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Warwick Build Guide by Jessmess

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jessmess

S6.2 - Jg/top Rageblade weedwick

Jessmess Last updated on February 12, 2016
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Yins and Yangs of the certified world class Wolf carry


+ Easy to learn and play
+ One of the best climbing junglers for players of all skill
+ Great scaling into late game
+ Can 1v1 anyone late game, Press R = Profit GG
+ Low skill cap, easy to learn, and great for beginners to climb ranks
+ New Rageblade and Devourer and BoTRK build wrecks everyone so hard
+ Built in sustain with Eternal Thirst and Hungering Strike
+Huge AoE attack speed buff with Hunters Call to win teamfights easy
+ Insane movement speed buff with his Blood Scent
+ Extremely easy to gank with. Press R = Profit
+ Can solo dragon at level 3
+ Can cast Infinite Duress in 1/60th of a second and instantly gap closes enemies

+ Lacks gank pressure without Infinite Duress
+ Infinite Duress can be easily interrupted since you have to stand still for it in teamfights
+ Takes a bit of time to scale and can be abused in early game
+ Easy to kite if Blood Scent doesn't kick in

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Here is what you are capable of with this build

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How to play warwick like a god

First, you want to AFK farm until level 6 to get Infinite Duress. Then you want to gank any lanes you can with your Infinite Duress, press R = profit GG. After that, go farm some more until you get your sated devourer and your Guinsoo's Rageblade completed. Now, you're ready for 1 shotting anyone that dares to fight you. Step 1 - Press Infinite Duress onto enemy. Step 2 - Dance over their corpses. Step 3 - Win GG Profit. Step 4 - Go brag to your friends about how it's so easy to carry games with weedwick so that they use him too. Rinse and repeat. Press Infinite Duress = Profit

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Darien certified guide

Darien has telekinetically contacted me on several occasions and has told me that he certifies this guide and approves it with his stamp of approval and that to keep up the good work making the world a better place for soloqueue Warwick players by giving them such awesome good good guides. Plz upvote sendpies and don't forget to press R = profit GG. Go get that challenger badge and certify my guide as the best ever made in the world class renowned club of mobafire warwick guides ever created with such unique talents that you can't find anywhere else in the world. Alright I'm singing out all. Peace out A town. Go get the ELO that belongs to you! and TELL THEM WHO Sent YOU!

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FAQ Warwick

Frequently Aksing quetsions aboot Warwick

    + Do I ever get tired of spamming warwick for easy LP and elo in the solo dynamic queue? No and I never will tire of getting my easy easy super duper world class best elo points earned by the one and only
Warwick champino.
+ Does the high amounts of skill you have ever overwhelm your brain's ability to process what's going on around you? No, simply put, my genius is unparalleled by anyone and that's why I'm sharing my best secrets with you!
+Who is your biggest inspiration? Darien from Gambit Gaming is the biggest inspirator to my successess in this guides and many others. Oh and also Jaden Smith is my true faux inspiration. Plz retweets plz sendpies.
+ Why warwick? Y naut kid. Y u making fun and hating on me. Plz stop e-bullying me.

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Who counters warwick?

Any champions that stand in their fountain counter warwick bcuz then warwick can no longer ult you for free and take your life so you will die for our sins. Then if warwick fountain dives he will also perish with you. That's why the fountain counters warwick with any champinos.

Tl;dr - No on counters warwick.

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What is warwick main role on the team

You farm jungle until level 6 and sated devoururr and then you ult people and then you farm more after you profit from ulting more people and then you win. That's pretty much warwick role on team and also peel for the ADS (Attack damage support) that is trying to make you look small by calling themselves the carry. Don't let them take the title of carry from you. Peel for them if you want them to not sudoku.

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IF you get sated devourer you win the game because you scale good GG

Farm farm farm then kill kill kill. then farm farm farm some more and then you win games by taking turrets and then the nexus and inhibs. Always scale good with wardwick ALWAYS!!

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I hold the level 4 mastery icon for warwick

This is how you know I am a true veteran Warwick player because riot told me that I have masterered him to lvl 4 badge of medal of mastery. Keep up the good work and follow my world class guide to get the badge too maybe one day to become great likke me. :)

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What is the best warwick skin to use at all times because I say so?

Always. Always.. Always! ALWAYS! ALWAYS!! ALWAYS!!! Use the Big Bad Warwick skin that makes you look like grandma wolf from little red riding robbin hoods. Or else you shall parish into the wind and be forever forgeton by everyone that ever lived. You must use this skin to embody the true spirit of the wolf himself or else you will parish and be forgoten persay.

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Smartcast all spells

When you smart cast the R and Q combo you will be able to kill them even faster without them being able to react to your greatness and then w after for asserting your dominance

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Y did u make dis guide?

Better question. y not?

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y does warwick q and w cost so much mana?

Because riot thought that makes him more balanced to champinos in league of regends. So always take the blue buff and never share it with mid laner bcuz sharing is caring and big bad warwick don't give no flamingos to mid laner? Understand?! No dont even share ever the blue buff. its always for warwick always! always!! ALWAYS GET THE BLUF BUFF!!