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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Aurelion Sol Build Guide by GarrusSpaceWaifu

Middle [S7] [Mid] The Sassiest Dragon

Middle [S7] [Mid] The Sassiest Dragon

Updated on June 17, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GarrusSpaceWaifu Build Guide By GarrusSpaceWaifu 47 4 1,969,785 Views 35 Comments
47 4 1,969,785 Views 35 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GarrusSpaceWaifu Aurelion Sol Build Guide By GarrusSpaceWaifu Updated on June 17, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Threats & Synergies

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Aurelion Sol is a mid-range mage who excels at dealing AoE damage, providing strong AoE crowd control with Breath of Light and Falling Star. An excellent ganker due to the increased movement speed and flying effect of Singularity and free AoE damage with Cosmic Creator, Sol is a great clear-and-roam champion that provides a huge amount of pressure on any lane. He also does a stupid amount of damage and passive crowd control with his excellent scaling and Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Also, he's a giant sassy space dragon.
When should I pick Aurelion Sol?
I am mid and...
  • my team needs an AP character to apply lots of CC and damage
  • I am not laning against one of my counters - or I'm confident I cant squeeze by.
  • we need someone who can easily follow-up on our Malphite, Nautilus, Leona, etc.
  • we need some easy waveclear and a way to defend/siege turrets.
  • we need someone who can engage/disengage/peel as necessary.
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+ Good constant damage with the boops of Cosmic Creator
+ Great AoE cc with Breath of Light and Falling Star
+ Easy last-hitting with a fairly quick auto-attack and Cosmic Creator
+ Naturally builds tankier than some other mages
+ Lots of mobility due to Singularity
+ Strong laning and clear due to the potential size of Breath of Light and boops
+ Never-ending kiting/chasing with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Astral Flight
+ Bursty between Breath of Light, Falling Star, and Thunderlord's Decree
+ Sexy voice with lots of personality. Legitimately sounds like melted butter.


- Easily gankable without Breath of Light
- Not particularly threatening without Rylai's Crystal Scepter at the very least
- Extremely vulnerable to AD melee assassins like Talon or Zed in lane
- Vulnerable to melee heroes without Falling Star
- Requires buildup to become mobile - without Singularity, is somewhat slow
- Is optimal only at medium range - zoned out fairly easily by long-range mages like Lux
- Will make your teammates feel inadequate
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust Use this to keep people in your boops pre- Rylai's Crystal Scepter or to avoid death from melee champions like Master Yi or even Zed. This spell is strongly recommended if your lane is difficult.

Ghost This is also a viable option to both escape and to chase down enemies. The lower cooldown means you can use this more than flash, and lets you build up and use Singularity more frequently and easily.

Teleport Provides lots of lane presence, and allows you to get back to lane easily if you die/are forced to go back. Although Singularity is already a lot of pressure, teleport still has its uses.

Ignite Take if you want an earlier kill. With this, you can easily get a kill at level 6 with the potential burst of Breath of Light, Falling Star, and Thunderlord's Decree .

Barrier Against an assassin? Consider this to try and survive a little bit more. Sol's kiting ability means godly escapes are possible with this spell.
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You're AP.
Fresh Blood vs. Feast vs. Expose Weakness

Fresh Blood helps significantly in lane, since your primary source of champion damage will be your autoattacks while Astral Flight takes too much mana and doesn't do enough damage that early.

Feast can be useful for beginner Sol players, but since Catalyst of Aeons is one of your first buys, it can be passed over.

Expose Weakness seems like a decent idea, but doing damage is more important than supporting your allies in this case. Fresh Blood helps too much with laning phase.
Natural Talent vs. Vampirism

The amount of health you get from Vampirism , especially since you have regen already through Catalyst of Aeons.
Battle Trance vs. Double Edged Sword

Since your primary focus is to stay alive and keep booping, Double Edged Sword doesn't work very well. Your medium but steady damage means Battle Trance synergizes better.

Movement speed or last-hit support? Sass dragon is an excellent roamer, and Wanderer synergizes well with Singularity. However, last hitting is very important, and your need for important core items takes priority. Singularity is already pretty good by itself.

Since it's best if you get Corrupting Potion first, take Assassin to help you duel enemies.

Merciless provides value the entire game, while Meditation is only particularly useful early on.

Dangerous Game is so ridiculously useful when it comes to fighting, and Bandit is so little gold especially considering your spectacular waveclear that Dangerous Game wins out pretty strongly.

