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Wukong Build Guide by Arctic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arctic

[S5 Top Lane] The Tanky Emperor

Arctic Last updated on March 2, 2015
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About Me

This wukong guide is written by Arctic; currently a Diamond-rated player at the South-East Asia Server. I've been playing League Of Legends for 2 years (mainly top/mid). I've been playing wukong since season 2. The way I play and/or build champions may vary from others.

P.S. Check out my zed guide too!

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Wukong is a strong laner,he can be in Top lane, Mid Lane to counter lots of APs middle and jungle. Wukong is able to deal massive mid game damage, and this is mainly the part where he gets fed. In the Mid game, roaming is essential for him as a laner. Wukong excels at many things, including dueling, pushing towers, shredding down tanks, dealing tons of damage especially in teamfights. Many argued that wukong isn't that viable for this current meta but they're wrong.

In this guide, you will learn how to be the true monkey king.

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Pro / Cons


+ High burst potential
+ Good poke/trading
+ Useful as a tank or high damage assassin
+ Gap Closer/escape
+ Good at split pushing
+ Spamming laugh
+ Good Waveclearing
+ Good at juking with decoy
+ Great initiator with his ultimate


- Squishy in early games
- Skill drains mana easily
- Can get zoned by strong duelist
- Items/skills that can reveal him while he's invisible is a counter
- Item dependant

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Summoner Spells

Flash is always good for escaping, securing kills and initiate a teamfight. With flash, you can make incredible plays which could turn the game around.

Ignite is used in securing kills and to reduce healing effects. Basically, the true damage provides insurance for your combo to kill the enemy laner.

You might consider Teleport as it's good for ganking and helping in team fights especially dragon fights/baron fights/xPeke! However, it's more frequently used when playing top than in mid. With teleport, it can set up some plays for you to make.

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Recommended Runes:

Greater Mark Of Attack Damage

Flat attack damage rune helps in the early levels and it also helps you in wave clearing, last hitting and clear jungle creeps faster.