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Diana Build Guide by Tap28

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tap28

[S6]Mugen Tsukuyomi [matchups+ calculated amount of damage]

Tap28 Last updated on September 13, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Diana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus One of the easiest matchups. Dont get hit too much from his q and everything is fine. And be aware of his ult when u have low hp. He is easy to kill with your combo.
Twisted Fate GG. Dodge his attacks, which should be easy and kill him. He is soft.
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This is my first Guide and its for my very first Main, Diana.
I hope u enjoy it and give me recommends on how to improve pls :)
May the Moon be with you!

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Quick to the runes
These are full ap runes and some health runes
They will help u to get your kills in early game much more easier as u will deal a lot of more damage with these. They also help you to farm with your q. If u want u can also get attack speed instead of one of these, but i dont recommend that.

Runes aalternatives:
Matchups against Ranged champs ( especially champs like Brand or Ahri) need some resistance too. I recommend using Magic resistance Runes against champions with high poke.
On the other hand it is pretty risky to go full ap runes against champs like zed, yasuo or talon. In this case i recommend 1/2 armor quints.

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For the masteries i always prefere 12-18-0 with thunderlords. There are a few guys playing 18-12-0 with deathfire touch, knowing that this deals dmg scaling from your AP and your bonus attack damage.
Thunderlords gives you a better burst anyways. Thunderlords means instant more dmg, while Deathfire is damaging over time.
On the other hand, deathfires effectiveness is reduced by Dianas skills being AoE.

Lets quickly deal with the contencious things:

Sorcery or Fury
Actually there should be no doubt about Sorcery, but Dianas passive could make the question if fury isnt a good choice too. The answer: No, it isnt. Fury will give you up to 4% attack speed, meaning about 0.4 attacks p.s. more with 1.00 attacks p.s.. This is not worth as much as Srocerys 2% increased dmg with abilities.

Double edged sword or Feast
Some people will say that D.e.S is too risky and Feasts 20 healts per minion is better, but my thoughts are that Diana is an all in champion. No risk - No fun. the increased damage is worth it. Not only for Diana, but for all All- in Champs.

Vampirism or Natural Talent

This is actually my own opinion and i seem to be one of the less guys thinking that natural Talent has not that much influence on the game as Vampirism has. Maybe i am wrong but Champs who most likely will get kills before hitting 10 do not need Natural Talent. But if you feel more comfortable with natural talent and you think it gives you a nice chance to come bback once you are behind, then take it.

Bounty hunter or oppressor

Bounty hunter increases your damage by up to 5%, 1% for every champ u kill. This is way too risky as this can stay at 2 or 3 %, while oppressor gives you 2.5% increased damage to targets with impaired movement. This is great at the beginng, and your E synergized well with this. Nevertheless i would ONLY recommend this, if you have at least 1-2 other champs in team with skills to impair movement (Morgana, Darius, Kalista, aso.) If you are the only one, take bounty hunter

Wanderer or savagery
Wanderer is normally the better choice of this too. If you are new at LOL, youll most probably think that 3% movement speed is not really important and 5 bonus dmg on minions and monsters is more important. But this 3% movement speed is more influence than you think and actually i always take wanderer, but as Diana has good mobility with her Ult, i prefere taking savagery.

This should be all of the contencious things and the rest should explain from itself, look at the situation, the champions selected and take what you think is probably better. If you have no idea or just dont want to deal with it, take my standard masteries.

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- great damage
- great combos
- low cd
- mobile
- great farming
- easy to play
- Very Fun to play :)


- easy ganked
- no mobility before lvl 6
- q - based kills
- hard to play when you dont hit q
- weak against AP tanks
- Has to kill when go in

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It's important to go full ap with Diana. Ur job is going in and kill. And this in short time.
I wrote it before: With my example build u have 450 ap, some attack speed, which will help u with ur passive, and the passives of the Items. With deathcaps passive u should have about 607 ap, and some reduce of magic resist. Non tank should die Instanly with ur combo.
One little example:
Ur q deals 200 (+70% ap) dmg.
This means:
200 + 0,7 * 553 = 587!
Yet u got some tanky stats, too with my example build. Zhonyas and abyssal scepter give u armor and magic resistance. You should have about 110 armor and magic resist so you dont get bursted down even quicker then they do.
Any questions?

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Item Explanation

Nashors Tooth is my favourite item for Diana. It gives you 50 % attack speed which is very usefull for your passive. Then it gives you 80 AP to burst your opponents. Then it gives you 20 % CD reduction. This is important because good opponents could be able to dodge your q, which means you cant all in. With 20 % CDR missing a q is not as bad as it was (q CD on lvl 1: 10s, with Nashors tooth: 8s). Then it gives you 15 ( +15% AP) damage PER HIT. A must have.