MPen increases your damage, while you probably won't be hitting the cooldown reduction at all in the first place.


Thunderlord's Decree is a great keystone for beginning Sol players. This will help you trade with lane opponents, and the improved speed from Stormraider's Surge may not be as helpful for you until you learn better positioning.

Stormraider's Surge is the best option for experienced Sol players. The increased movement speed helps a lot, seeing how you do a lot of damage semi-passively already.

Another possibility is taking Deathfire Touch due to your easy boop-harass.
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RoA provides a lot of what Sol needs. However, since it gives almost only stats...

Everfrost has become the new star item to build out of catalyst.The catalyst effect combos with Astral Flight extremely well, and effectively gives you infinite health when combined with blue buff. The gun gives you even more damage, and more importantly damage that works inside your vulnerable inner circle. The slow provides even more cc for you to escape or to chase.

This item is legitimately the most important item you can possibly build on space dragon. Scepter lets you unlock your incredible ability to kite and chase down enemies. Cosmic Creator and Astral Flight apply on-hit effects, meaning your boops constantly slow down people. The CC will never end!

Movement speed is important for your continued survival and effectiveness. Making sure you're still booping people is important for your damage. Sorc's is an option, but in my opinion movement speed is far more useful than mpen.

Like the previous items, pick up Liandry's Torment due to the bundle of stats it gives you. Health is always good, and mpen is always a good idea. This item synergizes too well for your kit, and gives you necessary additional damage since you won't have as much AP as other characters.


The archetypical AP damage item. Stronger boops, stronger booms. Try to get this if you can, but realistically you need a defensive item thanks to your range.

MPen is going to be necessary if you're doing your job. Cut down those pesky Hexdrinkers. Build this if the enemy is getting a lot of magic resistance.

AP and movespeed? What's not to like? A great item if you already have Rabadon's Deathcap and don't need a Zhonya's Hourglass. However, this shouldn't be a priority item, since the passive is often wasted on minions or monsters due to the constant nature of your passive. This is another item to ditch for important defensive items.


Rest in peace, sweet prince. No more AP means Banshee's Veil takes priority.

Something to use if you're getting deleted by assassins or getting focused down quickly. Do remember that Zhonya's doesn't turn off your boops - much like Swain. Buy either this or Banshee's Veil for the cooldown and the defense.

Even though you're naturally tanky, you'll still die pretty quickly since you can be targeted/dashed or blinked to/etc. by pretty much anyone. CC screw you over extremely badly, too. Banshee's will help take off some of that pressure and provides decent stats with AP and CDR.
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CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE: The boops. Three orbs circle around you, dealing damage and applying spell effects to anything they touch. Although these are slow, don't underestimate their ability to do damage or accidentally push the lane!

Your boops will disappear and need to be resummoned (automatically, thankfully) if you are hit by skills that prevent spellcasting. As such, stuns and silences will turn off your passive. What makes it even worse is that if you have turned on Astral Flight, it will go on cooldown as well. Any CC, even skkills like Condemn, will force your boops to turn off, so be careful.

STARSURGE (Q) : This skill has been nerfed straight into the ground. Leveling Breath of Light is no longer the most effective build since the stun duration is significantly shorter at higher levels than before. Breath of Light, as of 6.14, is officially primarily a utility spell and a secondary damage spell.

Tips and Tricks
  • You can use this while in-flight from Singularity. Use this to move faster and gank with a massive AoE stun. However, this is extremely easy to dodge, and you won't have the spell off cooldown when you reach your destination, so be careful.
  • Try and use this a little before the minion wave so it's big enough to hit both the melee and the ranged minions.
  • There is a little delay between firing your Q off and being able to detonate it. Smart enemies might be able to take advantage of this.
  • Breath of Light grows surprisingly quickly - use the rapid expansion to surprise your opponents.
  • As long as the center of Breath of Light is within your outer limit, it will continue to grow.

CELESTIAL EXPANSION (W) : expands your boops to your outer limit, or your auto-attack range. This rotates your boops at the same angular speed, which means that they when this is in effect, your boops will move faster along the perimeter than when it's off.

