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Lux Build Guide by Bluelanes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bluelanes

[S5 Support] Lux Guide - The Double Rainbow of Bot Lane!

Bluelanes Last updated on August 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Caitlyn I cannot count the number of times I have successfully killed an enemy Caitlyn in a 1v1 as Lux Support. Her kit is not efficient in terms of dueling, and your CC and shield basically mean that she is free stacks for your Mejai's.
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Hello everyone, I am Ryan, and welcome to my first guide here on MOBAfire! I exclusively play on the NA server, and I have been playing off and on since the release of Darius back in 2012. I have played Lux heavily in the bottom lane, and never did I expect her to be as much fun as she is. A skill-shot based champion, Lux is rather squishy with a kit that has immense zoning and kill potential. She is one of the few supports who have a MASSIVE amount of damage pressure (I'm looking at you Annie), however as stated earlier, she lacks any sort of base tankiness and mobility as a support. Hopefully this guide helps you learn more about Lux and how to play her in the bottom lane, and I know that you will have a lot of fun followed with large amounts of light-blasting success!
Enjoy! :)

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Why play Lux in general, let alone in the Bot Lane?

Simply put, Lux is an incredibly fun champion to play as. Although she is skillshot based, her spells are relatively easy to land on your targets, and the reward is much higher than the amount of effort put in. In the mid lane, Lux has incredible amounts of burst, and the same applies for when she is moved to the bottom lane! Once you get the hang of her zoning capabilities and peel (keeping the enemy off of your ADC), playing Lux bottom lane will be a breeze, and she (as stated earlier) is one of the few supports in the game that have an absolutely stupid amount of kill potential. There will be a LOT of action during the laning phase. This is what makes her so much fun!

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Pros and Cons...


-High damage output!
-Easy to learn!
-Easy vision with spell usage!
-Amazing early game harass!
-All of her spells are AOE!!!!
-Star Guardian Lux!
-Good synergy with most ADC's!
-Only gets stronger the longer the game progresses!

-Very squishy.
-Missing a snare will generally resolve in death when being ganked by the enemy jungle if you have the lane pushed ahead.
-Lacks any sort of mobility.
-Her Q has a relatively long cooldown early game.
-Requires a good sense of positioning.
-Mana hungry if you are not conservative with your spells.
-Easy to play, but takes some effort to master.

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Lux's PASSIVE: Illumination

Illumination is Lux's passive. Whenever Lux damages an enemy (or multiple units) with her spells, they then become marked, much like Leona's passive. When these enemies are then autoattacked (only by Lux), they take additional magic damage. It is also important to note that Lux's ultimate, Final Spark, detonates this mark, while her other spells do not. When playing Lux in the bottom lane, you want to autoattack the enemy as much as you possibly can. Not only will you be damaging them with your base autoattack damage, but you will also consume the mark of your passive, AND you will be making extra gold from Spellthief's Edge's passive! It's a win-win-win!

Lux's Q: Light Binding

Light Binding is Lux's Q ability. It is a straight-line skillshot that has a relatively long range, and it snares the first two enemy units hit, as well as dealing some magic damage. Generally, you will want to begin your combo with your Q, as it allows for you to hit guarantee a safe landing for your E, R, autoattack, etc. When playing Lux as support, do not use this ability as harass, EVER. It has a long cooldown early game that can result in being severely punished by the enemy team, and it is not reliable enough for early game poke. Always try to hit both the enemy support and ADC together with this ability, however it is not necessary to do so if it is a more passive laning phase. Being able to use this ability through the wave is an important skill when playing Lux, positioning yourself and aiming it so that it snares only ONE creep and makes it through to snare the enemy champion. Remember, snaring is NOT the same as stunning. Enemies can still use abilities while they are caught! You won't always land your Q, so practice makes perfect!

Lux's W: Prismatic Barrier

Lux's W, Prismatic Barrier, is a skillshot ability that self-shields upon cast. Once it reaches maximum range, it comes back to her, like a boomerang. Any allied champions who are hit by it, however, will also gain a shield for themselves. This is best used in squirmishes and in teamfights, and it literally saves lives left and right!

Lux's E: Lucent Singularity

Lux's E, Lucent Singularity, is again a skillshot (just like the rest of her abilities) that is also a massive AOE slow. Lux throws out an orb at a target location where it expands in a massive circle, where it will remain until it has detonated after a few seconds. However, you can activate this ability again while it has landed at your target location for it to detonate instantly, which is generally what you want to be doing for large amounts of damage and harass. As stated earlier, it also slows enemy champions, so do not forget to aim it correctly so it will slow enemies when you are being chased!

Lux's R: Final Spark

Ah, Lux's ultimate. This is one of the main things about her that makes her such a fun champion to play! Her ultimate, Final Spark, deals extreme amounts of damage with a low cooldown throughout all stages of the game. She gathers energy for half of a second, and then unleashes it in a straight beam of light that chunks massive amounts of health. It has an incredibly long range, and it is great for deleting those enemies that thought they were going to get away! Along with your ADC, it is very easy to 100-0 an enemy champion by simply using your Q>E>R combination that will have the enemy champion smash his keyboard against the wall!