Rabadons Deathcap is a standart Item for every AP Champ. Giving 120 AP, it also increases your AP by 35 %. This is so many AP for 1 Item. Giving the example of 180 AP and then buying Rabadons will increase your AP to 405. On the other hand this Item gives you nothing else then AP. This is why i dont recommend taking it as first Item.

Void Staff gives you 80 AP and 35 % ignorance of the enemys magic resistance. This isnt countes as MP. A usefull Item, especially if the opponents have an AP tank. Its no must have, nevertheless fighting against e.g. AP Tank Tresh is much easier with this one.

Zhonyas Hourglass gives you 70 AP and 45 Armor, but the main reason buying this one is its active, which takes you out of the game for 2.5 seconds. You can not attack, can not use any spells or items, but you cant be attacked too. This is some great stuff when you need these 2.5 seconds for a cooldown or an item or flash aso. Furthermore it can take you out of harms way when you go all in in a team fight and the enemy team focuses you. This will give at least 1 second for your team, because they will need this second to regroup and attack the other ones. In my opinion MUST HAVE

( Sry for old pic) Abyssal Scepter means 60 AP, 60 MR, 10% CDR and an aura which decreases nearby enemys MR by 20. This Item works well when the game is full of AP Champs, BUT it is not usefull if the opponent has no AP champ. In this case go Void Staff. If the enemys AP champ is fed, i recommend buying this item.

80 AP, 10% CDR, 250 Mana, 7% movement speed. And the passive dealing 75 % of base attack damage + 50 % AP after using a spell. The bad point: It hat 2 secs Cooldown. This means if you want to use the full potential of this Items you have to wait 2 secons between using your skills, what i dont recommend because Diana is a champ who has to be played quick. Nevertheless, if you can deal with this 2 secs cooldown, it is a great Item. My opinion: I dont recommend, but still usefull.
EDIT: After some nerfs to the AP ratios of Abyssal scepter and Zhonyas, you will have to build this item. It needs some practice to use its full potential, but as for now, it seems that there is no way around this item.

Hextexh Gunblade gives you 80 AP and 40 AD. And it gives you 15 % heal of your damage (reduces to 5 % when attack is aoe, affecting your q, your passive, your w) and deals 150 + 40 % AP damage while slowing 40 % for 2 secons ( 30 secs CD). This is a pretty good Item if you want Lifesteal, but i cannot recommend this, as it only grants 5 % heal for your q, passive and w. On the other hand it gives you a nice burst damage and a nice active, while giving you also AD for auto attacks if you cant finish of your opponent with your skills. Not a must have, but usefull.

This Items grant 100 AP and 400 HP and a passive which slows your opponent regarding to the attack type. This is a very usefull Item, especially if you see that you are too squishy and die instantly in team fights. Furthermore it will slow opponents, which makes it almost impossible to run away from you. I recommend this Item, but if you see you can handle the opponent Team with your AP, then go more AP and buy Items like Lich Bane instead.

45 movement speed, 10 % CDR and 10 % CDR on summoner spells. This makes your skills more spamable then they are for now. With nashors tooth this grant you 30 % CDR. The 10 % CDR on summoners is pretty nice aswell. Less CD --> more ignite and flash.

45 movement speed + 15 magic penetration. This is a pretty nice thing if you wont build Void Staff, Abysall scepter or any Item wwith MP. I would recommend buying another Items like listet before and Ionian boots, but its up to you as both are a great Option.
EDIT: After reworks on some Items, you get your 40% CDR without Ionian Boots, which means that you should buy sorcerers Shoes instead.

Your opponents will hate you more then they did before. You were a great Threat to the opponent team and you killed and weakened them so much and you are finally gone... But then there is something over your corpse and BAM.. You are back in business. Fantastic huh? Buy this if you die often and think you can kill at least one with 30 % HP and Mana.

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Lets get to the Skills


Moonsilver Blade

This Skill gives you 20% attack speed and some great damage on the auto attacks. Every 3rd Strike will hurt everyone nearby you for 20-250 (+ 80% AP). This will be your main farming skill as it will deal great damage to every of your farm. AND: This is the main reason were going on attack speed and build nashor's tooth. You should have about 1,1 attacks per second with nashor's, which means, if you get nashor with lvl 10 (e.g.) you will deal about 240 dmg (includes nashor's passive) every 3 seconds and with full build this can increase to about 800


Crescent Strike:

This, ladys and gentleman, is your main skill. This deals 60-200 (+ 70% AP) dmg in a sickle-shaped area. AND it leaves them with moonlight. This makes you able to ulti your target without your ulti getting into cd. This means; it's important to hit this skill, but it has low cd and los mana cost, so it isn't soo bad if u do not hit.
Fantastic, isn't it?