Max this first and use it to bully your enemies and farm. Leveling Astral Flight increases its base damage as well, making it ideal for farming. The best possible scenario in lane is to be between the melee and ranged creeps, expanding to harass and zone your lane opponent.
Tips and Tricks
  • Your W increases the boop damage, in addition the range. Try to keep this on in teamfights as much as possible.
  • As this moves your boops away, be sure to reactivate this if someone is too close to get hit.
  • The circle that shows the range of your expanded boops is very important. This is as far as your auto-attacks go, the point where your Q explodes by itself, and the point where your R will push people that are too close to.
  • As this is a sustained ability, be careful about its mana drain - you will not be able to keep this on for very long at low levels, and even at high levels it can be a major drain.
  • This will turn off automatically and need to be reactivated if you're hit by anything that stops spellcasting.

COMET OF LEGEND (E) : Taking flight, Sol passes over all terrain to fly in a straight line. The passive ability increases your movement speed at a certain point when you move in a fairly straight line, while the active is the flight itself.

Max this last - your other skills are far more important.

Tips and Tricks
  • The passive only kicks in if you're moving in a fairly straight line, and will disappear if you take too sharp a turn.
  • At a certain point, your stacks will build up very rapidly if you're moving in a straight line.
  • Flight lets you gank or escape at strange and unusual angles. Take advantage of this, and think creatively! Your active will stay available even if your passive is canceled, so if you're running away, try to fly over a few walls.
  • You will lose flight if you take champion or turret damage, so be careful.

VOICE OF LIGHT (R) : Firing a burst of starfire, Sol pushes enemies that are inside his outer limit to exactly his outer limit. Dealing a surprising amount of damage and slowing a significant amount, this is Sol's only real escape option.

This really does do A LOT OF DAMAGE! Think of it as a linear Orianna ult, and use it to the same effect.

As with almost all ults, max this as it comes.

Tips and Tricks
  • This comboes extremely well with your entire kit. Fire Falling Star, use Q, activate your W, and both boop and burst away at the perfect range.
  • The range on this is great. Try and steal objectives like baron and dragon if you can.
  • Although very fast, this still technically has a travel time - keep this in mind when trying to pick people off.

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General Gameplay

The Down and Dirty

Aurelion can be best described as incredibly annoying. He's not an immediate threat like Syndra's ult or damage, but does very consistent damage in a large aoe to everyone. However, this means that he will likely not do as much damage as everyone else, but will still do a surprisingly large amount.

Aurelion is honestly kind of a terrible laner early on. Astral Flight takes a lot of mana, and is the only way to safely farm with your abilities for a while. He's also relatively squishy and doesn't have as much trade potential as burstier mages like Lux.

Early levels, focus on last-hitting and gauging your opponent's skill level. Try to avoid trades, especially if you have Stormraider's Surge . If you are trading, don't be afraid to pop Corrupting Potion and use the extra damage to help you.

It is very difficult to use Astral Flight to last-hit for a while until you have a few points in it, at which point you can rely on it entirely to farm and Corrupting Potion, fruits, and Catalyst of Aeons to keep your mana up.

Be careful of ganks, as you are relatively easy to gank and even easier to kill. Singularity is an excellent escape tool in these instances.

If you're doing well enough and have a team to support you, feel free to gank at lvl. 3 or even 2. Not many people expect a gank that early. However, if you don't get something out of it, you'll likely be behind their mid laner after missing a wave.

By the time you hit 6, you can start ganking very effectively. Shove in your lane with Astral Flight, then start roaming. Make sure you stay far enough away and use Singularity's active or passive to engage, as your boops are visible even in brush. Great ganking allies include those with easy cc for you to follow up on, like Zyra.

This is where Aurelion really begins to shine - you're not particularly strong in-lane beyond shoving it, as without Rylai's Crystal Scepter your dueling ability is sort of weak. However, you do add a lot of damage and great follow-up for your allies, and move pretty quickly due to Singularity, boots, mastery, and runes.

You're kind of ridiculous late-game. At this point, you should be bulky enough to tank most enemies for at least a while, have constant cc with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, doing percent damage with Liandry's Torment, and a decent amount of regeneration due to Catalyst of Aeons. Shove front-line enemies back into the backline with Falling Star, and stun them all with Breath of Light. Although targeting the backline and the squishy ADCs is always a good idea, it can be difficult for you to reach them.

If necessary, focus on peeling your ADC and providing a larger, glowier target for their bruisers. Your sustained as opposed to burst damage means staying on those tanks makes you very effective, as well.

Although this build contains a lot of bulk, that does not mean that you're actually tanky. You don't have any abilities that help with your own sustain, and if focused, you WILL go down quickly. Above all, stay safe and within boop range.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GarrusSpaceWaifu
GarrusSpaceWaifu Aurelion Sol Guide
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[S7] [Mid] The Sassiest Dragon

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