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Viktor Build Guide by Squiddy173

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squiddy173

[S5] Viktor~ Join or become obsolete {WIP}

Squiddy173 Last updated on July 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys ^_^, ~This is a work in progress, please keep that in mind~
I go by YoungSkwadWacker on the OCE server and am currently Gold 1.
Viktor is one of my favorite champs in league, not only because of his play style, but also his lore and generally cool looks! I decided to write a guide to show my personal play style with him, and hopefully help some people to pick him up! This is my first guide here so please give me any feedback as i hope to improve this guide where possible!

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Pros / Cons


    Extreamly Good Burst
    New Q Makes him quite mobile
    Good pusher
    His W is extreamly good at zoning the enemy
    Most people do not know how to play against him
    Skillshot reliant
    Missing skillshots greatly weakens you
    Relies heavily on positioning
    Squishy early on
    Mis-placing W can get you killed

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The first thing I should mention about this runepage is that it is used with the idea that you will get your power spike at 6. At this point you will have ult + extra health and AP.
I feel that Viktor benifits from the early magic pen. that is offered from the reds, however you could change this up for straight ap.
Running a runepage like this, you generally will be able to get a easy kill at lvl 6-7 without assistance from the jungler.

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Spells + Summoner Spells

Firstly I will go over the summoner spells: One thing that I should mention is that Viktor relies on summoner spells extreamly heavily. To really do well with Viktor you need to have amazing posistioning all the time. This makes his summoner spells almost part of his kit- both flash and ghost help you correct/improve your posistioning.
(Flash) is a very standard summoner spell to take into mid. On Viktor this lets you combo un-suspecting people very quickly, as well as being a good escape tool.
(Ghost) is less common in mid, but it still provides both the offensive and defensive posistioning that Viktor requires. This combod with distortion grants a massive 40% movement speed buff for 10 seconds!
Other summoner spells:
(Ignite) can be used, however I dont feel that it is really needed on Viktor. At the same time it can be a good alternative to buying a morel.
(Barrier) would be my second to ghost. It provides a healthy sheild that does not impair your movement in any way, making it a very strong defense.

Viktors Kit~
After his somewhat recent rework, viktor can now get all 3 augments. This fixed his previously poor lategame, and he now has a massive presence in the lategame. The Hexcore itself is amazing, giving flat ap, ap per lvl and mana, really adding to his overall power.
is a a very strong trading tool that when combined with lich bane does extreamly high damage. When augmented, it provides movement speed buff of % that
This is Viktor's only CC, although it can be useless if used incorrectly, it can also be extreamly strong if used correctly. It can also be used to completely zone off certain areas, eg. Tribush. When augmented, it pulls people into the middle when they are stunned.
Ahhh, Viktors best (IMO) spell in his arsenal. The laser has a unique casting method (Basically rumble ult) that can be hard to land for newcomers, but after you get used to it, its not that hard to consistantly land. When augmented, it leaves a trail that will explode just after the initial laser fires. This second explosion boosts the dmg by a solid 40%, increasing his dmg considerably.
Viktors ult is fantastic as burst but also has strong aoe dps afterwards. This combinded with his e and q can burst down most squishy's and even some brusiers instantly. Its a really good finisher move that provides great synergy with any AOE iniatiors, eg. Mumu and sej. This ability augments when all 3 of his basic abilites have been augmented. When augmented, it will provide an extra 20% movement speed to Chaos Storm.

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