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Riven Build Guide by nota riven main

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nota riven main

S5 top and mid (includes adc riven what?)

nota riven main Last updated on December 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Riven with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Talon Rofl.... your whole kit counters his, when he rakes you e, when he teleports behind you q and w, when he ults and runs just ult straight in front of you because they will always run forward. you ll harrass the hell out of him in lane so no worries here unless the jungler camps you
Sion You should roll over him completely. the new Sion is just bad.... combined with him always running out of mana and doing like no damage until he get a hydra. Sion needs buffs. if you lose this lane you re probably just bad ;(
Zyra AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU WILL ROFL STOMP HER FACE IN. But seriouslee she cant do anything to you besides put those annoying ass kush plants in your face.
Evelynn Just by playing the eve side of this matchup, i already know riven shits on you. you do zero damage to her. i fed pretty hard that game and it was ranked too lol.
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so I've been playing this game for about a year now, and the first champion i mained was ahri which isnt a good idea when you are still a noob. after that i found riven, who i hated the first time because i thought she was awful but again i was still a level 7. i didn' t pick her up until a freind told me to go watch box box who made her look like the best champion in the game, which she is in my oppion. After that i droped ahri :( and picked up riven who i been playing since then. Her whole kit is just fun combined with her backstory, all of which drew me to her. She is probably the most versatile champion in the game besides kayle. She is easily my favorite champion in the game by alot. You can play any role even support and adc, which i'll explain when and how to play her in that role later. The role she excels at though in my oppion is the jungle which i'll explain a tiny bit later, but since this is a conventional guide i'll leave it out for the most part. I'll try to explain all her strengths and her few weaknesses here. this is my first guide for my favorite champion so i will update it when i have time. i WILL update this guide often do there wont be much here early just the lane matchups for now.

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Pros / Cons

+has escapes
+knock up
+lots of damage early and late
+very mobile
+has great synergy with champs that can utilize her stun and knock up ex. yasuo, kallista, fizz
+great passive
+can build lots of ad!
+hottest champion in the game!(even more than ahri ;)

-only .75 second stun
-knock up lasts way less than most others
-not exactly the tankiest, but can be built to be
-riven scales like **** - if you fall behind it will be very hard to come back
-you literally have no health regen which isn't exactly fair
-little diversity in builds since you only scale with ad
-you can only build AD!

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adc(when and how to do it)

the first time i went riven adc i rekt their bot lane only to fall off late game because 1. im melee and 2. the other lanes were feeding. FYI i do think riven adc is prefectly viable in ranked(all i play) if you know how to do it.So i do riven adc when i feel bored of her normal laning and just want to face roll people. There are only certain times you can go adc
:when the enemy adc has no escape or deals low damage early ex: ashe, jinx, varus, sivir, twitch, miss fortune or kog maw
times riven adc dosent work: any adc with a dash that can kite you and make you miss all your q's
also when: the enemy support is suomthing that can stop your combo ex thresh(can work), blitz, leona(can also work but is very risky), taric, zilean, ali star,
ANY OTHER support cant stop you from face rolling their adc ex. janna, nami, sorak, braum, morgana

last thing is that there is only a very limited supports can work with riven adc which are; nunu(my favorite), oriana, braum, alistar and leona(my second favorite). You need supports that synergize well with your cc and chain it together. Dumb **** like janna or nami will just get in your way or be completely useless. Always try and have your support be nunu or leona because you win bot lane gloriously.

actual last thing, NEVER fight at level 1, wait till 3 or 4, tell your support your plans and to just follow your lead. you will be harrased alot, but that is fine you'll outdamage the adc later