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Jhin Build Guide by Jhinetta

ADC [S7] Nagaira - Mad Jhin Build | Curtain Call

ADC [S7] Nagaira - Mad Jhin Build | Curtain Call

Updated on December 9, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhinetta Build Guide By Jhinetta 46 6 934,109 Views 19 Comments
46 6 934,109 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhinetta Jhin Build Guide By Jhinetta Updated on December 9, 2017
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Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Zombie Ward
Ravenous Hunter

Legend: Alacrity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Welcome, Darlings!

I'm Jhinetta (now Nagaira), a Young Lady from Hungary, who loveJhin as Hell. Why? It's very simple. He's personality and Story Line was so Pretty, Complex and Exciting - and He reminds of Myself. But Stop! Let's start it.

Here's My really risky, but much more Effective Jhin Guide ( in a nutshell ).
( First of all - Sorry for this poor grammar, the English is not my native language. )

Yep, it's not a simple Build and some (obvious) people call me Crazy for this, but We know: "All artists are mad." so, let's start it. As Marksman, Jhin is very squishy. The Runes, Mastery and Build don't give so much Def', and He has no Escape Spell, onlyBlossoms and theDeadly Flourish and These Combos can Slows or Root the Enemy.


Quint of Critical Damage (3x):
Greater Glyph of Critical Damage (9x)
Greater Mark of Critical Damage (9x)
Greater Seal of Critical Damage (9x)

Jhin's every 4th Shot deals Critical Damage ( +45,31% + DMG from Runes ). With this Crits, you can win early game trades if you can manage it well. Of course, you have to dodge well the enemy Supp/ADC Spells. By the way, Jhin's Late Game Crit's DMG. Hmm... so lovely.

Power Items

Infinity Edge: First Item.B.F. Sword /Pickaxe (1st if situational) >Cloak Of Agility
Rapid Firecannon: "Rapid fire? Huh. Where's the drama in that?" - With this Runes (and anyway, too), theZeal is the first Piece, and follow it theKircheis Shard.
Phantom Dancer: If no have enough Money forZeal, start it with theBrawler's Gloves.
The Bloodthirster: Feel that, Darling? You, as Jhin Cena? In this case, buy first theB.F. Sword. If you want play a bit safer:Vampiric Scepter
• TheLord Dominik's Regards,Mortal Reminder and theYoumuu's Ghostblade good Armor Pen. Item. Remember; If you use theCurtain Call, don't forget Activate the GhostBlade's Effect before - it will be funny!
Mercurial Scimitar: It's a really good Offensive/Defensive Item, and why? For' the stats, and the Passive (Quicksilver Sash).
• TheStatikk Shiv works very well with this Rune and It's (Statikk's) Passive.

Favorite Supports

Thresh: Personaly, he is my favorite Support. When Thresh land a goodHook, we (ADC/Supp) can start the fight. When you start it, you can Root the Hooked enemy with yourDeadly Flourish Spell (or you can burst him/her before a "bit"). If you not sure that you can kill while he/she is Rooted, then you can drop aLotus Trap to the escape route. I'm sure that it's 99% a kill.
And here is an another tip: If you know your Thresh Supp, and you want to start a hook/root combo, you can Start withDeadly Flourish, anyway. But never forget; the first Spell which you need to you on max is your Pretty awesome *Dancing Grenade
Nautilus: He is same like Thresh. Tons of CC and Defensive Abilities. Need more? I don't think.
Braum: He can block the enemy Spells and of course, he can start a Fight with a goodWinter's Bite or a goodUltimate. He has 3 CC, same like Nautilus, Q slow, Ult slow/knock up and Passive stun.

Short of time with my Runes, you can deal more DMG in this situations and of course, with my Build this great DMG is escalating.

About the 'Poke' and Burst

Some people Playstyles isn't works very well with this Build. Fact one, if you try to hit only the AP and AD Carrys, well okay, that die after 1 or 2 Auto Attack (without Spells or something) so yup, it's good, damn good (naturally, try kill the Carries immediatly, if you Can) but . . . the Build focused all Enemy on the Map. Yep, the Tanks, too. My tests and experience shows, when the Enemy Tank Build for him-/herself 450-500 AD Def', with this Runes and Build, you can deal Minimum 1,2k DMG/Auto attack, and you know, your next shot only can be bigger (HP).

When I play withJhin (only with this Build and my own variations), my main goals:
• Try to Burst Every enemy on the map, who enough close to me
• I always pay attention to the enemys movement, their ranges, spells and naturally, my ally's, too - and I never forget the cooldowns! That's really important.
• When I attack, I always know, which ways are possible to escape (beside my increased Movement Speed, theYoumuu's Ghostblade,Lotus Trap andDeadly Flourish), and what options could help the enemy to kill me - and how can I avoid it without my dealed DMG is decreases.

Good to Know, this DMG help to kill every Enemy, does not matter, what Tanky is it, so don't worry, have enough Damage for Everybody from the Enemy Team! That's the virtue, which works only if you are not afraid to fights, deals tons of DMG (for all) in every situation.

This Build/Rune combo claims:

• Constant Preparedness
• Continuous Movement
• Take part to Risky Situations | and play well in |
• Perfect Reflex
• Sharing Attention
• Extra Concentration
• Fast Problem Solving
• Good (and Effective) Decision Skill
• Temperament/Playstyle (which going well with This Build/Runes)

And here's an another Tip.: Always use yourLotus Traps, always and everywhere if you have some of them! On the ways diffrent points, in the Bushes, front of the Bushes, front of the Jungle Monsters (and naturally theBaron andDrake), between you and your Enemy etc. It's good for Burst, Ward, Slows/Roots ( Example: if you need start to Fighting or want to Escape). You can't be enough prepared for the future (and anyway, you can be a 2ndTeemo - but a "bit" harder edition)!

Some Build Tips

Something about my Favorite Item(s)/Types in a Nutshell.

Definitely Not Defensive Items

Well, I don't really like the Defensive items, cuz' my Mind whispering me - "Need more DMG! U' are a damn Marksman/Assassin" and it's true! Why would you want Def' anything? Just shot it down!

Ok-ok. Don't worry! I found the solution! Look these Def' things:


I never use them: **Guardian Angel,**Dead Man's Plate,**Randuin's Omen,**Frozen Heart

100% Crit' Item Combo

Never give up your 100% Crit, understand it? Never! So, you need these in every Situation!


Yup-yup, these Items FIX Items in my Build and really important. Why?

Cuz' the Runes: +45,31% Crit DMG (Yep, in this case, your Every hit deals +45,31% More DMG)
• Plus Movement Speed from the Passive (Good for chase and escape and kite)
• The **Phantom Dancer and the **Rapid Firecannon gives you plus DMG (Attack Speed ▸ DMG) and these Items help you in the fast Moving, that's (and the crit's boost) why you can Sell the Boots and you will can choose other DMG Item (you will have 6 DMG Item in this Build), get it?

Choose Your last DMG Item

At last, you have 4 Fix Items (*Infinity Edge,**Phantom Dancer,*Rapid Firecannon,**Essence Reaver), and these gives for you 100% Critical Chance. After these, you can buy a "Definitely Not Defensive Item", and when you finish, here the next option...

If you wan't Armor Penetration and/or More DMG/similar:


Or, still if you want, you can buy other...


But I absolutely sure, don't need them. Yep-yep. The passives, but I don't really like this. So please, forget them (Runaan & Statikk)!

OFF Items

(Only For Fun Items - Slowly arrives)

Well, Guys... I have no more time for this. "I need more time for my production."
* Makes gun click sound *

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhinetta
Jhinetta Jhin Guide
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