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Items (in-progress)

Items Descriptions!

The following section is dedicated as an explanation for the items used in my guide.

Starting Items:

Spellthief's Edge

Your only starting support item unless you are experimenting and trying out Relic Shield on Lux instead (not recommended!). Spellthief's Edge grants 5 ability power, 2 gold generation, and %25 base mana regeneration. However, it's passive, enables your autoattacks and spells against enemy champions to grant 5 gold, and this can happen 3 times every 30 seconds. However, if you accidentally last hit a minion (killing the creep so that you get the gold and the CS), this passive is then disabled for 12 seconds. This item is very good for the majority of AP supports, however it is only really viable (and this includes Frostfang) during earlier stages of the game. It is great for early game harass as for each time you damage the enemy, you gain gold, so make sure you are constantly poking them!

Health Potion (x2)

Self explanatory. Health Potions allow you to have sustain during the laning phase so that you can stay in lane and survive. In every lane, including the jungle, Health Potions should ALWAYS be purchased, and I typically purchase 2 or 3 whenever I back, no matter what stage of the game I am in. If at this point you somehow do not know what Health Potions do (or you are just new to the game), they restore 150 health over 15 seconds. They are also a great way to survive damage-over-time abilities and spells such as Ignite and Teemo's Toxic Shot, so don't forget to chug 'em down when needed!

Mana Potion

Much like its fellow Health Potion, Mana Potions work in the same way. They restore 100 mana points over 15 seconds. This is especially excellent for supports that are considered "mana hungry", like Lux. Because you will be casting your abilities frequently during the laning phase and consuming a lot of your mana, it is smart to purchase a Mana Potion right at spawn so that when you do go OOM (out-of-mana) during laning phase, you can just pop the Mana Potion and stay in lane longer with your ADC. However, if you feel that you will be especially conservative with your mana and abilities, feel free to swap out the Mana Potion for a third Health Potion.

Warding Totem (trinket)

The trinket that is a must-have for every champion in the game during earlier stages of the game. The Warding Totem is a trinket that allows you to place a Stealth Ward that lasts up to 60 seconds, however it has a cooldown of 120 seconds. This is especially important for you (as the support) because it is your duty to make sure that you have vision. Unless you are Platinum or higher, I highly doubt that the majority of your team will be purchasing Stealth Wards and Vision Wards with an upgraded Greater Stealth Totem, so this is why you need to always be warding no matter what. During laning phase, you want to ward the river bush around three or four minutes, because this is typically when the enemy jungler has backed and is ready to start ganking, so having vision of the river is essential. If your wave is pushed and neither you nor your ADC have their Warding Totem up, do not push the turret unless you are %100 positive you will not be ganked by the enemy junlger. Once you have backed and have enough gold to purhcase some items, ALWAYS purhcase Sightstone first and swap out your Warding Totem for a Sweeping Lens, as Warding Totem is now rendered useless when you buy the Sightstone. It is also not a bad idea to purchase a Vision Ward as well, so that you can place it in viable locations such as the tri-bush and Dragon Pit. I will cover more on warding locations soon, so definitely expect a map or diagram to be posted on here. :3

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I'll try not to have a massive wall of text here that will hurt your head, so I will simplify my choice of runes in some bullet notes, varying from the marks, seals, glyphs, and then the quints.

Mark of Hybrid Penetration (x9)

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration
    -With your early game poke and autoattack harass, this allows for the most damage output during the laning phase.

Seal of Armor (x9)

    -Typical for any AP caster. Allows for much more sustain in lane so that you can have a much easier laning phase.

Glyph of Magic Resist (x9)

    -Much like the choice of the armor seals, this allows for a much easier laning phase.

Quintessence of Ability Power (x3)

    -Provides even more damage so that she is a much greater threat early game.

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Masteries (explanation)

Why 21/0/9 and not 9/0/21?

My reasoning for taking my points favored more in the offensive tree rather than the utility tree is that holding Lux back from all of her true damage potential is a waste of real devastation. She is able to dish out heavy amounts of damage, and going with a 9/0/21 set does not allow her to fully amplify the amount of damage that she should be doing down in the bottom lane. This allows for great harass, and if you work well with your ADC than the lane should be a very easy one! As stated earlier, there will be a lot of action down in the bottom lane due to Lux's kit, so allowing her to dish out as much damage as possible is the best way to go. However, if you feel that she would be more viable with more points in the utility tree, please feel free to take your own mastery page. This is just my own personal preference and what I find works best for this build. :)

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Overall, Lux is an incredibly fun champion to play and she makes for an exceptional support. She dishes out tons of damage while having a kit that is great for zoning, especially agaisnt more aggressive-like supports (like Braum, Thresh, or even sometimes Volibear). No matter what lane you are up against, there will always be constant action down there, so win or lose there will be tons of fun to be had! I am still working on this guide (stayed up late last night to get it started :c), so any feedback is greatly appreciated. I will definitely be adding more, and I hope that you have as much fun and success that I have had with this build too!

Thank you!

(20 stacks baby!!!!!)

Just in case you want some tunes too, this song greatly suits Lux once you get those 20 stacks :3333333