in order to play Rumble effectively. Spamming Flamespitter early game to get the unique passive effect of having 55+ heat. It will increase scaling AP DMG by 50%. It will also if you can keep it at 80% level 1 without pushing lane and last hitting correctly, can use it to enable overheat and do extra DMG on auto-attack.

Flamespitter - This is your first ability(Q), Flamespitter. It is your bread and butter ability and Junkyard Titan Will not start to dissipate until the flame has stopped. Note that you may not stop the flame once you have activated the ability. So if you're facing a creep wave it will push really fast. It does DMG to all units within it's radius. You will max this first every time.

Scrap Shield - This is your second ability(W), Scrap Shield. It is a shield on a low cooldown. It will be used in close trading and gives you a short movement speed boost to run away if you need to.

Electro-Harpoon - This is your thrid ability(E), Electro-Harpoon. It can be used twice and the slow stacks on the E, landing both on one target will steal their movement speed dramatically. Only the first cast will apply heat to Junkyard Titan

The Equalizer - Probably the main reason Rumble is viable. One good Equalizer can make a game. It does constant magic DMG and slows all enemy units inside for up to 5 seconds. This is most likely the highest DMG dealing ability in the whole game.
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Unique Skills

+ - Level one you will spam Flamespitter to gain heat on Junkyard Titan and get the passive effect of increased DMG.

+ - Can be used to poke under tower, activating Q and poking an enemy 'CSing' under tower & then activating Scrap Shield to negate or reduce the incoming turret shot. Doing this is very aggressive & you should have wards in place if you do this often.

+ + - This is a more difficult combo but is really strong. You usually get caught in between more then one enemy, you start your Flame Spitter, line up your Ult to hit as many of them as possible for as long as possible and right when they focus you, activate . Zhoyans only last 2.5 seconds and The Equalizer last 5 seconds, so try to fight it out before activating . This will usally buy your team time to catch up to you or clean up if you do die.
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Items, Using your gold Efficiently.

Item Sequence

Zhonya's Hourglass 2600
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Liandry's Anguish 3400
Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard 1550
Randuin's Omen 2700
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3000
Essential for a typical AD matchup, you can Flamespitter and then use the active and kill someone before they kill you, you can also do the same with "The Equalizer" The Equalizer. Feeling LCS Combo Flamespitter with The Equalizer and .
Gives you Magic Pen and movement speed.
Shreds HP, while granting you HP.
Grants the highest FLAT AP also amplifies all AP you have by 35%!
Makes your spells slow, and the ones that do even more, while granting HP and AP.
Gives you HP and Armor to survive fights and an ADC's DMG.
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Unique Skills/Team Fighting

The most unique skill about rumble is using his Ultimate The Equalizer to it's full damage potential. This is usually done by using the terrain to your advantage, blue buff's exit into river and Objectives, like in between a tower and wall, and dragon pit, to create a choke point.

This is a good example, leaving your enemies no where to run but threw the FIRE!
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10/22/2014- Guide Released.

*Minor grammatical issues fixed
*CLARITY, Images added to create a clearer picture.
*About me added

*Fun Facts Added

Patch 2.0 MOTHER F*****
*About me removed, a useless chapter in the guide
*Updated to Current Season OFC!
-Matchups Adjusted
-Build Modified
-New Title!
*Pictures being added
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBlur115
TheBlur115 Rumble Guide
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[S5] Patch 5.5 - Rumble, Resurrected into God Tier.

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