Pale cascade

Attack is the best defense.. or is defense the best attack in this case?
Your W creates 3 spheres which stay for 5 seconds and detonate when hitting an enemy, dealing 22 - 70 (+ 20% AP) dmg each. But there is aa defensive point too: Ur w gives u a shield, which absorbs 40 - 100 (+30% AP) and refreshes, when all spheres detonate.
U get a shield, deal damage and when you've dealt enough damage, you'll get another shield.
This gives you the advantage in 1 vs 1. Use it, when someone is too near.



So, is this something like the second part of ur w?
Diana draws in every opponent in her near and slows them for 2 second by 35 - 55 %.
What does that mean? This means:
- You will hit at least 2 autoattacks after this skill
- Your W will hit every 3 spheres on your opponent
- Your shield will recover
- You deal about 180 dmg from your w and 240 from your passive (lvl 10 + Nashor's tooth) = 420 dmg
- And the main point: Your opponent cannot run away :)

BUT BE AWARE: Ur also drawing in the Minions and they could attack you too!


Lunar rush:

Sooo, your ulti. Dashing to someone and dealing him 100 - 220 (+ 60% AP) is great. Being able to use w and e and some autoattacks because of ur ult is greater. Not having any cd on this if u hitted your target with your q first is Moontastic. This means theres no running away. Even if your opponent flashes you can use ur ulti again. It's important to hit your q first and u should try avoiding using your r without moonlight, but if u know you wont need a second lunar rush; GET HIM!.
This also is great for escaping. Lets have an example:
U wanted to roam bot lane but something didnt work and your sup and adc are dead, you have low hp and 2 guys following you. What you do is try to hit q on the rift scuttler and ult to him. They flash towards you and you seem to be caught. get in the jngl and ult anything. They wont be able to flash a second time, but you still have your flash and a big distance. Well played :).

Skill Sequence:

You have 1 main combo:
Q - R - W - E - Autoattacks - (Q) - R - autoattacks - (R)
[Note: The skills in brackets are used if the opponent goes into a 1 vs 1 with you, if he runs away, use without brackets as these will be on cd]


(Examples at lvl 10 with Nashor's tooth)

Q - R - W - E - 3x Autoattack - R:
305 + 178 + 216 + 0 + 240 + 178 =


Q - R - W - E - 3x Autoattacks - Q - R - 3x Autoattacks - R:
(one of best case scenarios)

305 + 178 + 216 + 0 + 240 + 305 + 178 + 240 + 178 = 1840

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In team fights you are the one for the great damage. You Q in, when your team is ready, and do your main combo. With an good functionating team, you should at least take 1 or 2 with you, if you should die.
Your E is a small cc as it makes the other not being able to attack for about 0.5 sec. You have to use this time good.
Actually, Assassine champs like Zed, Akali, Master Yi, aso. have a really hard time surviving once jumped into a team. Diana is not such a Champ. She will burst down the enemy ADC as quick as the others do, but having ~110 armor and magic resist and the shield of your w (100 + 30%AP / Refreshed when all 3 spheres hit enemys). If you build Guardian Angel, you will have pretty tanky stats (~ 180 armor, 150 magic resist), but still a nice burst and the enemy team will have a hard time dealing with you. If you have problems with my Example build, go GA instead of Lich Bane. You wont be killing that quick, but you wont die as quick which gives you time to adopt to Dianas tanky, high burst assassine play style.

Everything (except your Ulti) deals damage to everyone near you.
Believe in the moon and try taking advantage of this.

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A little thing about roaming with Diana.

If you want to gank a lane, make sure you go in from somewhere not warded. If there is a ward and the enemie sees you, he will be able to dodge your q and make a gank not effective. If they dont know you are there, hitting your q, all in and kill will be pretty easy, especially with help from your teammates.
This brings us to the next point. I know people will say that a gank is not possible if you dont hit your q. I personally think, it still is if you have teammates with impair of movement. A Morgana stunn will make it possible for you to get to the enemy without ulting and follow up with your ult after that.
SO: When ganking a lane
- Be aware of wards and try avoiding and bypassing them
- If no CC available, Q must hit
- Dont give up if you have CC and dont hit Q
- Prefere ganking lanes with CC or impair of movement
- Do not wait too long in the bush before going in as the mid laner or jngler will most likely follow up.
- When ganking Champs like Tristana, Lucian, aso. (Champs with dashes and Jumpes), try ulting AFTER they dashed/jumped, to dont lose the connection
- Check my points, if everything is fine => Easy Kill :)

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Thats it!

I thank you all for checking out my very first guide ever.
I hope i could mention every important thing and you liked my guide on how to play the godess of the moon.
I wish you best luck and hope you get the best scores !
See ya.